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Hi, Hey, Hello.

Me again and that’s not to say that it hasn’t been me for the past 3 (I think…) weeks, because obviously it has, I just mean that I am checking in this week in a way that isn’t an uber short story of some description.

The reason for the weekly creative pieces is mainly because I have been hugely inspired recently and that weird thing called writer’s block appears to have left me for the time being so while it is gone I am going to utilise it to its fullest ability. Maybe the reason for the thousands of creative thoughts that I can suddenly do something with because I don’t have to worry about reading several books on a weekly basis as well as write essays. I kind of miss that though, there is still a part of me that is not fully accepting of the fact that churning out thousands of words in essay format isn’t my life anymore, it has been for 5 or 6 years now. But instead I am writing thousands of words of stuff that I can do stuff with and edit and create something that I am happy with without a small part of me feeling guilty anymore about procrastinating.

Another reason for it is because my actual life is pretty boring and monotonous with not much to really say on a day to day basis. Still unemployed, still looking for a job and still spending far too much time watching day time television. If I am getting anything out of this inbetween period of nothingness and aimlessly wandering through life then it is an ever expanding knowledge of random facts that come with watching almost every quiz show that is on. For example I will now forever know who won an Oscar for his role in Ben Hur. So that’s a cycle that currently won’t be broken until employment comes my way.

Over the past few days and also in the days to come I am trying to clean up my blog a little bit to make it a bit more presentable and also just easier to navigate for me, so that includes tagging it all and stuff. So apologies if it looks a bit of mess over the next week or so.

Oh yeah, I also may or may not commit to doing Nano this year, depends on whether or not I can flesh out an idea to the extent that I could feasibly write at least 50,000 words on it and make it happen over the 30 days of November. I hope I can because the year that I did finish came with a great sense of accomplishment that I would quite like to replicate with something that I feel will be better this time because I have grown as a writer quite drastically over the past two years.

So, yeah. That’s me done this week. Not sure what will come next week depends on how this week goes on a whole. Buuuttt see you next week!

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