My Little Box – May

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Now I approached today with no post. I had blog posts planned out for weeks by the end of March, but for some reason today remained blank and one that I was probably just going to wing when I got around to actually writing it. And then I got home yesterday and there was a parcel waiting for me by the door (on the inside, not just in my front garden) and I knew just from looking at it what it was (also it could only be one thing, I haven’t actually bought anything for like…a week now…). And if the title hadn’t given it away then the thing I am talking about is My Little Box.

Not gonna lie, I’ve had a week where tired just doesn’t seem to cut it, so it was a nice surprise to come home to this. And a very pretty one at that.

My Little Box - May
My Little Box – May – Dolce Vita

First things first, this box is doing nothing for my want of a holiday. In fact it has made it about a million times worse. Rome please?

Yes, everything sounds better in Italian. And also can someone give some gelato, my post spinning self could really use with some right about now. The little magazine this month is very heavy on the Italy talk to be honest. Seriously can I be there, and the way that Elenora Galasso (she has a little interview in this mag) talks about it is so beautiful. And there is a lot of talk about pasta and a pasta recipe, which is right up my street because of all the carbs in the world, pasta is my favourite.

This right here is a little headband. The pattern is gorgeous and the material is so soft. Whether or not my hair will be willing to co-operate with it is a completely different matter. Imma give it a good shot though, I need new things to try with my hair if I am going to insist on keeping it this long.

Okay, so this ring is super cute. Like it’s so nice. Two problems, it’s a gold colour in a world where all my jewellery is silver and I don’t think it actually comfortably fits on any of my fingers. Maybe my little finger, but it’s still too big. Turns out I have really slender fingers, which I kind of knew but yeah it’s #confirmed.

Of all the aspects of this box that I enjoy, this is my favourite. Mainly because it fuels my slight make up addiction without me having to buy these products individually. The tube is an illuminating lotion which doesn’t really leave my legs any more illuminated but it smells really nice and I love a good scent. Which brings me on to the body oil which also smells nice. I have no idea what the hell I am gonna use it for, but for now it is gonna exist in the pretty little box and the scent is going to soothe me for now. It’s gonna become some kind pseudo-candle because I can’t burn candles. And finally there is a perfume, which I am undecided on in terms of whether or not I like the scent or not. When I sniffed it yesterday I did, but when I caught a whiff of it tonight I was a bit meh about it. I am very attached to Lady Million still so this might wait a while before it even gets a test drive.

And that’s May’s box done. It’s more of a first impressions thing then usual for me given that it only arrived into my life yesterday.

I’m now gonna day dream/regular dream/fantasy plan that trip to Italy…

Parentheses count: 3. See you on Saturday!

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