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My map of choice is the Marauder’s Map in the muggle world. Why I don’t know because I am 90% certain it wouldn’t work (or who would be this reckless with it), but hey ho that’s the beauty of imagination. It was late (ish) when the idea hit me and I have literally no interaction with maps in any way shape or form in life…so I went with JK Rowling’s beautiful (and clever) creation.

I thought it was a random scrap of paper that I found on the street and thought I would do my bit for the environment or whatever and put it the bin (so maybe not that not environmentally friendly as I could maybe recycle it) but then I noticed two things at the exact same time.

One was that it was parchment. In the middle of a semi busy London street was a piece of bloody parchment. I wasn’t even aware that was something you could just casually buy in the city these days, what with it being the 21st century. But I digress.

The second thing I noticed was that it had writing on it. And it was moving. The ink was moving. Not all of it, but enough of it for me to notice.

I walked up to it and bent down to pick it up, completely ignored by the people around me on the street who went about, and studied a bit more. The parchment itself was yellowed and curling at the edges, it almost felt fragile in my hands. Like it would crumble in my hands if I handled it too much. The writing was in a deep red colour, it stood out clearly against it’s background. And was moving.

I don’t know if I mentioned that, but it was moving. Definitely moving. Some parts were fluttering, barely moving, almost like a trick of the light. Other parts were what you would expect, you know, stationary. Solid, bold lines that were imprinted on the page and were not subject to change whenever they fancied.

Then there were the parts that disappeared. Like well and truly disappeared. They were there one minute and then as quickly as I blinked they were gone. Completely gone. Like they never existed. But they had, because I had seen them. Or at least thought I had seen them. No, I am pretty sure I did see them, no matter how fleeting they may have been, they were definitely there.

It was the other parts that were confusing. The footsteps that trotted along what I am assuming are corridors, or rooms, or whatever. They were roaming. They were following a clear path. Some scuttled along a lot quicker than others, because there were some that were crawling along. Just hardly moving at all. But these footsteps of theirs were doing something that resembled forward movement.

And there were names trotting along with these footsteps. There were Professors, a lot of Professors, and then some other none important people I guess. Or maybe they were students. Students at some place where you need a moving map. To navigate around? Could a school really be that complicated? That much of a maze that you would need a seemingly fully comprehensive and very detailed map for it.

Or maybe not seeing as I have just found it on the corner of a busy London street on a cold November afternoon. There is no school this close to this city that would require such a thing. At least I don’t think there is. Maybe there is and I am just really missing out. Or missed out. Given that I have no need to go back to school. Ever.

But I kind of want to now. Go to this school. Study this map in the setting that it portrays. Figure out why there seem to be so many people congregating in on place. See what the layout, of what I am guessing are classrooms, are. Some of those seem to have more movement involved than others. I want to know why some people just up disappear. And why do people keep leaping across from one place to another without actually walking there?

And, because I have finally noticed the top of the map who the hell are ‘Messrs Mooney, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs’ and where did they find the time to create this masterpiece?

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Parentheses count: 4. See you tomorrow!

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