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The writing of this post it turns out is serving as a reminder to myself of a few things as I have totally ignored all the things that I am about to say and just sort of let myself spiral for the last few weeks to the point where most things just sort of stopped interesting me at all and every came to some kind of stand still. And it’s weird because I am a massive believer in sometimes needing to just take a step back and do things for yourself on your terms and yet I have largely just not listened to myself.

But I’m slowly starting to do that again and so writing this post now doesn’t seem like a massive crock of shit because it is something that I am finally starting to do again, and it feels good.

So, this is my top 3 self care tips.

1) Exercise

Now if you had told me a year and a half ago that I would include this on my list in any way shape or form I would have laughed you out of the room. And I’ve fallen off this wagon a little for a couple of reasons, but the one thing that I am trying to maintain just for the sake of my sanity is low intensity exercise. This currently comprises of yoga, pilates and barre. It doesn’t raise my heart rate all that much and I don’t leave dripping in sweat like I do in a couple of other things that I do in terms of exercise, but it gets me moving and it helps me focus in on my body in a different way. I have to focus on my breathing and all the moves across all three forms of exercise are all about slow controlled movements. It forces me to engage all the important muscles, like my core, so that I can make it through the moves in a semi stable fashion and it makes me feel strong in a different kind of way. And it’s currently in a way that I need it to be. It helps me focus inwards and I still get a burn which helps to keep reminding me that I am strong. They are all moving forms of mediation and right now that kind of calm in the mind and strength in the body is exactly what I need (and when I’ve not done any exercise then just regular meditation works just fine, although it is a bit hit and miss with me at the moment). And then when I’m ready, I get back into upping my cardio again because that bring with it a whole different kind of high that I almost miss, but know I need to take a break from for the time being.

2) Writing

I really let this one slip right through the cracks recently. I was writing blog posts on here but for the most part I was just going through the motions with them and they were pretty much the only thing that I was writing. I used to write so much. Just little things that were dotted on various pieces of scrap paper that I collected in one place and kind of ignored but they were out of my head and they allowed other things to pop into my head. But recently I have just been sort of thinking them and then letting them collect in my head and not really doing anything with them. There is a level of catharsis that comes from putting pen to paper (mostly) and just letting words slip out onto the page. Sometimes they were creative, sometimes they were just things that I wanted to get off my chest, almost like journalling, but they were words. And by writing them down and getting them out of my head I was also inspiring creativity like that. Recently that has all been hella stagnant and it’s been frustrating because the only person who could change that was me, but I wasn’t doing anything about it, but I’m starting to again now. It may have taken me buying a shit ton of unnecessary notebooks to kickstart it on some level, but hey it takes what it takes and my hands are smudged with black ink again a lot of the time and I’m loving it.

3) Reading

I was partially thrown into a reading slump because of the book I was reading, but it was also to do with the fact that reading was just not interesting me anymore. I love discovering new worlds and falling in love with characters and writing styles. It’s the reason I chose to do English over History for a degree. There is something comforting about opening a book and getting lost in the pages. Books make you think and feel and take you out of your own little bubble if they’re written correctly. They are a unique form of magic (which is not a turn of phrase I thought of myself, but rather has been based on a quote from Stephen King). They have always bee my biggest source of comfort, whether I hate, love or am largely indifferent to the book, they are like a warm and fuzzy blanket. Getting lost in a book has always been the thing that gives me the greatest sense of joy and is my number one thing for resetting my mind in some way, it’s why I usually read on my train journey to and from work. I’m getting my mojo back for it and although I’m finishing up the book that aided me into my reading slump I am also super excited for the book that I am going to read next, which could be anything actually, but the possibilities are endless.

And those are my top 3 self care tips. There are loads others that I do, but those are currently my main go to ones and they’re the ones that are giving me the most comfort at the moment which is what I am all about right now.

What are some of your go to self care tips?

Parentheses count: 3. See you tomorrow!

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