Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag – The 2017 Edition

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Timehop reminded me that I did this last year, and I entertained the idea of doing this again this year and clearly I entertained it enough that here I am doing it again., plus you know me, I love talking about books…

1) Best book read in 2017

Ummmmm, I actually forgot a lot of the books that I have read this year so far (oops), but when I had a look at my Goodreads reading challenge so far I was reminded of how much I looovveeeeddd And I Darken. Which is fitting because I collected Now I Rise at the weekend and I am so excited to finally get to read it, whenever that may be.

2) Best sequel read in 2017

The Song Rising, god I loved that book so much. It was almost the best book that I’ve read this year so far but it was just pipped to the post. But yeah, best sequel I’ve read (I was about to say maybe the only sequel I’ve read, but then I remembered that I’ve read 2 whole series’ this year…)

3) New release you haven’t got yet but want to read

All That She Can See, Carrie Hope Fletcher. I’ve read the first couple of chapters and I found it interesting and also want to see how the story is going to play out.

4) Most anticipated read for the second part of the year

I have some Neil Gaiman in my future reads, which I am excited for because it’s been a while since I read a Gaiman book. But I think I might be reading my most anticipated book now in Nevernight.

5) Biggest disappointment

I think it might be Our Chemical Hearts. 

6) Biggest surprise

The Graces. I mean I knew I would like it on some level because  it was fucking with witches, but I didn’t think I would love it as much as I did.

7) Favourite new author (or new to me)

Laure Eve. And Jay Kristoff I feel given my opinion of the first 100 pages of his book.

8) Fictional crush

I don’t have one. I still don’t have one. Not a book one anyway (although actually, technically I might do, but it’s based on the show not the book, so I’m not counting it).

9) Newest favourite character

Ummmm, all of the characters in The Graces…Oh and Jem Carstairs.

10) A book that made me cry

The answer to this was about to get really shady really quickly, but none. I don’t think one has even come close.

11) A book that made me happy

The Best of Adam Sharp and Wishful Drinking (although that also made me a bit sad…)

12) Most beautiful books you have bought or received this year

I just got Now I Rise and it is stunning. Oh and The Girl of Ink and Stars. Not that I am reading either of them in the near future.

13) What books do you have to read by the end of the year?

Right, there are 20 of them, buckle in, let’s go: Tales of the Peculiar, The House on Sunset Lake, The Hope Family Calendar, Fantastic Beasts Script, Hamilton: The Revolution, Alexander Hamilton, Freedom, Don Juan, Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime, The Muse, Anansi Boys, Women, Brideshead Revisited, Odd and the Frost Giants, Grimm’s Fairytales, Florence Grace, The Secret, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The View from the Cheap Seats, The Sleeper and the Spindle. And exhale.

And that is this year’s mid year book freak out done. Not gonna lie, listing all the books left to read for this year has instilled some weird kind of stress in me…ah well, I can only tackle it one book at a time.

Parentheses count: 3. See you tomorrow!

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