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Self Care-athon

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So we are now officially halfway through this month, so it may seem kind of ridiculous to start a challenge, by The Blurt Foundation that is due to go across the month of April at this time of the month. But it’s about self care and the importance of mental health and looking after it and all that jazz, so there probably isn’t a bad time to start doing this and therefore here we are in the middle of the month doing this. (Plus, I had the idea to start doing this a couple of days into the month and by that point all the posts that have previously posted had mostly already been written and were ready to go, so they went)

This is the blog (for the most part) for the next 30 days. Let’s buckle in shall we:

Self Care-athon
Self Care-athon

10 Things About Me

1) I started my current job initially as a temp and am still there nearly 3 years later. The job that I went there to do has changed massively over this period of time and it’s kind of crazy how much it has changed who I am as a person. It’s also a job that I have gone back to many times over the years since I was 18.

2) I average at reading a book a week. Which is something that I kind of mostly learned to do while I was at uni. As an English student I usually had to read two (or more) books a week for separate modules. It made things slightly confusing in my brain but it meant that I learned how to do that. And it’s something that for most part I can still do. It takes me in total roughly 14 hours to get a book done as a result. If the book is really good then I can get it done quicker…

3) I don’t eat dairy. Okay, so that’s not necessarily 100% true because there are exceptions, however for the most part I don’t. Cheese on pizza, ice cream and milk in coffee are pretty much the only exceptions actually. Don’t eat yoghurt, don’t eat cheese at any other time, don’t do milk, have had to ditch whey (although I currently have a shit ton of protein bars in my possession that I forgot to read the ingredients for and so they do all have whey in them). I live a largely dairy free existence. It’s really not that difficult a thing for me to do. I just avoid it because it makes me feel a bit shit.

4) I’ve never been very good with sleep schedules. Most articles about sleep that you read say that you should always try and fall asleep and wake up at the same time everyday. I straight up cannot do that. You take away an alarm from me and it’s anybody’s guess as to when I’ll actually fall asleep and wake up. I lose whole mornings sometimes, but I have always operated better at night. I can honestly always feel myself getting energy the later into the day it gets. It’s why working out after work never feels super difficult for me, for the most part, by that time I have the energy.

5) I have a newly acquired trainers obsession. I used to be obsessed with boots, seriously the amount that I owned were kind of ridiculous. But then I had a purge of a lot of my shoes and a lot of the boots went, leaving me with a lot of Converse and a lot of Vans. Which I’m not mad about to be honest, but recently I’ve become slightly obsessed with trainers. I almost live in them now. I have a few pairs that I can wear during the day and then they will carry me through to a workout and so I wear them 3 days a week and then on weekends. I keep looking for new ones (and have recently bought a new pair that I love, curse you New Balance/Sweaty Betty collabs) and am currently on the search for the perfect white pair of trainers.

6) Workouts are life. This is probably not news at this point. And I am being slightly hyperbolic. But there is something really fucking satisfying about a good workout. When I went to Amsterdam my last workout before was on the Thursday night and then I went just over a week before my next workout. I was kind of terrified to go into it because the time felt so long even though it hadn’t really been (when you work out 5 times a week, going a full week without one feels like an eternity) but when I did it it felt so good to sweat again. So damn good. There is very little that I love more than getting a good sweat in, even when it burns all the way through and I can’t sit down without there being some kind of burn afterwards.

7) On that note, I’ve officially dropped myself down to buying only one new piece of activewear a month. I went through I time where I was kind of obsessed to buying it at all times and if my whims allowed then I was buying new stuff. But then I ended up with an excessive amount of activewear and so I had to change that. I started on an outright ban but that seemed to make it worse and so now it’s just a once in a while type of thing, which is actually pretty easy to deal with these days.

8) I’m really bad at taking holiday. Seriously, it’s a well known thing. In fact when people find out that I am going on holiday it’s somehow stranger. I’ve never not carried over an excessive amount of holiday from year to year. I just don’t know what to do with it all. Sitting around at home reminds me of when I was unemployed and I try to avoid that as much as possible and I don’t really leave London all that much. So it just sits there and collects dust. I’ve still got nearly 2 weeks left to use that I have no idea what I’m doing with…

9) I’m incredibly good at deflecting. Seriously, people feel like they know a lot about me when in actual fact they know hardly anything. You know how when you know someone’s business even though you have never asked to know that much information about them. I am the exact opposite. In fact when people do somehow know shit about me I get confused as to when I told them that and remind myself to avoid people when I am drunk, because that’s how they get ya.

10) I hate writing these types of post because I never know what the fuck to say. I have never been good at listing facts about myself because I am actually incredibly boring and always have been. I don’t do anything. I sleep, eat, work, work out, write, read and repeat. I honestly do so little it’s almost funny. Getting to 10 here was hard. I did a lot of reaching, but we got there in the end.

And so we start the Self Care-athon.

Parentheses count: 4. See you tomorrow!

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