My 10 Minute Face

My 10 Minute Face

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The title seems pretty self explanatory I think. I have recently finally perfected getting my make up done in this 10 minute period of time that I have sometimes between being mostly ready for the day and actually having to get out the door, but only on days when I’m not schelpping my ass to the gym after work.

These are basically the products that I use to get my face looking a little less tired and like I’ve actually made an effort even though I really haven’t (on that note, my make up either takes 10 minutes or close to an hour, there is no inbetween.) I use 8 products after I’ve gone through my cleansing routine and set up the base.

Smashbox Primer – I have started to swear by this primer, I’ve used a couple of other primers but none of them have really done it for me like this one does. It creates a great base and helps to reduce shine which is a bit of a problem for me.

Smashbox Eye Primer – I don’t really know why I use this because I don’t ever wear eyeshadow so it’s not like I really need to prime the area specifically, but I have it and I am in the habit of using it so I still do.

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation – I recently had a total overhaul of my base products because one product that I loved was discontinued and so I had to start again. This is perfectly buildable and provides just the amount of coverage that I need for a day to day look. Plus it is super simple to buff onto my face quickly, which is the most important part here, let’s be real.

MAC Matchmaster Concealer – This is the true MVP to be quite honest with you and helps to cover those delightful dark circles underneath my eyes and also any breakouts that I might have (and it deals with the scarring). What’s great about this is that it adapts to the colour of the skin where it is on meaning the coverage is great (I have a liquid foundation that does the same thing, also great).

Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper/MAC Pro Longwear Waterprood Brow Set – I am currently inbetween products at the moment for my brows but they are both pretty much the same. I don’t trust myself with a pencil or any kind of gel/cream because my eyebrows are quite full naturally and I don’t want to go too hard with them. These products allow great control and also tame any fly away hairs whilst I’m applying product because they’re spoolie based. I love them basically.

Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner, Black – I have a couple of other eyeliners that I use if I’m going out out, but over the years I have learned that this is the only eyeliner with which I can really nail a winged eyeliner look, which is my default look, so it’s my go to eyeliner for that very reason. It’s also super black and great.

NYX Mascara – This is running out on me I can sense it and this is my day mascara which means I need to find a replacement soon (my other one is Urban Decay Perversion, which is great but does really bold things to my lashes which I don’t need if I’m just spending the day at work). I’m not too fussed by mascaras to be honest and so I’ll replace this with whatever, I might try another NYX one as I liked the things that it did to my lashes.

Urban Decay Setting Spray, Chill – I’m running out of this and so will switch to the other one that I have shortly, but this one works fine. I feel like it doesn’t necessarily last the whole day as I do get some shine on my T-zone before the day is out, but for the most part it keeps everything fixed into place.

And that’s it. My 10 minute face which I can thankfully bang on my face and then get out the door (mostly) on time to catch my train!

What are some of your make up staples when you’re in a hurry/have limited time? (And also, I am taking mascara recommendations, I need natural looking ones though, so suggestion are welcome! Please?)

Parentheses count: 5. See you tomorrow!

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