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Once upon a time all the way back in December (which in all seriousness feels like a lifetime away) I had something that I am going to call forward thinking.

I had a whole heap of stuff lined up and a whole bunch of ideas because I’d taken a lot of time off the blog and so therefore wasn’t thinking about content and putting the content out there and using up all my resources. It was just in my head and I could file it away and queue it up to deal with in this month. That worked for me just fine.

And I’m guessing you can tell when that stopped happening.

If you’re thinking this week you are 100% correct.

I’d kind of taken the buffer that I had for granted and then usually I have a break glass for emergency book review. Or a tag post. But I’m being better this year with the reviews and keeping on top of them and I can only find a new tag post if I’m actually reading blogs, which is currently

Rather annoyingly very low down on my list of things to do.

And because I was taking the buffer for granted I’d forgotten to stop thinking about content. Which is kinda dumb when you have a blog for which you effectively post daily on. And is even more annoying when it’s your current aim in life to be more organised and actually plan things in advance.

Or at least further in advance than 15 hours before the thing has to post.

So that is how I will be spending my weekend. I may or may not Lift tomorrow but either way I should spend my Sunday crafting a plan out for myself and not thinking of posts that will work in March and April and maybe focus on the month that is barrelling rather quickly towards us next week.

If this post about almost nothing didn’t give you an indication, I had a fat load of nothing today. I was gonna be good and write two posts on Thursday night and that didn’t happen because yesterday’s post barely made it out of my head and I planned on doing two in one because I was busy last night. But I didn’t do that and so this post was crafted while I was sat down waiting to join a queue at Alwyn’s Hamilton’s London book launch last night. And it was basically me just finding a way to talk about nothing whilst still getting something out today.

Something that I will only do very rarely now because I know I used to it a lot and it annoyed me more than anything.

You know what I else I need to do this week? Sort out a story arc for something and do some research on something else that has been plaguing my mind recently. Both could require a lot of work in the future so I better start doing the groundwork somewhere.

I’m serious about achieving that organised goal.

And I leave you for today, having not said much but realising that as I write this it’s my time to join a queue.

Parentheses count: 1. See you tomorrow!

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