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The problem with returning to this blog in the second week of the year is that somehow even though a lot of time hasn’t really passed in the grand scheme of things (I mean 10 days isn’t that long) it seems like we are slowly approaching the time where talking about certain things has passed.

The thing in question is New Year’s Resolutions, which I am point blank refusing to call Resolutions because that word seems to hold a whole host of connotations and also I have never stuck to one in my life and so I am altering it slightly, as the title might suggest. I have basically acquired a list of things that I am going to just add into my everyday life:

1) Take Better Care Of My Hair – I am electing to live with this mass of curls on a daily basis and I am apparently too attached to it to cut it all off and so I need to stop just letting it exist and start actually taking better care of it. I already started doing that in December so it is basically just a continuation of that. I need to condition it more and use my best friend hair moisturiser and actually wash it at the very least once a week (I am so grateful that my hair doesn’t show the signs of being unwashed all that easily, it takes nearly 6 weeks…yes I know that for a fact). I also need to up the amount of hair treatments that I do. Just get all the moisture that I can in this frizzy mass of curls that is now officially half way down my back in length…

2) Take Better Care Of My Skin – I do this anyway. I clean, tone and moisturise it twice a day and I always take my make up off (when I wear it) but I still somehow have never had more spots in my life and I have a ton of spot related scars again as a consequence. My skin has basically just gone back to being the way that it was when I was 17/18. So, I need to try and stop touching my face so much (which basically means that I need to stop picking spots and might be harder than I think because I don’t even realise I’m doing it a lot of the time) and I also need to reintroduce SPF back into my life. I used to have it but then I changed my whole skin care routine and the SPF went with and when I tried to include one in my routine it just left a slightly grey look to my skin because although claiming it was for all skin colours I can tell you that it was not…I’ve got a new one and I’ve started using it in the morning (even when I don’t leave the house just to get into the routine properly) and they are pretty much the only changes that I’m going to make which will hopefully make some difference.

3) Tone The Hell Up – I have already been making baby steps to doing this for the past 6 months and I have slowly started to actually maybe begin to enjoy it…And I have also got to a point where when I go for a while without doing some kind of class (because I need the motivation that comes with a class to be honest, I never went as hard when I was doing it on my own as I do when there are others around which actively pushes me to try harder) then my body and my brain starts to miss it and I know that I need to get moving again. Which is never something that I thought would happen to me, but there we go. This year I’m going to ramp it up and try and tone the hell up. And I mean tone up. Not lose weight because I cannot afford to lose weight (I mean this both in the sense that I honestly don’t actually have all that much weight to lose in the first place I am pretty much at the stage where it would be borderline unhealthy if I lost that much and also all my clothes are the same dress size which I have been for years, I can’t afford to replace them all). I’m just gonna tone up. Which means that I need to be a bit smarter about the work outs that I do and also means that I have to change my diet, which is about 65% there, but I like ice cream and M&Ms too much and sometimes I forget to eat enough fruit and veg. Oh and also I’m going to start using that juicer I bought again, that’s gonna help me up the fruit and veg content.

4) Start Saving Properly – I keep making half assed attempts at this and if I read one more article about how twenty-somethings should start saving now and not do I might scream at myself. And so I am going to do just that. Which means that I am going to have to stop buying so many books, lipstick and shoes and channel that into the correct place. Spending is basically now going to be limited to food, toiletries, exercise, the occasional time that I am actually social and that bloody train ticket of mine. And also jeans and tights, I never seem to have enough of either…

5) Get Better Organised  – Hey, who remembers that bullet journal of mine? Yeah me neither. My last attempt to get organised in August just came to nothing and I have not been any close to more organised. I honestly don’t know how many times I have been saying this, but I am still saying it. And it something that I am going to actually try and follow through with this time. I’ve already made a baby step with this by pushing the first week back on here to now as opposed to last week so that I have the time to actually write some posts and get my scheduled posts nice and lined up. And I’ve dusted off the notebook intended for the bullet journal to have a take 2 at the whole thing. It will happen.

6) Try And Be More Creative/Just Write More – I was sat on a kitchen floor when I got hit by an idea that I actually feel like I can do something with that I need to basically just figure out and get a first draft down for. But then also I just kind of want to apply that in a more general sense to other things as I feel like over the course of the year it kind of fell away and happened in small bursts, but nothing substantial. And it is partly to do with the fact that I have a lot less time to just sit and be creative but then again I do still spend a lot of time procrastinating when I get home from work and I have like 3 hours each evening that I just squander. Which is fine occasionally, but 5 nights a week? A bit much. So I want to do better. Adding a Friday post especially for it is something that I am hoping will aid myself in whipping it back into action.

And they are basically the things that I know I can action and take on for this year.

What about you? Any of you have any things that you want to try an achieve for the new year?

Parentheses count:  7. See you tomorrow!

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