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We’ve reached another Thursday and I as usual can’t quite believe that that has happened. Where does the week go? Why am I so excited that the weekend is so near again? (The answer to that is sleep. Lots of sleep. That’s been stolen from me a lot this week). Anyway on to today’s post which is yet another review. This time of the My Little Box variety. This is also the final one of these that I will be doing.

And it’s called Summer Vibes.

My Little Box - June - Summer Vibes
My Little Box – June – Summer Vibes

Now when I opened this I’m not gonna lie the name of the box made me laugh for the main reason that even though the ‘first day of summer’ has now happened the season still sounds like a theory. I mean I’m typing this as the sun is setting on relatively clear blue skies but it’s been deep grey clouds for most of the day and getting drenched is more prominent a worry than sunburn. But I digress.

Opening this box did come with some actual summer vibes. I felt marginally more summery than before (not hard given that I’ve hardly been feeling summery at all right now, so the answer to the question ‘are you a summer girl?’ is no). The little magazine is just full of summer fashion and talk of festivals and worked very well at fuelling my desire to get the hell of the city and hit up a beach.

My Little Box - June - Summer Vibes
My Little Box – June – Summer Vibes

The t-shirt is handy. I’ll probably just end up wearing it around the house on particularly lazy days or to the gym and the like but it’s useful to have and comfy. Comfy is always good.


My Little Box - June - Summer Vibes
My Little Box – June – Summer Vibes

Kusmi Tea is basically a sachet that makes Iced Tea when added to sparkling water. Now I’m not a huge fan of iced tea, but given that in theory sunnier times are coming London’s way I might just give it a shot. And well, I have a brother who will eat and drink pretty much anything, so if I don’t like it won’t go to waste.

The beauty stuff came in a pouch this month. More specifically a ‘bikini pouch’, which I am promptly going to throw straight into my gym bag for my swimming costume because the plastic bags that I have previously been using is slowly falling apart and is eventually going to make everything damp and unpleasant.

Now, you know me I always need another nail polish and this one came with one from a brand that I have always wanted to try but have never got around to buying because I’m on a buying nail varnish buying ban (seriously I had a problem, I went through a phase where I didn’t leave Superdrug without a new nail varnish…). The colour is just gorgeous, it’s a nice minty colour (and funnily enough i called ‘Pepperminty’) which is similar to a shade I already have but more delicate in colour. It will get a test run at the weekend when I finally bother to take the time to change the colour of my nails.

Another thing from a brand that I’ve been interested in trying out is Too Faced, however as you can see the product is glitter glue, which I don’t think I have all that much use for because the only thing I do to my eyes when I wear make up is eyeliner and mascara and I have an eyeliner that is equipped with glitter already for a subtle little bit of shimmer for when I’m going out out. Maybe when I can be bothered to mess around with it I’ll give it a shot and see what might happen, but sadly that seems unlikely.

The last item in this box is a sea salt spray. Now I mentioned in Monday’s post that I am a little bit in love with Lush’s sea salt spray so I was super excited to get a similar product, and if you had told me that I would be mildly obsessed with a product that bills itself as giving hair texture at the beginning of the year I would have called you a liar (the power of the impulse buy). I need to wash my hair before I attack it with anymore product so this will get a test run next week some time and give me the chance to compare and contrast between this and the Lush one. 

And that’s June’s box done. It definitely does come with some summer vibes that’s for sure. Very fittingly done.

Parentheses count: 5. See you at the weekend!

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