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I thought (and when I say thought, I mean I didn’t have any ideas and then this one came to me so I decided to go with it) I would do something a little different but then not also totally left field. And also fitting given that today is in fact Sunday and what I’m talking about usually takes place on a Sunday.

I’m gonna be talking about all the products that I use when I’m having a bit of a pamper, which is a weekly occurrence and is the thing that seems to signify that the weekend is over and the daily grind is about to start back up (*wails*).

So, it starts fairly simply and I have a shower. Then I wash my hair with my new fave shampoo Rehab, I get a nice good lather (because I pretty much only wash my hair once a week and it’s on Sunday) and bask in the gorgeous smell that it leaves before I rinse it out and move on to conditioner, which is currently surprise surprise, American Cream which I have just bought another, bigger, bottle of because I tear through conditioner a lot quicker than I ever do shampoo. The bottle says ‘use plentifully’ and I do just that, really working it through my hair, especially the ends and then I rinse it out and my hair smells really nice and feels squeaky clean.

Every fortnight after conditioning I use a deep conditioning mask to really gets some moisture back into my hair, which I might have to start doing more frequently if the weather actually does start to involve a lot of sun, because my hair starts to suffer then. I switch between two and they are L’Occitane Repairing Hair Mask  which is lovely and thick and leaves my hair feeling so soft and healthy, the other is Kiehl’s Olive Fruit Oil Repairative Hair Pak  (and yeah, they are all words that are actually written on the tub, my spell check is not a fan, squiggly red lines everywhere) which has similar effects, but is a bit thicker than the L’Occitane one and a lot more neutral smelling. I think I prefer the Kiehl’s one overall because it feels a bit more restoring but they are both great and I love it when the weekend comes around that I get to use one of these. That’s the hair part of my pamper sesh done (my hair is stupidly long these days, some weeks this takes 20 minutes to go through…) after that I move on to the rest of my session (on days that I’ve used a hair mask it’s with my hair wrapped up in a tight little bun to leave the mask in for the rest of my shower and keep it out of the way).

After my hair has been taken care of I move on to the rest of me. I start by exfoliating, for this I can officially say that I have migrated over to Rub, Rub, Rub because it is just gentler than my previously very reliable Sugar Crush and it also smells a bit less sickly sweet. Then I lather up my body wash (which is currently Original Source Coconut and Shea Butter, but will within the week switch to Original Source Skin Quench Blackcurrant and Moringa Oil) and shave and am left with super soft skin that smells like coconut. If I have a hair mask in my hair I then rinse that out as well and wrap myself up in a nice fluffy towel.

After I’ve showered and removed all the dead skin and dirt I slather my ever trusty Vaseline Cocoa Body Butter (which honestly I always have to buy whenever I get the chance even if I’ve only just opened a new tub, I get super sad when I have to use a substitute) on and then I throw whatever comfy clothes I can find (these vary, some days I throw on a giraffe onesie and call it a day).

The final instalment is applying whatever face mask I have (I’ve just finished Rosy Cheeks and today I started using Ayesha, which I am sure I will do a review on at some point). I leave that to soak into my skin for 15 minutes and during that time I make use of my Pumice Power foot soap and Pink Peppermint foot lotion and throw my hair up into a bun. Then I wash the face mask off and revel in the super clean and soft skin it leaves behind and use Celestial face cream which really injects moisture into my skin which can be left feeling a bit dull and tired after a week of going in and out of the city (and also the fact that sleep alludes me). I also exfoilate my lips using Mint Julips and to soothe them afterwards I use Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm.

Then I throw myself onto the sofa, do some writing, do some reading, watch some Netflix, go to yoga, eat. Prepare myself for Monday morning…

And that’s my usual Sunday routine (it doesn’t always go down like that, but usually it does. I live a very almost sloth like existence at weekends). What about you guys? You have any must use products for when you need a little TLC?

Parentheses count:  12. See you tomorrow!

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