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My Little Box – April

Hi, Hey, Hello!

And here is April’s box review.

So with April apparently comes spring. And the arrival of this box was the only indicator of spring that I really got for the whole 30 days (except for this one day where I thought the weather had turned for the warmer). The whole box just oozed spring and it started with the name ‘My Little Flower Box’.


I liked the different take in this box, because it felt a bit like opening a book and if you know me (or look at the first three days of this blog where books was all I talked about) then you will know that I love opening a book.

My Little Box - April - Flower
My Little Box – April – Flower

Effectively the first thing that greeted me was a mini garden, perfect for small living spaces and adding a bit of green to your life and home. Slight problem with that, I 100% do not have the kind of commitment to take care of a garden…maybe this will be the thing that prompts me to get some kind of commitment. We’ll see. The box is real pretty to look at in the meantime.

My Little Box - April - Flower
My Little Box – April – Flower

The next thing that I took out reminded me that I want to be a beach in the Caribbean right about now (and almost always, Maldives anyone?) because it’s basically just a convenient and pretty bag to put dirty stuff in in a suitcase. A suitcase that I am not packing anytime soon…:(.


And then we have the beauty stuff. Another nail varnish, that is more seasonal given that it is FINALLY starting to feel like spring (and I fear that acknowledging that might jinx it) and therefore maybe, just maybe, I should think about toning it down on the all black everything (I so won’t, I don’t even notice I’m doing it anymore these days). It’s quite a subtle looking colour in the tube, and I haven’t tried it out yet properly because I’m being incredibly unorganised, but it looks quite peachy and like it is going to require a few coats to get to the shade that I would want it to be, because pastels and I don’t get on well sometimes.

There is another face mask in this month’s box, which has awkwardly reminds me that I have one from Feb’s box that I have yet to use, but I’m running out of my current mid week face scrub so maybe when that’s done I’ll give them both a shot and see what they can do.

Finally there was small bottle of shower gel, which I really wished I remembered before I stock piled on the stuff…L’Occitane has yet to let me down and their hand creams are my life saviour still because my hands just don’t seem to want to be not dry anymore. The scent seems pretty good and not too over powering, but that might not be the case when it lathers, so we’ll see.

My Little Box - April - Flower
My Little Box – April – Flower

And finally, we have the little magazine, which funnily enough had a heavy focus on flowers. And also a lot of poetry, which is right up my street because words are kind of my thing. It brightened my evening slightly, because poetry can do that sometimes.

‘To see the world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wildflower; hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour’ – William Blake

Parentheses count: 5. See you tomorrow!

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