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I am pretty certain at this point that it is pretty clear that, for the most part, I am very nocturnal. I reach my peak after about 8pm and that lasts until like midnight, sometimes longer. Anyway, there is a point to me mentioning that.

There comes a point where the adverts on TV start to take a turn and get weirdly esoteric and it’s a bit jarring at first but then you get to a point where you just kind of stop noticing and like to see just how random they truly get.

The apps that get advertised at that time get a bit random once you get over the fact that most of them are about hyper-specific and yet also not all that specific dating apps (seriously if you wear a uniform to work and you like people who do then it seems pretty open to anyone…). Anyway, one of those random apps that got some screen time was Peak, which is a brain training app. And because it was late and I was weary (I have had We’ve Got Tonight in my head all day and also it was Christmas it was all a very weird time) I downloaded it because I am low hanging fruit sometimes (although it was free).

And now I am kind of obsessed with it.

Like I’m on a 50 day something streak for some reason. I find myself feeling super happy when I rank up on a game. And then I get super pissed off when my rank is lowered. That happened to me today and it was just before I did a boxing class and honestly I think a lot of the frustration running through me was to do with the fact that this had happened…I may be over exaggerating but also I may not be.

I find myself dreading some games and then also really looking forward to doing others when I see them come up. It gives you a little run down on how you’ve progressed since the last time and sometimes you get a little green arrow to show improvement and then a red one if ya know, you’re not doing so good anymore. I have now found myself dreading seeing a red arrow, although I know it’s coming for some of them…like my math skills are still awful. But I love seeing the little green ones. It’s a weird thing that I have trained my brain to do…see what I did there? (I’m very tired right now and also my muscles ache, cos of the boxing earlier and I know I have another workout due tomorrow to finish up the week.)

I don’t really know if it is actually doing what it is supposed to be doing in a broader scale. I mean I’m still bad at maths, my memory wasn’t necessarily all that bad before, I’ve always been relatively good with language and well I’ve had very little need to remember whether I have co-ordination or deal with problem solving on a day to day basis. The app is showing that the points are going up (for the most part) which suggests that something is happening in these areas in my brain, but I really don’t know if it’s working as it were.

What I do know is that currently I am keeping up with it, it was free, I’m actually quite enjoying it right now, it passes the time for the most part between me getting dressed for the gym and my class actually starting which is good for me. I don’t really know what the point of this whole post was other than the fact that I felt the need to tell you that I have a new obsession…

Parentheses count: 5. See you tomorrow!

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