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I feel like the title of today’s post kind of says it all. I am taking a little blogging break. As you could probably tell things have been a bit erratic in terms of posting these past few weeks and that’s mainly because words are getting harder to put onto a page (and also a couple of times I actually had plans that didn’t involve being on my sofa eating and scrolling through Tumblr before I finally opened WordPress…weird).

I am still somehow managing to do so for the time being but I am walking on thin ice with it. The kind of thin ice that runs the risk of my motivation just taking a very long walk off a very short pier. And that is the last thing I want.

The last thing I want is for my one creative outlet and something that I thoroughly enjoy to become something that I actually resent doing. Which is a strange thing situation to get in with yourself. I mean, this is a commitment that I very much made for myself because I needed it and it has recently started to feel like actual hard work. It borderline made me fall out of love with words and creating sentences and forming worlds and all that other stuff. So while I have been playing review catch up since May started and the craziness that was April came to a close this is partially because I have literally no ideas.

The well has been run dry. I was not joking when I said that Thursday’s post fell into my lap because the mail worked out that way. I had nothing.

And because of that I am going to take a giant step back and not spend about 50% of my time freaking out about the fact that I have no ideas for a post, or that I haven’t written the post, or getting some kind of weird guilt related to the fact that I’m neglecting to write a post because I’m doing other things that don’t involve staring at a cursor. I’m gonna stop thinking about it and focus on other things.

Like kicking myself out of this reading slump that keeps coming over me in waves (seriously I stopped reading Lord of the Flies, because it wasn’t capturing my attention then I blitzed through Dark Places to try and fix that issue, which I thought I had done, but when I went back to LotF it ceased to keep my attention all over again). And sleeping, good god do I need to try and get some sleep on a more regular basis because catching up on weekends is just not a thing that works (funny that…). And I have a couple of other ideas buzzing around in my head that I need to figure out and get on a page and just do something with.

Because my creativity hasn’t really taken a hit, it’s still there. It’s just currently not blog related. It’s working on bigger scale than this blog right now (as in more than 1,000 words). And I want to be able to take the time to at least try and cultivate it into something to see if can go somewhere, which I’ve just been struggling to do recently in amongst all the other general life commitments that I have somehow managed to acquire these days (that good ol’ adulthood thing).

Which is what I’m doing. Currently my plan is to just take the rest of May off and then come back in for my May playlist and continue as normal. But then I’m also not limiting myself to just those two weeks because shit happens. So, for the time being my blog rest mode has been activated, and I will see you all soon!

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