October Playlist

October Playlist

Hi, Hey, Hello!

Well that was a change in pace for starting a blog post after the same two words for the last 25 days, but it is refreshing. Especially because it is the last Sunday of the month and that means I have a little playlist for you.

This is going to be a bit of a bumper addition this month because the Hamilton soundtrack happened to me this month. It’s still happening to me. I can’t get enough. It has changed me for good. But other music happened to me as well that I can’t ignore this month so it’s a bit of a mish mash of the two.

1) Hurt Me – Lapsley

I didn’t mean to start with such an emotional song, but this was the first song that was written on my notes for this playlist and so it is today’s opener.

Ummm Lapsley, what a voice. And what a stunning song. I love it when I get to listen to this song on the radio because I just get to bask in the glory of it.

2) 25 Reasons – Louis Berry

I think this took me a couple of listens, but I am very much a fan of this now.

His voice is great and the beat of this song is soooo good. The whole song is.

3) Premonitions – Vaults

This was quite a late edition to the playlist, as in I heard it for the first time last week once. But that was enough.

It just struck me. It made me write it down to remember it for later. I even had to write it on a post it note and stick it in plain sight on my desk because my phone was being annoying. That was how much I wanted to remember this song.

4) Perfect – One Direction

I love a good black and white video. And ya know the song ain’t all that bad either.

5) Waves – Miguel

Look I am still slightly on a Miguel thing and this is the one that is on the radio all the time right now. It’s not that I didn’t like it when I heard in on the album or anything because I did, like a lot. But I dunno, I just sort of let it pass me by and there is nothing like hearing it at least 3 times a day to make you sit up and listen to a song. And now I am mildly obsessed by it.

6) Let It Out – Frances

I became aware of Frances because she did a Live Lounge last month at the last minute and I pretty much instantly liked her voice.

This song is so pretty and nice. And her voice is so beautiful to listen to. One of the artists that I am really glad to have discovered.

7) My Shot – Hamilton Cast

And so we hit the Hamilton portion of today’s playlist. I have showed great restraint and only selected the 6 that I go back to the most (according to my iTunes and also the ones that I know I repeat A LOT). Because seriously out of the 46 songs on the soundtrack I could 100% put like 45 of them on here (there is always one).

This was the point of the soundtrack where I was like ‘yes this is going to take a hold of my life for the near future’ and it’s song 3. I love the way it is constructed. And I love the fact that this is never not relevant to the rest of the soundtrack/show (that I have no hope of seeing any time soon *sad face*), because I love it when a musical goes back on itself musically. I have definitely written a letter about this month (it was October 7th which gives an indication of how long I have been consumed by this for now).

And I think the phrase ‘I am not throwing away my shot’ is a pretty good mantra for life (even included in my Twitter bio now for the time being, don’t underestimate my obsession)

8) Satisfied – Hamilton Cast

Despite my love for the above song, I was still living my life quite harmoniously with the first 10 songs I had heard and mainly thinking Lin-Manuel Miranda is a bloody genius but then this song happened. And my life actually paused for a minute because it was the point where I was like ‘no, this musical is beyond the word genius’. I don’t know what the word I am looking for is but it is that.

I can’t really put into words what I felt at that point of first listen all I know is that 24 hours after I fell head over heels in love with this soundtrack I got a text from R saying she was having an existential crisis to this very song.

9) Wait For It – Hamilton Cast

When you’re two songs down from the song that just changed your life (have I mentioned that I get hyperbolic over musical soundtracks? If not, consider this our warning, it will be relevant for the rest of this playlist.) it is kind of easy to get overlooked at first.

But then R text me lyrics from this song and I gave it another listen and holy shit Leslie Odom Jr’s voice. I loved him on Smash (because yes, I watched that show, it got cancelled just as it got good) and fell in love with his voice then. Then he kind of dropped off my radar…until now. This song is so bloody great. I can’t express how much I love it. So powerful. Just…damn.

10) Non-Stop – Hamilton Cast

What a way to end Act 1.

Like I don’t quite know how to describe how this song made me feel when I heard it for the first time, which happened a lot with this soundtrack, but yeah. I’m maybe a bit obsessed with it. Like fully obsessed with it. Like it was all I listened to while I was walking to the train station, waiting for R and walking back home from the train station yesterday. It’s 6 minutes of pure brilliance.

11) The Room Where It Happens – Hamilton Cast

Honestly this song passed me right by the first four or five times I heard it. Then it was like a switch flipped and it was like I had been awakened to how uh-mazing this song was. Is.

Again, Leslie Odom Jr’s voice. What a gift that is. And the lyrics, especially in the last like minute of the song. I just can’t with it. It’s too much (see hyperbolic).

12) Burn – Hamilton Cast

I love a good ballad. I especially love one in a musical. And this one does not disappoint.

I was pretty much a goner from the get go. It is b-e-a-u-tiful. Phillipa Soo’s voice is stunning. The lyrics are perfect. I can’t quite put into words how much I love this song because they are failing me now that I try.

Just yeah, super super in love with it.

13) Washington on Your Side – Hamilton Cast

My new goal in life is to be able to actually say Daveed Diggs’ rap out loud without cocking it up. And I am close…that is what repeated exposure will do to you.

And while I’m at it, woah is Diggs’ talented.

Something about this song makes me very happy though (it might have something to do with the inclusion of my fave swear word) before the whole soundtrack decides that it likes my heart ripped out on the floor and my tears tracking down my face. My hyperbole is now done.

Bonus 14) Defying Gravity – Aaron Tveit and Rachel Tucker

I’m not too sure if I have made it super obvious that Wicked is my musical or not (seriously I reference it at the beginning of this post, kudos if you caught it). I mean I love plenty others (if the second half of this month’s playlist didn’t give that away) but Wicked owns my damn soul for eternity. Another fun fact about me is I have mad love for Aaron Tveit.

So imagine my joy at the discovery of his voice on one of my favourite songs from the show? Plus Rachel Tucker is just divine. Match made in vocal heaven for a beautiful rendition of a song.


Right, okay. Bumper edition playlist done. And yes I know 14 is a weird number to finish on, but also the safest because picking another Hamilton song (because it could only be another song from that) is just too hard. Picking these 6 was difficult enough. But I will see you tomorrow (and later today actually) for the last week of Letters to Autumn. And, finally, parentheses count: 13.

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