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So I was looking around in my beauty product life the other day (I was trying to figure out if I needed to replace any stuff etc) and I realised that over the past few months I have acquired a few more products that I didn’t have before (obviously). And well, I felt compelled to then talk about them a little bit. I’m kind of bored of talking about books right now (having said that book reviews are finishing out the week). Also this stuff is fun for me and I’ve also just bought some more stuff which means I will get a new one of these up at some point soon as well.

Better You Lotion – Magnesium is a huge help when it comes to muscle recovery. I’ve always known this, I take a magnesium supplement everyday and my protein powder has magnesium in it. However my hamstrings remain the tightest thing in the damn world and they need all the help they can get right now and well I shower after I work out and do all that I can to keep dry skin at bay. So this all seems like a match made in heaven. I will say that applying this is a bitch when I put it on freshly shaved and exfoliated legs (which is every Tuesday night), it tingles at the best of times (less so now that my skin is used to it) but on those days it tingles a lot. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and honestly with repeat usage (I use it on average 5 times a week) it does make a difference to my recovery.

Better You Iron Spray – To be honest, I was trying to get free delivery and also was wary of the fact that I lack an iron supplement in my life but also kind of need one. This one is fast acting as it’s a spray form which I’m not mad about.

Full of Grace – This is a serum that I have always thought about using but just never bit the bullet and bought. And then I did. During the hottest period of time ever. Which may have affected the length of time that it lasted. It lasted a month and I had to keep it in the fridge just because it melted soooo much otherwise. I liked it. I never quite got the hang of just how much was necessary for a full face which didn’t leave my skin feeling either too dry or too greasy. I think I would go back to it because I liked the way that it made my skin feel, but I might not do it when it’s continually 32 degrees outside…

Noughty Intensive Care Leave-In Conditioner – I am a sucker for a leave-in. They are my life. They save my hair day in day out. I hate the way that this smells. It’s smells clinical and also I feel like I have to use a fair amount in order to get anything done with my hair. However I will keep buying it because it slots in nicely in my gym bag. For a short period of time my hair didn’t really see water for like 3 days a week (unless it was sweat) because I just never rinsed it through after a workout because my studio has shitty conditioner that feels like water and my hair never doesn’t have conditioner in it. And so for some reason I thought no water was a better option than no product…but for whatever reason that just was not feasible to do and so I threw in the only leave in that is transportable, which is this one. And it has been a life saver. So this is where that lives now. In my gym bag.

Trevor Sorbie Shampoo – I have no loyalty to shampoo, I think I’ve said this before. I shop around I do not care. As long as it’s sulphate free I’m there. I hate the way this smells (there is a trend here) but it is making a difference to the way that my hair and curl pattern operates. I mean I probably won’t buy it again but that’s just because I ain’t loyal.

Black Castor Oil/Shea Butter Shampoo and Conditioner – Okay, this is Superdrug own brand and also a freebie because I was buying so many other hair care products. I didn’t read the ingredients. See above where I said if it’s sulphate free I’m there? Yeah this shampoo is not. Which I think is weird of Superdrug as it’s in the black haircare section and sulphates are not our friends. It’s annoying because I actually kind of like the combo. My hair felt good after I used them both. One week. Then the following week it did me dirty and dried my hair out as sulphates in shampoos are prone to do. The conditioner I can get on board with. The shampoo is a no.

Vitamin E Eye Cream – I’ll speak below about how much my under eyes are hating me but I finally injected an eye cream into my life and I love the Superdrug Vitamin E range so much for other things that this felt like a safe bet. Is it making a difference? Who the hell knows, but I’m gonna keep it up.

Under Eye Masks – Look, my under eyes are suffering right now and they are getting puffy as hell from lack of decent sleep or some shit. I don’t know, they are bad, I am looking for help wherever I can right now. Both of the ones that I have used are Garnier. This one and this one. I hated the full around the eye mask. It just felt oddly restricting and I couldn’t do it. I didn’t mind the under eye one. That felt soothing and hydrating and I enjoyed using it and might use it again (there are these that I am also eyeing up right now…caffeine, jelly, under eyes. Sign me the hell up.)

Tea Tree Toner – This is from Lush, I was in there and I was buying Full of Grace so I just thought why the hell not. Also I get bored of toners so easily and mine last so long because I buy massive ones that I only use once a day. Plus, tea tree is good for your complexion and so I subbed it in for my aloe one. I’m getting bored of it though, so am kind of glad that I’m reaching the end of it. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s good and it does help soothe my skin in the morning, but yeah. I’m just easily bored with toners.

L’Occtaine Overnight Reset Serum – I got this as a sample because I am all about trying as many serums as possible. I love the consistency of it. I also love how soft it makes my skin feel from the first application. I’m probably not going to buy it though, but it was a nice little injection.

Garnier Sheet Mask – I got on the sheet mask hype (Charcoal and Algae to be precise) because my die hard Lush fave ran out and well I was shopping around for a new Sunday night face mask. I used this. I hated it and am probably not going to get back on the sheet mask train. I like my clays and my exfoliating masks. I’ve found my lane, I’m gonna stay there.

Twisted Sista Leave In Conditioner – The one that I wanted was out of stock. I needed a leave in. I hate how this smells. So much. However, it is very moisturising and it gets the job done of just making sure that my hair stays hydrated when it’s in a bun. It’s thick and it gets the job done. I can almost forgive the scent.

Parentheses count: 10. See you tomorrow!

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