Frank Body

Hi, Hey, Hello!

Now I’ve been feeling the need to make some small changes to my skincare routine so that I can really get my skin back to living as good a life as possible.

I’ve mentioned this a lot before, it’s mostly on point at the point since Glossier came into my life (which I’ll bang on about tomorrow) however there are some areas that need to be tweaked.

For one I don’t properly exfoliate as much as I should. I also need to use a more detoxifying mask than whatever one I currently have in circulation.

These things have now been phased into my life as of w/c October 1st (thank you calendar for aligning like that). As well as a few other products because as happened last year when Glossier was introduced into my life, this year I discovered Frank Body. So the increase in baby pink packaging in my life has also doubled.

I came across them because I was reading an article about body scrubs and I’m always looking for new ones to try as my current one is sugar based and tbh I prefer something a little coarser.

The Frank Body one uses coffee. It’s not secret that I love coffee. So guess what happened?

I own a ton of Frank Body stuff now. In that fashion here comes a review of them now that I’m a month into using them.

Firstly, I love the packaging. It’s so tongue in cheek and honestly it just makes me happy. Onto the products themselves.

Glow Mask – This mask is interesting. One, you rinse it with cold water. Two you only leave it on for 5 minutes. It also goes on quite sheer and so it kind of makes you wonder whether it actually works. The day after I used it I got told twice that my skin looked like it was glowing. Glowing, not shiny, which has been (and kind of continues to be) an issue for my t-zone specifically. It’s so quick and easy to use and it works. I use this on Thursday nights to give it a bit of a mid-week pick me up.

Anti-Drama Face Mask – This is my detoxifying mask. I use it on Sundays for an end of week refresh (the Sunday night face ritual is sacred). This is a 15 minute jobby and I like it. I enjoy a clay mask and this one isn’t too much of a nightmare to remove which always a plus and it does leave my skin feeling smoother and a little calmer. It’s just what I need at the end of a week.

Creamy Face Scrub  – Okay, so here we hit some products that actually have coffee in them. This face scrub is my proper exfoliation of the week. I do it on Wednesday nights because that’s typically when I box in the evening and so the sweat is real and I just need a bit of a deeper clean. The thing about this is that it’s also a bit of a mini mask as you have to leave it on for 3 minutes after rubbing it in, which is fine in the grand scheme of things. That does take some getting used to. The coffee is coarse enough that it feels like you’re getting a good scrub on but it doesn’t feel abrasive and once it’s washed away my skin feels all smooth and shit (and my moisturiser goes on like a dream).

Original Espresso Scrub – I love the colour of the packaging and the message on the front. Also, this shit is messy. So messy, there is really no way for it to not be messy. It feels a little weird to a part of my brain to be using coffee grounds all over my arms and legs (primarily) but you can get over it. You also need to leave this on for a bit after its been rubbed in which is fine. Beyond the mess it is actually really ice to apply and there is something very satisfying about rinsing it off. It leaves my skin feeling so damn smooth. (I also have a peppermint one that I’ve not opened yet but I’m intrigued by it as it’s supposed to be good on post workout muscles.)

Lip Scrub – I really needed a new one of these that I was inclined to actually use. I like this one. A lot.  It has a great consistency to it and really get in there in terms of buff away all that dead stuff.

Lip Balm  –  Which leads me nicely to this one. I like this product. Mostly. It’s really thick, to the point where until it had been in my hand for a couple of minutes I could not get anything out. It has a hint of a coffee taste to it which I love and funnily enough it is the perfect companion to the lip scrub.

Body Cream – And here we have the final product I own (because when I commit to a brand, I commit hard). This is maybe my least favourite product just because it’s not my type of moisturiser. It smells really sweet and it is on the thicker side which I like, but also if you use even a smidge too much you are just rubbing it in for about a decade. I’m unlikely to purchase this again.

I’ve pretty much covered almost all the bases in what Frank Body have to offer. Most of them have been aces. The only thing really left for me to monitor is how long they last for to see just how cost effective they turn out to be. Overall through, I’m a very happy camper, as is my skin.

Also, this is totally not sponsored,  it’s just a referral link I have if you want to try out any products, which if you hadn’t guessed I would totally recommend, right here and also get a cheeky little discount.

Parentheses count: 8. See you tomorrow!Main sign off

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Maui Moisture

Hi, Hey, Hello!

And we’re out of the letters, which means normal (whatever the hell that means to me anymore) service will be resumed.

I’m starting the month with a little bit of a beauty chat for the next few days. Then there will be some writing updates (because what up NaNo Month). And then because it’s been a hot minute the book reviews will be coming thick and fast.

For now though let me swing back into this post. Which is hair based.

I had to emergency buy some new styling products because I couldn’t find the Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie and my Only Curls styling creme kept going out of stock at a rate that I could not snap it up quickly enough.

So, I had to branch out. Which I’m always skeptical to do because what if they don’t work? Also what combo will work best with my thick ass hair. There are a lot of variables to consider.

