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Mid Month Update

Hi, Hey, Hello!

So let’s just get straight to it with this one shall we?

It’s the middle of the month.

It’s the middle of THE month.

And so I guess an update is due.

It’s Day 15, it is not looking great.

I’m supposed to be at 25,000 words by this point. I think I can quite confidently say that I have not broken 5,000 words.

This has been for a few reasons.

One, I had to tidy up some shit from the 12,000 odd words I had already written and also familiarise myself with what I had already put down.

Two, I have not yet properly planned this whole arc out. Which means I have no plot. I mean I do, but also I don’t. I keep just chucking characters and not keeping track of them or making them real people.

Third, I’m not writing this Thing in any kind of order. It’s very much all over the place. Both in my head and on paper.

Finally, that motivation that had crept back into my life last month, that came with it a bunch of creativity? Yeah, gone again.

And I’ve incorrectly wallowed in that feeling of failure and not really done all that much (for example, I started this post yesterday at lunchtime, I finished it 40 minutes ago).

My mission for the tail end of this year is to be kinder to myself. Previously when I’ve found myself in this position before I end up beating myself up about it and I just end up banging my head against that wall that I’ve found myself up against.

This year though?

I’m letting the 50,000 by year end is still the goal because in total that should take me to the end of a first draft and that’s the ultimate goal. I’m adjusting to what is my new reality. Because that is a way healthier way to live your life and also, it’s just not that fucking deep at the end of the day.

They’re just words on the page.

And I’m aiming for 30,000. That just about accounts for the 20,000 that I’ve lost so far this month.

Part of the way that I’m going to get through is a little bit through forcing myself to just put words on the page and part of it will come from the fact that at this point, with my self imposed pressure removed, I actually feel drawn to creating shit for it again.

So there we are. That’s where I’m at with the Nano thing right now.

Under 1,000 words, shooting for 30,000.

Parentheses count: 1. See you on Monday!

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