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New week yet again. I realised over the weekend that we are now over half way through the month and therefore I should be halfway through my word count aim. I’m not, but I’m getting there more and more with each day.

Now today’s post is all about films. Mainly because currently every time I see a a trailer for a film I add it to a list that seems to be ever growing so now I’m gonna do this horrifying thing of seeing how many hours I am going to spend watching films over how ever many months.

This list is in no particular order and it is most definitely not including them all because there are so many that I know I have forgotten some (and by some I mean a lot, when I’ve watched them, they’ll get crossed out).

1) Jason Bourne – I am so excited for this film, so excited.

2) Ghostbusters – I mean, come on, that cast.

3) Finding Dory – Finding Nemo ruins my life whenever I merely remember that it exists, so yeah this is a given.

4) The BFG – There is a Dream Jar for this film at Liverpool Street and I have to refrain from flailing over it every time I see it. I love, love, love this book and I am so excited to see this film.

5) Zootropolis

6) Ant Man – Yeah for some reason I’ve yet to see this.

7) Spectre – I saw the first half hour of this the other day but wasn’t willing to make the commitment, I’ll make it soon.

8) Fight Club – I need to read the book as well tbh.

9) Fargo

10) Obvious Child

11) Suicide Squad – The whole thing is intriguing to me, but I am particularly interested as to what Jared Leto is gonna do with The Joker.

12) Hector and the Search for Happiness

13) The Hollars

14)  The Girl on the Train – I loved the book, excited to see how it is adapted.

15) Still Alice

16) Warrior – I’m gonna have the whole of Tom Hardy’s filmography done soon

17) The Revenant

18) Mad Max: Fury Road – I think that would bring it up to date

19) Watchmen

20) Girl, Interrupted

21) The Duchess

22) Half Nelson

23) Funny Girl

24) Kill Bill – All of them

25) Hateful Eight

26) Mona Lisa Smile

27) Comet

28) The Ides of March

29) La La Land

30) Rear Window

31) Psycho

32) The Guest

33) Beauty and the Beast (2017) – I mean obviously, come on.

34) Flight

35) A Most Wanted Man

36) Almost Famous – I thought I had seen this tbh, but it turns out that I haven’t.

37) Dreamgirls – I’ve seen the same 15 minutes multiple times, but not seen the whole thing

38) Rio 2

39) Lilting

40) Of Mice and Men

41) The Firm

42) The Choir

43) The Director

44) Lord of the Flies – I’m gonna finish it, just to say that I have.

45) School Ties

46) The Aviator

47) Winter’s Bone

48) A Little Chaos

49) Ab Fab Movie

50) Drop Dead Fred

51) Big Fish

52) A Royal Night Out

53) The Diary of a Teenage Girl

54) Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

55) Rogue One

56) Star Trek: Beyond

57) The Magnificent 7

58) Doctor Strange

59) Hail, Caesar!

60) Deadpool – I’m really slow with this one

61) Zoolander 2

62) How to Be Single

63) Triple 9

64) Eddie the Eagle

65) The Martian

66) 10 Cloverfield Lane

67) My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

68) The Boss

69) The Jungle Book

70) The Huntsman: Winter’s War

71) The Nice Guys

72) Now You See Me 2

73) Me Before You

74) Popstar: Never Stop Popping

75) Central Intelligence

Okay I think they are all the ones that I can think of off the top of my head…there are lot and I know there are so many that I’ve forgotten, but I’m gonna stop at a nice neat number.

Parentheses count: 1. See you tomorrow!

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