So, I had to hit up the black hair care aisle and figure it out. In the end I settled on something that was similar to my Shea Moisture set up. A styling milk and a curl enhancing smoothie. These were provided by Maui Moisture. On this particular set up of products I’ve also add an anti-frizz Kukui Oil from OGX to the process because the heat from the summer has done my hair dirty.

This combo of products have revived my love for my hair because they leave the curls popping once I’ve taken the time to apply them properly.

I’m a scruncher. And an air dryer. There are a lot of opportunities for my hair to get frizzy and the curls just do what they want. There is therefore very little room for error.

But the results that these two (three) products five are incredible. I would say they may be my fave combo but that would probably be a lie because my hair will get bored eventually.

They’re my current faves though because they’re the ones I’m using.

The milk is a great base for coating my hair and it creates so much hold. My gripe with that one though is that the bottle is so damn rigid that it makes it a nightmare to get out.

The smoothie is also really thick. I love a thick hair product. It leaves my curls feeling like they are actually going to hold the curl for a little while. Once it’s raked through I just scrunch the ends a couple of times, then scrunch up completely once.

Then I spray 3 pumps (per section, I either cut into 3 or 4 sections depending on what my overall look will be) of Kukui Oil into my hand, take that through lightly scrunch back up and leave it the hell alone.

The results so far (most of the time, depending on when int he week I do it and whatever the hell the weather is doing) have been so good.

My scepticism at branching out to unknown styling products territory was rendered completely unnecessary because my hair these past few weeks has been truly thriving and it has these products to thank.

I’m kind of gagging to go back to Shea Moisture at the moment because its been a hot minute since I’ve used them and I want to know what it’ll do months on.

But it’s good to know that these products will be there should I need them.

Parentheses count: 5. See you Monday!

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Letters to Autumn 31

Letters to Autumn 31

Dear Autumn,

Where the hell did this month go?

I feel like I say this after every month comes to an end this year, but seriously it has just flown by.

To the point where I feel like I’ve not achieved anything this month.

That’s not true of course. There are loads of little things that I’ve achieved. Like I had an extended period of time of total rest. I finally got a massage. I wrote 29 letters and therefore prepped myself for next month to some level. I mean I haven’t written 1,000 (I worryingly can’t remember the daily word count is for NaNo, I know the rolling nature of it gets me every year) each day but I mostly got back into the habit of writing every day.

I read some books, obviously. I acquired A LOT of books because apparently October is just THE month to publish a book. I got a good buffer of posts prepped for a lot of the rest of the year. I’ve amended and allowed myself to alter some personal goals.

I finished a notebook and unearthed my winter coat again. I’ve made some small changes to my skin care routine and yeah, basked in the comments about how good my skin looks these days.

I caught up on nearly 2 months of Masterchef Australia in about a week and fell full on in love with Elite (still annoyed at how quickly I watched it). I got my life back after watching all 5 seasons of The Fosters in just over 3 weeks and reminded myself of why I love Alyssa Edwards so much.

It’s been a transitional month in a lot of ways, including the weather and the leaves on the trees and it’s that time of year where I literally go out of my way to step on a leaf on the off chance it might be crunchy like a child, but whatever it’s the little things.

And somehow 31 days have just flown by and I guess from here on out it’s full on Christmas.

So, until next time.

Love,Main sign off

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Letters to Autumn 30

Letters to Autumn 30

Dear Autumn,

At the beginning of the month I started a letter to you. It ran for about a page before it took a turn that I hadn’t anticipated when I started writing it.

I mean I literally never know where any of these things are going to go but I have a rough arc in my head. But as I wrote this particular one it just ran away from the arc I had planned for it.

And it caught me off guard.

To the point where I just kind of let it sit and took some away from it.

And then never went back to it.

I left space to complete the letter in my old notebook, the only blank pages left in there, but I’ve not filled them.

It caught me off guard because I found my subconscious trying to confront my conscious about thing that deep down I did know but it’s just easier to push away and ignore.

It’s not that I don’t want to confront it, it’s just that I’m not fully prepared for it at the moment. There are other things that I want/need to tackle first and this is not the time to deal with it.

Also at this point I don’t know how to finish the letter. It was started at a unique moment in time that kind of only lasted for about two days before my mindset just kind of went back to normal and I need time to really think about what I actually want to say about it and it’s gonna involve some self reflection which is fucking hard when you’re about 90% anxiety and (over)thinking is almost all you do.

So I have a half written letter in my back pocket. That I’m kind of scared to revisit but know that I will need to for the sake of growth.

I just gotta find he headspace for that.

It’s not now.

Love,Main sign off

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Letters to Autumn 29

Letters to Autumn 29

Dear Autumn,

First of all, winter seems to have really come out with a force. A cold force. That 2* on the walk to the station this morning was a lot to take in. The winter coat is back out, I just found my gloves in said coat, I just felt all snuggly and shit. It meant getting out of bed was a little less shit because I stayed warm.

I am also about to enter some kind of book review writing hell. I have 11 to write.


