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‘People love others, not for who they are, but for how they make them feel’

In the turmoil of everyday life he relied on that one person who made things normal again. The one who always had something snarky or witty to say. Those interactions somehow lightened the day.

They weren’t always daily though and he ignored the fact that this sometimes bothered him. He ignored how it made him a little sadder that sometimes he couldn’t fall into a quick, scathing exchange where words were formed around soft smiles. He tried to ignore that over time there had been changes in the way they spoke to one another. The fact that cold, icy tones had gradually warmed up to light hearted and good natured ones. It’s only now that it’s been three days since they last exchanged insults that he’s realised how much he liked it.

He intentionally walked by ‘their’ coffee shop with the hope of spotting a familiar face in the queue for what seems like weeks. He is never successful, until one day he is, but they weren’t alone like they used to be.

He felt a small and hopeful part of him sink a little. The happy feeling that usually accompanied seeing them diminished rapidly It’s not that he thought that they were going somewhere or that they were destined to be happy together forever but he just realised, quite quickly, that he didn’t like the idea of someone else causing them to smile so their eyes crinkled at the edges. Or cause that slightly breathless laugh that was more a broad smile over slightly crooked teeth then anything else. Or watch those eyes shift from an almost dull grey to a shimmering ocean blue in accordance with their mood it seemed.

He watched their hand meet this mystery person’s over the table and he felt a little part of him break. He could see the broad smile and that blue shimmer in their eyes. With one last look through the window he took a deep breath and carried on walking. The disappointment that usually surrounded him, but lifted slightly when he saw them, descended again at a rapid pace. When he reached the end of the road he realised that while he may not have been in love with this person he was in love with the way he felt when he was around them, no matter how briefly. And that is what he would always remember about this person, because that was all he had now.

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