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As I mentioned on Friday, the majority of this month will be a bit all over the place and some might be prompt based. This will be one of those and the prompt is: ‘Share one goal you want to achieve this month’

I actually do actively want to get better organised. I know this is a goal that I have set up for the year and as you can probably gather I have been doing terribly. Just truly awful. I am on some level just terrified of making lists and all that jazz. It’s just I have this irrational fear that once I put it down into words then I am going to freak myself out and shut down and therefore trying to become organised would become null and void.

So that is my goal for September.

To actually be able to say come that next check in that I have felt myself finally click with getting into a routine of being organised.

And because I am me and I am stationery fiend (seriously I have such a problem) I have also bought myself an 18 (it might be 17 month actually) month diary. It’s florally, it looks super pretty. It’s from my new fave place Ohh Deer which I have to pretend is not a site that exists otherwise it would just have all my money. And also because I am me, I’m waiting for it to arrive before I truly get my shit together and get physically organised so for the time being everything remains a mess.

My main reason for this being my goal is that what with the whole return to my blog and the clusterfuck it was before I took my extended break I am very aware that it would be sooooo easy for me to sort of fall off the wagon again and clobber together everything really last minute and I’m not naive enough to think that still won’t be the case, but if I can just manage my time a bit better then it shouldn’t feel like such a chore, which it did come about June.

I do not want to fall out of love with my blog again, and I don’t want to fall into a total state of apathy (which I am well at the risk of doing) and I want to feel like I am actually filling my time with doing things that are going to better me in some way. And currently I have a couple of things that I want to do and I need to manage my time with it all. And I need to be better organised for that.

I need to literally write it all down and make time slots or something. I think first I need to figure out what the hell being organised actually means to me. But it means that I need to start getting on board with lists and putting things down on paper so I can physically see them, rather than just hoping that my brain is going to remember it all.

So that’s my goal for the month of September, that hasn’t yet come into effect because I need the stationery to arrive first…

I’m speaking it into existence on a bigger level than I have before, I will report back to see if I’ve been successful in the endeavour.

Parentheses count: 3. See you tomorrow!

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