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So at the beginning of the year I experienced a thing I wasn’t even aware was possible to experience.

I fell in to a serious music rut.

Like, a really bad one.

I would find a song that seemed like something that I really wanted to listen to in that moment and then within 90 seconds I would be bored and have to start my search again. Nothing was holding my attention for very long and it really threw me.

Music is a huge part of my life and apparently I was falling out of love with it and fast.

So I needed a solution. Something to fill the silence of the commutes to and from work (seriously that is two hours of my life and I cannot do it in the quiet). And I found, or rather, rediscovered podcasts.

And they actually held my attention for longer than a nanosecond. And there was no longer any danger of having to sit in silence because I could just turn one of these on and zone out. Or try and stifle hysterical laughter on rush hour trains…

Little run down of the ones that I currently have downloaded on my phone:

Scott Mills Daily – Admittedly I have been listening to this for years because it always makes me laugh and improves my mood significantly. In fact I arguably listen to it less than I used to because ever since I started work I actually hear his show live and I don’t necessarily need to listen to something twice in close succession (so instead I do this thing where I backlog them and then listen to them months after they have happened so it feels brand new…)

Anna Faris is Unqualified – Now this is the main culprit of me trying to stifle laughter as I am trying to live my life in the public. I love Anna Faris and this is delightful if you are a fan. And although, yes, she may be unqualified but she (and her guests) do dish out some good advice.

LadyGang I have actually only listened to part of the first one of these but I enjoyed that one and am looking forward to listening to the other episodes (I started listening to it and then music and I had a beautiful, albeit brief, reunion with one another. Still stuck in this rut, but Original Cast Recordings are helping…)

Serial – I cannot tell a lie I haven’t actually listened to any of this yet. Mainly because I have heard many a whispering that it is kind of addicitive and I feel like that means that I would have to pay attention. Train journeys are where I do the bulk of my reading atm and I quite like that time. Plus I don’t need another thing to consume my life right now I need to start ticking off some the other things before I make it to this (when I say things are consuming my life I literally mean I have too many TV series’ to binge watch, too many films to see and a blog). And another thing, Making a Murderer has still left me fucked up and I can’t go through something potentially similar to that so close to it.

And those are the ones that I have downloaded.

Does anyone have any suggestions for any other podcasts? I am open to pretty much anything and love new stuff, so drop me a line if you have any.

And with that I wish you a happy Thursday afternoon (I for one am probably actually rather enjoying being sat at my desk today, long story short I spent all of yesterday stood up and my lower back never thanks me for elongated periods of standing).

Parentheses count: 6. See you on Saturday!

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    • Sophie

      I have listened to the like half of the first episode of Night Vale, so I will definitely think about revisiting that. Haven’t heard of Books on the Nightstand, but will definitely check it out. Thanks! x

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