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I am in the midst of yet another lazy Sunday today and sorting out some little things that I have let slip through the cracks over the last few days of the week. I also spent the whole of yesterday afternoon finally finishing up The Night Circus because I am so in love with it and I needed to finish it. I needed to stay in love with it and live in that world. So I did. But my outpouring of love in something that might resemble a review will come soon.

As some of you may know last month I decided that Camp Nano was something that I should do. In the dying moments of March I typed into the Word Count bar for my Novel Info 50,000 words and then pressed submit. For most points of the month I felt fairly confident that I could make that number. It was within my Snapshot series and I am happy in there, the ideas seem to flow there because it is always short and sweet and I can just write whatever I want to for it.

And then I encountered the same problem that I did in November. I hit a wall. And I hit it hard. I would sit there and look the blank pages of my notebook and nothing would come to me. I would look around and listen intently to song lyrics to get some inspiration and still nothing. So I went into this slump. Which was particularly annoying because I was at 44,000 words.

So I took a step back from it, and let the ideas that I had for something else swirl around and form in my head (I can now finally get those ideas onto paper now without feeling guilty and see where that goes). Then I had two ideas and the black ink embedded its way onto the grey lines of the page and I thought everything would be fine again. Until I typed it out on the evening of April 30th and was 3,000 words under. I was left with a blinking cursor on a blank page of a Word document (because typing is quicker than writing things by hand when you are suddenly on this crazy self imposed deadline) and NO IDEA what to say.

But I just let my fingers flit about on the keyboard in a version of something that might be half way decent should I choose to keep it there, but honestly a part of me is looking at it as something that was just used to fill up space. That might be because it hasn’t yet gone through my extensive editing process and I wrote it half-heartedly, but who knows. I will figure it out when I get around to editing the whole thing (36 ‘chapters’ in total at the moment). But for now I think I am going to take one GIANT step back from those characters because they have been very central to my imagination since the beginning of December and now I think I’ve run that well dry for now.

Anyway this has been 500 words of me getting to the point of saying I finished it.

camp nano win (3) camp nano word count (2)

I climbed the mountain and gratefully watched the word count blink over the 50,000 mark and with great satisfaction copy and pasted it into the word count validator (not a word I know) to be greeted by the word ‘congratulations’. I always think that I won’t do this again, because the cycle is always the same for me, but then I validate my word count and I feel both relieved and elated. So I probably will embark on this again…

In other news, I have spent most of the day watching the sky outside the living room window go from dark grey clouds holding the potential of an epic storm to blue skies with fluffy slightly grey ones dotted around with bright sun rays and back again (currently the skies are blue), I am gonna spend my evening reading Choke and then tomorrow I think I finally (a week really isn’t that long I know, but ho hey) have a date with the Avengers (and my best friend).

Hope you have a good week!

Parentheses count: 7. See you on Wednesday.

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