I’m an idiot.

Because a smart person would write them as I read them. And the smart person in me, because there is one, thought that I should do that. I had every intention of doing it, but I read the books at a quicker rate than I found the motivation to write up my thoughts on the ones that I had read.

So now here I am. With 11 to write. Potentially 12 depending on my reading pace. But definitely 11.

I don’t even know where yo begin with them. In theory I should start at the beginning and then work up to the most current, but it would also make sense to start with the ones that I’ve just finished as they will be quicker to get done and that would alleviate some pressure.

The problem with that method is that backwards is not the way that these reviews are gonna post. They are going in the order that I read them.

And they span back to the tail end of September, honestly it may be longer, I’m scared to check Goodreads which would confirm this to me. For some reason I just know that’s gonna stress me.

I mean the task is already low key stressing me because 11 book reviews is no joke and part of me worries that I’ve forgotten how to do it which is ridiculous because they can be whatever the hell I want them to be. However, this might also be a good thing, because I’ve read a lot of books in that time that I’ve fully fangirled over and had to take time to digest them. Which I’ve now done. so those are going to be slightly more controlled than they potentially could have been.

The other good news for me is that I’ve got a little bit of a buffer before they need to start going up. That new/old posting schedule of mine is a blessing.

That’s my current task. It’s know of the only thing on my mind. I need to get this buffer of posts written so I can kind of push this blog back to simmer while I get some shit written for this damn thing.

Overall I’m excited though.

My writing feels like its got its mojo back and I’m here for that, it chose the right time to make its reappearance.


Main sign off

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Letters to Autumn 28

Letters to Autumn 28

Dear Autumn,

Update: my shoulders still hurt. I mean, again, it’s to be expected because today was weights day, but that’s a different thing entirely.

The clocks went back today which means that I got an extra hour in bed and therefore got nearly 11 hours sleep which was so very much needed. I mean I woke up at 9 because my body kind of knew that it was technically 10 and so I would need to gear up to getting out of bed, but I didn’t have to get up for 90 minutes and I enjoyed those 90 minutes. Nearly 11 hours, that amount of sleep is almost unheard of for me these days.

I’ve spent a lot of time on the tube today, which is fine because it’s not like anything today was super high pressure or anything, I mean I wasn’t commuting and the tubes weren’t all that busy because it’s Sunday. I also got to read some poetry on the journey which pulled me apart and then put me back together again, so that you for that one amanda lovelace.

I’ve also quite enjoyed being lazy. I use the term lazy kind of loosely because I did do a 45 minute weight session and I’ve done over 10,000 steps, but I’ve also been in bed since 3:45 just eating and watching Netflix.

I’ve caught up on The Good Place and started Dancing Queen which is the kind of light and frothy that I need. I’ve also caught up on all things Halloween on Instagram which is as close as I’m gonna get with engaging with this time of year.

I’ve also kind of started thinking about the books I have left to read for the year because I’m so close to the final 10 and that’s a crazy thought because it means the end of the year is shockingly close.

But I’m not gonna think about that too much at the moment. Focus on the now. And the fact that next week means that the start of that whole 50,000 words in a month thing is about to begin…


Main sign off

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Letters to Autumn 27

Letters to Autumn 27

Dear Autumn,

My shoulders hurt.

It’s to be expected when you carry your relatively heavy backpack on your backs for hours. It wasn’t intentional, but for some reason I just kept walking around. I think I walked into every H&M that you can on Oxford Street, sitting on my sofa now I couldn’t really tell you why I did that, I kind of knew what I was going to but after I went int eh first one. So that was pointless.

I also think I want a new winter coat now because I made the terrible mistake of trying a new one and I fell in love with it. It’s literally just a shorter version of the one I already have. But shiny and new. I’m thinking on it.

I’ll tell you why I spent so damn long out, I got caught in the hell hole that is Primark looking for basic t-shirts because I don’t own enough for layering purposes and winter is fucking here, but I could not find them anywhere. I had slogan tees, I had vest tops and I had a whole array of long sleeve, but short? That Primark did not know her. I looked for ages and then left with a new pair of joggers and a RuPaul t-shirt that was on sale because I needed to make the time fucking worth it.

Oh, I also had to queue in Selfridges for 15 minutes to pee because as are the perils of needing to use a public toilet. Also Selfridges was on full on Christmas mode, there were disco balls and everything. Actually the whole damn street is just on the brink of being full Christmas, all the lights are up, there’s tinsel in all the shops and mini trees, the music is incoming I just know it.

But what with today being the first day that it was consistently cold the descent into all things Christmas seems inevitable. For the first time in a while I ain’t made about that.

Oh, I also added an extra 30 minutes onto the whole heavy backpack on shoulders thing because I walked to Piccadilly (also I am lazy and one train and a bus home appeals to me more than having to change once) for the sake of that chocolate social slice.

It was worth it.

(And I did get my NaNo notebooks, in fact it was the first thing I picked up, the only thing I did quickly today.)

Love,Main sign off

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