My Curly Hair Routine

My Curly Hair Routine

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I swear I am going to stop talking about my hair at some point, I don’t know when, but I will. It will probably be after this…for a little bit anyway.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it but I got a haircut…

And with that haircut came a new found love for my hair. I pretty much just about washed and conditioned my hair each week and then I sometimes bunged some product into it just so it didn’t feel like total straw. It got the job done, I mastered the tying it all up into a bun and leaving it there every single day. Sometimes I would let it loose, but I did that so infrequently that it just got very annoying very quickly and so I would chuck it back up and watch this bun get ever bigger on the back of my head.

But it was not a pretty sight most of the time and it was so very damaged and the curl pattern was all over the place and even though it was super long, it was super long at a cost. And the cost was that it was gross. So I got over my slight fear of the hairdresser’s and got it cut for the first time in over 4 years.

And then I started investing in it. In a big way. And due to that, I have now developed a routine of sorts. It changes on a week to week basis depending on what mood my hair is going to be in after wash day. Sometimes it co-operates all week, sometimes it doesn’t (this week has been half and half), so I’m just going to go through a general idea of what my routine is on wash day and then the various variations that I go through over the following 6/7 days.

Side note, I always work with wet hair, so although I only wash it once a week (yes, really) I (usually) rinse it through with water each morning.

Wash Day

Wash day is a long ass exercise and because of that it currently always takes place on a Sunday. It begins with this:

So I basically started watching a lot of YouTube videos one weekend (and I mean the WHOLE weekend) and took various inspiration from them. The first being giving this products from OGX a try and also introducing oils into my hair routine just for that extra bit of moisture. I start my wash day with OGX Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Penetrating Oil. I just massage it onto my scalp after I’ve untied my hair and ignored the day 7 mess that it is and I do that for a couple of minutes making sure that I cover my whole scalp. It smells soooo nice and prepares myself nicely for the arm workout that is about to ensue.

After I massage the oil it’s time to shampoo. I rinse my hair with water (which does nothing to get rid of the oil funnily enough) and then I wash my hair for the first time. I’m never that fussed about shampoo so I was still using Daddy-O from Lush which was working just fine (I am gonna move onto the OGX Coconut Curls one this week though). I massage that into my scalp just to lift the oil out of my hair and then rinse it through, which just basically leads to a lot of purple tinted water making its way down the drain as the oil means that it doesn’t lather. Then once it’s rinsed through I go back in again and massage more shampoo onto my scalp (and only my scalp) and my arms and hands get another little work out as I really work the shampoo into my hair to get rid of a week’s worth of products. It lathers the second time so it really feels like my scalp is getting clean. Then once a month a go in with a clarifying shampoo (which I did last Sunday), the one I’m currently using and quite like is Bumble and Bumble Bb Sunday. It smells nice and my gosh does it strip my hair clean, I’m still not quite used to it and the amount of moisture I need to put back into after I’ve used it.

After I’ve washed my hair, I go in with a shit ton of conditioner. I am still using American Cream from Lush because if I swore by it when my hair was a mess I will definitely swear by it when my hair is healthy again. It’s still great, I’m wary to change it when the bottle that I have is finished so I will keep up with it. I apply this liberally to the middle and ends of my hair and then rake it through and then finger detangle, which some weeks takes no time at all and sometimes takes ten minutes. Once it’s detangled I then rinse that out and then we move onto deep conditioning.

The ones that I am currently using are Shea Moisture Jamaican Castor Oil Grow and Restore Masque. I rake this through my hair, do a bit more finger detangling and then I wrap it up in a bun and clip it there and leave it for a few hours. Sometimes I wrap it in a shower cap and a towel and use the heat from that to really get that deep conditioning in and then sometimes I have errands to run and so I leave it in while I go and do that. I am really liking this treatment, the smell I can take or leave but it leaves my hair feeling so soft and moisturised and I really feel like I can take on the week (hair wise). If I don’t use that one then I use Olive Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Pak which I like and was really good when my hair was terrible, but since I found the Shea Moisture one and that is doing real great things with my hair I’m not reaching for it as much.

Once I’ve left the deep conditioner on for a few hours I then detangling it with a wide tooth comb and you’d think that it would be the final time that I detangle my hair for the day but you would be wrong. I then rinse the deep conditioner out and wrap it up in a microfibre towel and leave it to dry. Once it’s been about 20 minutes I take it out of the towel and then rake the Shea Moisture Jamaican Castor Oil Leave In Conditioner and then detangle it yet again. That’s pretty much it for wash day, I just tie it up and leave it.

Rest of the Week

So the rest of the week differs from day to day. on Mondays I tend to go use the Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl and Style Milk and Curl Enhancing Smoothie. I go in with the milk first and just rake that through my hair and then I apply the smoothie, raking it through my hair and then once I have been quite liberal with that I then get a bit more smoothie in my palms and start scrunching my curls up. I do that for about five minutes and then leave my hair to air dry, which can be a bit annoying because it’s mostly soaking wet and once I’ve finished applying product I tend not to touch my hair until it’s mostly dry. If it gets too bad then I just scrunch it a bit more with a microfibre towel and that tends to do the trick with minimal frizz. I also then tend to repeat this process on a Tuesday. Side note though, I don’t know if it’s just this particular bottle that I have or not because it’s the only one that I’ve ever bought, but the milk is soooo difficult to get onto my hair. The bottle is really stiff and I can’t get a good enough squeeze on it and then the formula is really thick and so doesn’t appear to want to leave the bottle…it’s all a bit of an ordeal to contend with, but I have another bottle that I will move onto soon so we’ll see if it’s a one off or not. I hope it is.

Come Wednesday my hair is not quite holding the same way, and it’s usually the point where I start tying it up in some capacity. I usually go back in with the Shea Moisture leave in and then I use the Bumble and Bumble Bb Curl Defining Creme, again I rake it through and then scrunch away. If it’s tied up then I will just spritz OGX Coconut Oil Hydrating Oil Mist on any fly aways and to just get rid of potentially frizzy parts. I usually do that on Thursdays and Fridays as well. Sometimes on Saturday I am handed a random gift and my soon to be washed hair acquires a new lease of life and I can go in with my Shea Moisture Milk and Smoothie again. Mostly I can’t though (honestly the above has happened twice in two months now…) and I just fall back on my good old reliable R&B Hair Moisturiser just so that my hair doesn’t dry out completely.

There are days when I go to the gym (4 of them actually for the most part) but I only really require showering after that twice a week. When I just rinse the product (and the sweat) out and wrap it in a microfibre towel and then once it’s damp and I just spritz it with Bumble and Bumble Bb Pre-Style/Re-Style Primer. I don’t ever actually use this as a primer and I tried to restyle with it once and that just didn’t work so I now mostly use it to put a bit of moisture in my hair before the morning. And then once a week I co-wash my hair with American Cream which works to reset it a little in between washes, but I don’t do that every week.

And then we get back to Sunday and I start the process all over again.

I am currently using the same products at the moment but I know that my hair is gonna start to get used to them and I am going to have shake it up…which means that I might fall back down a rabbit hole of YouTube videos. I am also open to suggestions as to what you find works for your hair, mainly styling products and deep conditioners because I am pretty much fine for shampoo and conditioner?

And that’s my current curly hair routine, which took up a lot of words and also marks the end of me talking about my hair for the time being…maybe.

Parentheses count: 12. See you tomorrow!

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