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Happy Thursday people. I read this post over on Liam’s Library over the weekend and even though I’ve not been formerly tagged I thought I’d give it a go because I am literally always done to talk about books. Always.

So here it is.

1) What book is on your nightstand now?

There is no formal nightstand in my life really. But Station Eleven is the one on my metaphorical nightstand right now.

2) What was the last truly great book you’ve read?

Okay, I have read a couple of really great books this year already (out of the 19 I’ve read, there is the potential for a couple of other great ones for the rest of the year) but there is still only one that I have had a total resurgence of love for just by remembering that it exists. That book is The Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern. Seriously if you need a book to read, I recommend this one with all my heart and soul.

3) If you could meet any writer – dead or alive – who would it be? And what would you want to know?

*Drum roll please*

Prepare to be totally amazed….the writer is Shakespeare. That’s it. I wanna just hang out with Shakespeare.

Or, alternatively, Mary Shelley because Frankenstein is a bloody masterpiece and I wanna know all I can about it.

4) What books might we be surprised to find on your shelf?

I’ve quite openly said many times in my life that I am pretty open to all sorts of books. I ain’t picky. Good or bad I will welcome them all. And even though I say that and even though I am an English graduate people sometimes seem to be oddly surprised that I geek out hard about Shakespeare.

Generally speaking though, I don’t think there are any books that are surprise in my book collection.

5) How do you organise your personal library?

My personal library consists of piles of books stacked in various locations in my house. There is no cohesion to them. They are just stacked. However, when they are eventually (some day in the what feels like very distant future) upgraded to an actual bookshelf I will probably just be really boring about it and organise them alphabetically. Any other way seems like it would be too much of a headache.

6) What book have you always meant to read and haven’t gotten around to yet?

I have been slowly crossing books that I’ve always meant to read but haven’t gotten around to yet a lot over the past 18 months or so. A few that are still on that list are Catch 22, some more Jane Austen novels, some more Neil Gaiman, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Moby Dick. Honestly that list could go on, so I’ll leave it at that.

7) Disappointing, overrated, just not good: what book did you feel you are supposed to like but didn’t?

Ooohhh this is a hard one. I feel like this happens to me a lot, it usually happens with the books that are considered the ‘classics’. Sense and Sensibility was one of them. I mean I liked it just fine but I just went in with expectations that weren’t met. Animal Farm  I kind of felt the same way. There are plenty of others, but those were the first couple that sprang to mind.

8) What kind of stories are you drawn to? Any you stay clear of?

I’m pretty open to anything so there isn’t anything that I stay clear of because I feel like that’s kind of limiting and I’m inclined to avoid doing that because you never know, you might uncover a gem at any time.

9) If you could require the president to read one book, what would it be?

Oh I don’t know. Fahrenheit 451. It presents a horrifying post-literature future that should be avoided if possible I guess. Don’t burn books people.

10) What do you plan to read next?

Station Eleven. Then after that, who knows? It will be on this list though.

And that’s this tag done. Feel free to give it a shot if want, I’d love to read them!

Parentheses count: 1. See you at the weekend!


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