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It’s 2 am and Heidi stares at the clock until the harsh green digital numbers flick to 2:01. It happens slowly, tortuously. 60 seconds seems to last 60 minutes. 2:01 morphs into 2:02 and then Heidi zones out and the green display goes blurry and unfocused. She blinks and sees the display now reads 2:46.

She turns her head back up to face the ceiling and does some maths. It has been 5 hours since she has gone to bed. 3 since she was started awake by a nightmare, and if she falls asleep now she could get another 4 hours sleep, taking her total to 6 hours. She assures herself that she can get through the day on 6 hours.


Heidi scrunches her eyes shut and then relaxes them. Takes deep breaths and counts to ten. Then lies there, still. Eyes closed. Mimicking sleep.

Eventually Heidi turns over, and as she does her eyes slip open.


Heidi sighs and throws one of her legs out and over the duvet. Hugging it, trying to mimic another person. Her eyes slip shut and she briefly lets herself believe that this time sleep will take over. She sinks into the duvet and breathes deeply, almost contentedly.

She floats. Mindless. Almost asleep but not quite.

She shifts again. Pulls her leg back under the duvet. Again her traitorous eyes slip open.


Heidi  groans and then moves to fluff up her pillow. Then pulls the other one from the other side of the bed. It adds height. Heidi was unsure as to whether that was welcome or not. But she figures she’ll give it a try. Her eyes close once again. And she sleeps. Lightly. So close to unconsciousness but not quite there.

The slight pain in her neck from the newly elevated pillows causes her eyes to blink open blearily.


Heidi groans but closes her eyes and tries to salvage a respectable amount of sleep. 2 hours, 40 minutes. Nearly 5 hours all together. Do-able. She lay there with her eyes closed and wills for sleep that wouldn’t come.


The sun starts to bleed through the bottom of the curtains. Paints the floor with an orangey-yellow tint. Plasters a rainbow in a corner of the room. Gradually gets brighter and ruins the perfect sleeping conditions of the room.

Heidi gives up any hope she has of more sleep and starts planning her day out, right down to her caffeine fixes.


Heidi looks up to the ceiling again and closes her eyes.


An aggressive beeping sound causes Heidi to open her eyes again. She feels out aimlessly and clasps her phone. Turns the alarm off.


She stretches and groans slightly as her joints shift and wake up. She then unlocks her phone and sees 7 new emails and one new text, received at 4:44:

Huh…this whole sleeping alone thing is weird right? There’s so much duvet to hand! I’ll see you tonight and then order can be restored. Of the sleeping through the night variety xx

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