November Playlist

November Playlist

Hi, Hey, Hello!

It’s the last Sunday of the month which can only mean one thing, I am coming at you with another batch of songs that I have spent the past few weeks listening to. And yes, I did take a departure from the Hamilton soundtrack (still not done mentioning it though, working on that part).

On to the list.

1) Turn Your Love – Half Moon Run

Sometimes a nice, slightly more chill song is all you need (I mean this isn’t totally chill, but I find it oddly relaxing to listen to so…chill. And that’s stopped seeming like a word). So I decided to open with one, because my closer this month has been saved for emotions it would seem. Anyway back to Half Moon Run (have I ever mentioned that I am mildly obsessed with the moon? Well I am if no.) and their great song. I love the beat of this and the whole vibe of the song in general. Big fan, big fan.

2) Low – Lauren Aquilina

Change of pace here, but bear with this playlist is full of them this month (arguably they always are). Firstly her voice is bloody brilliant. Secondly this video is beautiful. And thirdly, the lyrics are incredible. Which makes it a trifecta and therefore a winner. Seriously.

3) Iron Sky -Paolo Nutini

I am fully aware that this isn’t a new song. But it crops up on the radio sometimes and every time I hear this song I am like ‘damn it is so good.’ So I finally put it on a playlist. That voice. Damn. (And also I love the orchestration, give me anything with some kind of orchestra and I am yours.)

4) Wild -Troye Sivan

Every time I hear this song I think I should listen to the whole of Blue Neighbourhood because this song is so good, but I keep forgetting. I swear I will get around to it one day soon. But anyway back to this song, lyrically I am mildly obsessed and it sounds great when it’s blasted really loudly.

5) Same Old Love – Selena Gomez

I was relatively indifferent to this song after the first few listens and then one day it was like I had heard it for the first time and it is a jaaammmmm. I am really liking Selena’s Revival era so far and this song is a perfect example why.

6) Heaven Knows – The Pretty Reckless

Sometimes this crops up on the radio (similar to Iron Sky and probably a lot of the songs that crop up sometimes on these playlists since August) and I remember that it exists and I am grateful for that.

7) Sax – Fleur East

I heard this song on that bloody way to early Asda seasonal advert (not fully committing to saying the word just yet, give me time…it will come soon. I may have not have bought jumpers related to the word already…shush). But anyway, this is a jam. So much fun and definitely one of those songs sure to put me straight in a good mood whenever I hear it. Plus it’s a great bright spark in the depths of winter.

8) Never Enough – One Direction

I feel like there are a lot of jokes I could make here. Like a part of my brain is telling me there is. But most of my brain isn’t creative enough to make a good one. I fucking love this song. Like that’s it. That’s pretty much all I have. Except for a massive shout for Liam’s vocals throughout, which I am a particular fan of (this applies to in general as well, not just a one song glory) (gold star if you get that musical reference!)

9) When We Were Young – Adele

Okay yes Hello is a great song. But this stopped me in my tracks when I first heard. That note towards the end, good god. I am so happy that I have her voice on new material. 25 has proved a delight to listen to so far.

10) She Used To Be Mine – Sara Bareilles

I have been aware of this song’s existence for a while now, but didn’t know that it was for a musical (!). With music written by Sara Bareilles no less. Anyway, long story short I finally got around to listening to it and within all of a nanosecond I fell in love. Way to ruin my life and make me feel things all the time Barielles. Way to go.

And we’re done for another month. See you tomorrow for the last day of Writing 101.

Oh yeah and parentheses count: 10.

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