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So we have somehow reached the end of yet another month and are going to tick over into the final month of the year which is largely hard to believe. But then also this year has felt really fucking long so in some ways it isn’t hard to believe. The point is that there are somehow just 31 days left of the year and well on account of the fact that the back end of this month has felt like walking straight into a brick wall that was built in about a minute with no warning  I am going to look at the potential positives for the next month.

What are you looking forward to in December?

The short answer is some actual time off. I’m gonna actually clock in the longest period of time that I’ve had off all year over Christmas. I’ve just been really bad at taking holiday this year, I have next to no desire to just sit around in my house and do nothing for days on end because it reminds me too much of that whole year that I was unemployed and while it’s a bit fun for a while, if only because there is no alarm to wake be up before 8am, it just gets boring and at least if I’m at work there are other people there. So yes, I am looking forward to taking some actual time off.

Christmas food. Basically this is the month where the fact that I just want allll the food allll the time is totally acceptable and in fact in some ways it is openly encouraged. Not gonna lie while I was picking up a couple of things the other night and the words ‘brandy butter’ caught my eye I did get a little bit excited. There is something weirdly satisfying about just sticking brandy butter over everything (within reason) and I don’t usually like brandy. But come December, all over it. Plus mince pies and Christmas pudding and the one time of year that I eat allll the Ferrero Rocher. Oh and roast potatoes. Which yes I do eat at other times during the year, but it’s a rare occurrence and they just taste better at Christmas. Oh, oh, oh and pigs in blankets, something about tiny sausages wrapped in streaky bacon makes me (and my dog) incredibly happy.

Wrapping up even more. So this has definitely already started and twice this week I’ve been slightly caught off guard this week because the temperature has plummeted but I still haven’t quite layered up properly yet. I just love getting to throw on jumpers and living in my trusted leopard print scarf, keeping my hands burrowed in my pockets and seeing my breath in front of me in a cloud of white.

Getting some down time. I honestly do not think I can stress enough how much I am looking forward to turning my alarm off on the evening of the 20th and not having to turn it back on until the 4th January. I crave it. Just lazy days reading (of which I have a lot to do at this stage, there is a part of me that is still determined to finish this reading challenge this year) and writing and sleeping and binge watching and spending time with people that I don’t work with and all that jazz. My entire being needs it right now.

Basically the things that I am looking forward to are rest and food, which is pretty much what I look forward to at weekends but get to do for an extended period of time. With more food, twinkly lights and tinsel. Oh and Christmas jumpers. I love me a Christmas jumper, I own far too many for a person who only wears them for 4 days of the year.

So yeah, that’s my outlook for December.  What about yours?

Parentheses count: 3. See you tomorrow!

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