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I’m talking books again and taking part in yet another tag post that I wasn’t tagged in (what can I say, I just love the opportunity to talk about books…). This tag also brought to my attention yet again that we are past the halfway point of the year and it has flown by so far.

Last night I was falling into a YouTube black hole, and catching up on videos that had been recently uploaded and this one came up and because I was sans idea for a post today I decided to use this one as inspiration and before I knew it I was writing (most of) the questions down and here we are on this warm Thursday evening.

1) Best book read in 2016

Oooohhhhh, that’s a hard one, I’ve read some great books this year. But having said that The Girl on the Train was a book that I devoured and loved with all my heart.

2) Best sequel read in 2016

I’ve only read 2 sequels this year (technically, depends on how you classify Fairest I classify it as a prequel even though it was written after Cinder) and I loved them both. I think I’ll have to pick The Roise Effect though because it felt a bit more complete than the other one (which is The Mime Order by the way) and therefore I wasn’t left with a huge cliffhanger that left me craving more…

3) New release you haven’t got yet but want to read

That list could on for miles if I really get into thinking about it. I mean…The Cursed Child  is probably quite high up on the list and the release date for that is imminent. However once I get it in my clutches I won’t be able to dedicate all that much time to it because of other book related commitments, so it’s just gonna look pretty on a pile of other books in my room, a lá the Hamiltome, in the same predicament. But I will read it, if somehow I end up finishing this reading challenge before Christmas I shall dedicate all my time to both those books (and the Fantastic Beasts one, which I have just remembered I have also pre-ordered…)

4) Most anticipated read for the second part of the year

I recently received (because I pre-ordered it months ago…) the illustrated edition of Neverwhere (yes, a book that I already own a copy of) and the cover and few pages that I have glimpsed as I cast a cursory glance through it are gorgeous. I’m almost scared to touch it because I don’t want it to get tarnished in anyway. But the beauty and the detail of the illustrations has made me even more excited than I already was to throw myself back into Neil Gaiman’s writing.

5) Biggest disappointment

The Devil Wears Prada was just not my cup of tea, which was a bit sad because I love the film so much. A rare case of the film being better than the book for me…

6) Biggest surprise

I remain in total shock and awe that I actually bloody loved A Moveable Feast because Hemingway and I have never really gotten along very well in the past but I thoroughly enjoyed this book and blazed through it a lot quicker than I ever thought I would.

7) Favourite new author (or new to me)

Marissa Meyer. And Lisa Williamson.

8) Fictional crush

…I don’t have one???? Newt Scamander, although that might just be because in my head now he is Eddie Redmayne.

9) Newest favourite character

Cinder. Aristotle and Dante. I’m sure there will be many more over the rest of the year.

10) A book that made me cry

None. Anne Frank made me feel some kind of way, but no actual tears.

11) A book that made me happy

Carry On  because it was my first book of the year and was also written by one of my fave authors in Rainbow Rowell and her books always make me happy.

12) Most beautiful books you have bought or received this year

I don’t think I’ve received a single book from anyone…I have however bought a lot of pretty ones (because I have a problem). I shall narrow it down to my top 3 at this moment in time:


The BFG (Waterstones Exclusive Edition) which I just cannot deal with in it’s beauty.

And I Darken
And I Darken

And I Darken which is even more beautiful than I could have imagined.

Summer Days and Summer Nights
Summer Days and Summer Nights

Summer Days and Summer Nights, which has gilded pages and I love a gilded page. This is the most likely to even be touched this year as I find that short stories are a good way to kick start my ass out of a writing slump.

13) What books do you have to read by the end of the year?

I have 18 books left to read this year (because I finished book 22 on the way home today). They are The Maze Runner, Frankenstein, Catch 22, The Miniaturist, Alexander Hamilton, Invisible Man, The Crying of Lot 49,  The Grapes of Wrath, Neverwhere, Don Juan (which I bloody forgot about until JUST now), American Gods, The Sandman Vol 1, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The Giver, The Absolute True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Host, Moby Dick. (Cue the freak out as I remember that so many of these books are 400+ pages…)

And that’s this tag done. Feel free to have a mid year book freak out along with me if you like!

Parentheses count: 12. See you at the weekend!

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