Music Taste

Music Taste

Fewer things in my experience cause polarising and intense responses than music.

Why is it the second a person says they like something in the Top 40 or pop music they are met by a look of disdain or disapproval. Like somehow everything they know about you has been tainted because of something as tiny as musical taste.

I happen to love What Makes you Beautiful, one because I happen to think it is a legitimately good song, and two because when I hear it it brings back good memories. Like really good memories that can make a bad day a bit better. But I shouldn’t have to justify why that song is on my iTunes just to save face.

Then there are the people that act like they are superior because they know the whole back catalogue of an artist whereas you only know that one song. What is up with that sense of superiority because they listen to a Nirvana song that isn’t Smells Like Teen Spirit. Does what a person listens to really make that much difference to how you view them as a person.

I’m not gonna sit there and judge you for liking heavy metal or rap music even though as genres of music go these are my least favourite.

So what I like music? I also have a lot of Fallout Boy albums committed to memory (and again you are not better than someone because you like that first album before they became ‘mainstream’). I also rock out to 80s rock just as quickly as I would Beyonce.

You are also not musically superior because you don’t like a cover version of a song because the ‘original’ is clearly superior. Maybe it is to you, might not be to another person. Don’t belittle another person’s preference just because it doesn’t agree with yours, the two can so-exist peacefully (although I only mention this because I am a culprit of it in a couple of instances and the second I open my mouth and start talking I want to just take it all back and stop being so idiotic).

I am more apprehensive to have people go through my iTunes library than I am go through my phone or use my laptop. There are songs on there that I loved 5 or 6 years ago on there, still checked, and I have so many songs on there that I forget some of them even exist. But I know that there are potentially somethings that leave me open to ridicule on there. My music taste or likes have evolved, but my laziness hasn’t, and going through my library to veto all the songs that I tend to avoid anyway is just not something I can be bothered to do (plus there is a small part of me that likes the trip down memory lane that some songs conjure up when they do get chucked at me as I casually shuffle my library.

Because that is what music does. It helps create memories, and emotions and feelings and it transcends genres. So why should it matter that a person likes pop music, that doesn’t affect who they are as a person. Or as long as they do it somewhat ironically you know like loving N’Sync, the Backstreet Boys or the Spice Girls because that is so 90’s and you don’t like them really, just when you’re at a party (except I do)).

Basically, superiority in relation to music taste makes no sense to me on a whole because it is kind of like certain opinions. Personal. And sure disagree with it but don’t make it completely alter the way you see someone, music is so broad and there is bound to be some common ground.

So I am going to continue listening to Story of My Life followed immediately by Barracuda just because. No more reasons or justifications.

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