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Well I mean you know who you are and I’ve spent all month putting writing this one off because my brain won’t do the thing where it gets words out in a good way. Or at all actually. Even in actual life I feel like I need a rewind button so I can take a second shot at a sentence. And here we are on the final day of the month and I’m cutting it fine with getting this to actually be in September and it’s time to write this.

You, my love, are most definitely my platonic soulmate. I’m not necessarily sure at what point exactly that all came together but at some stage during ‘revision/homework’ sessions in the textile room, your random appearance next to me in English and my birthday our final year of school it became apparent that in some capacity we were no longer acquaintances who happened to frequent the same space for what felt like a billion hours a week sometimes and had mutually upgraded to the word friend.

And now here we are. 6 years later.

Which kind of sounds weird when it put like that. 6 years isn’t really all that long I guess in the grand scheme of things. In fact (because I just did the math…with a calculator) it’s only been a quarter of our lives. But then, when I put it like that a whole quarter of our lives. Like a whole quarter. And that’s weird.

And I need to stop using the word weird, it has stopped sounding real.

But back to the point.

It’s been a pretty great 6 years. It’s been a semi adventurous 6 years. It’s been a 6 years where Tuesdays were sort of our day for a bit. Where we have had more conversations about whales than I ever thought possible. Where we have also had a shit ton of the craziest early morning conversations imaginable and somehow always find a way to make them crazier. Where we have had epic long Skype chats and consumed so many cocktails…and also made some terrible drinking game decisions. And watched way too many Disney films. Where we bonded over literature and music and Harry Potter. Where I have learnt that you are 99% the only person who could wake me up out of a deep as hell sleep and make me leave the house within the half hour.

I could honestly probably go on and on and I could probably getting increasingly more sappy and emosh, but I’m not going to do that here because I  could just do it to your face and then you could give me your best unimpressed face and maybe be mildly confused because I’m still me and I have an ice queen persona that needs maintaining.

But anyway, I love you you poetic noble land mermaid.

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