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My Little Box – March


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Now given that last month was all about one thing (me losing my creative mind) it meant that I didn’t really have the time to review my March My Little Box. In fact other than taking it out of the packaging that it arrived in I didn’t even really have time to properly look at it as I was focused on other things. So that means that this month I had two (soon to be three actually) little boxes to properly open and enjoy.

First of all, as you can see it’s called ‘My Little Bubble Box’ with the intention of adding some pep to your life with all things bubbly and bright. And when you think pep and bubbly you think balloons. A balloon that might never get blown up because my relationship with balloons is slightly weird…and also I don’t have a clue what the hell I would actually do with a balloon in my house for any period of time. I’d probably step on it as I get out of bed and burst it, therefore scaring the shit out of me. I do know it says ‘Be Wild’ on it and I feel like it would ‘be wild’ to blow the thing up.

My Little Box - March - Bubble
My Little Box – March – Bubble

On to less complicated things, well actually it remains as equally complicated as the balloon dilemma, because I unfortunately have literally no use for a hair brush. Brushes mean frizz and frizz means I weep as my hair does nothing that I want it to and therefore me and brushes have nothing to do with one another. However I appreciate that as hairbrushes go it’s a pretty damn cute one.

My Little Box - March - Bubble
My Little Box – March – Bubble


Now, somehow (and I’m gonna ‘blame’ blogging), I have become a tad more make up obsessed than I have been previously. So if someone wants to stand over my shoulder and shout at me to stop when I go to buy yet another lipstick that would be grand. But back to my point, March’s box came with two nail polishes, a mini beauty blender-esque sponge and a mascara.

I have lost count of how many mini tubes of mascara I now own (and I have another one on the way…because free sample with make up purchase. Where that’s shouting person??) so this one has yet to get a look in because I am trying to get through all the others. But I imagine it will be the same as others in a lot of ways, the most important thing I need to know is how truly black it will be, because jet black is the only colour I will accept mascara in. It’s called Noir Couture and the wand is kind of fancy, I have slightly high hopes for it…we’ll see how it goes.

One thing I have always had a bit of a problem with is nail varnish, so I always enjoy it when I get a new one. As you can see, this Essie one is black and even though it is FINALLY starting to feel like spring (seriously what was last week about, I almost had to break the winter coat back out) this could very easily become a staple in my life. Applying it is a bit of an art form though, it can be quite gloopy because of the glitter (which is kind of seasonal right…or is it like Christmas seasonal and not spring seasonal…?) and therefore looks a bit messy (and also easier to peel off, which I don’t need, it’s a bad enough habit as it is).

I have almost no need for a cheep and lip tint, but i now have one and I might have a bit of a play around with it when I stop being jaded by the word ‘tint’ (it’s a long story). And finally here, I haven’t even opened the packaging on the mini beauty sponge (except to take the picture) so I don’t really have to much to say on it, other than the fact that it might come in useful one day should I need one in an emergency of some description.

My Little Box - March - Bubble
My Little Box – March – Bubble

And finally, the little magazine. Which features something about Morning Gloryville, that I was honestly not aware existed and then someone at work mentioned it like a month or so back and now I am seeing it everywhere. I still don’t think I could get up and somewhere for a 6:30am rave, but maybe one day. It also includes a random thing on Creme Eggs which served as a reminder for how old this box is and also made me really want a Creme Egg.

Parentheses count: 9. See you tomorrow!

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