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So I came to a realisation today that my reading habits are kind of odd these days.

In that I tend to only read when I’m on a train these days.

Don’t get me wrong, I do read in other places as well but you can mostly find me reading a book when I am on a train, although there are still those occasions where I end up looking at my phone instead.

This obviously never used to be the case. I would read on my sofa all the time,  or for a lot of uni I just read in bed because it was easiest. I read in the library and in coffee shops. I was a really good anywhere and everywhere reader.

But I’m not anymore.

I just never get hit with the urge to read all that much when I’m not on my way to and from either work or the gym. Or something else that involved me being on a train.

I came to this realisation because last weekend I had 4 days off and 3 of those I didn’t have to journey anywhere by train, kind of. I did get on a train but I was with R for the whole thing and so we talked and didn’t read (even though I had the book on me because it’s always on me). But because I ended up taking a rest week I just didn’t have those naturally carved out periods of time to get some reading done and even though I was nearing the end of a book and kind of didn’t want to have carry two books around on one day (which I did) I just didn’t feel the urge to pick the book up and finish it. So I didn’t.

And then when I think about it a bit more I realise that yeah, that’s kind of a thing now. I had to finish up my 2017 ‘Reading Challenge at home because I just wasn’t going into work for the week and I did get some done. I dedicated Christmas Day to reading and finished a whole book then but for the most part I found it kind of hard to read. It just wasn’t something I reached for. I did sometimes but when it got to like 5 days before the end of the year I knew that they just weren’t going to get read and so I stopped trying.

I currently don’t really have any desire to change that either. This is just the way that it has adapted to make things work for me. I get a solid hour of reading in every day, 7 days a week now. I average at reading a book a week and absorb so much more of each book because it’s the only book I have to read and I’m not usually forcing myself to read them for the sake of a tutorial. Because if I’m not in the mood to read for a half hour then I just don’t do it. And it’s fine.

I have just realised that there is an exception to this. This attitude to my reading habits is actually only applicable when I’m living my normal life. If I’m on holiday or whatever I can pretty much read anywhere. I had three weeks off work last year and read 5 books in those weeks. Admittedly I did read a little over half of one on a train, and finished another one on a different train…but I digress.

I have pretty much conditioned myself to now associate trains with reading because otherwise I just drain my phone battery or sit there twiddling my thumbs. It means that I wake up my brain in the morning and sometimes have to go through the whole working day thinking about something that happened in the book (this has happened to me a lot recently).

That is the way that my reading habits have changed over the past two years particularly. It’s an hour a day.

Parentheses count: 1. See you tomorrow!

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