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This post seems quite fitting given that I am sprawled out on my sofa with the ends of my hair occasionally dripping down my back after I took a shower when I got back home from exercising and my muscles already settling into the aching mode.

Because that’s a thing I do now (and have done for a while now). I have gotten to a stage where I can actually do things like talk about my fitness routine. There is still a part of me that is surprised at myself that I actually get up and do it after being at work all day. I am usually really good at making all kinds of excuses as to why I don’t want to work out and I go through them all on an almost daily basis and then go and do it anyway. And that’s mainly because I have gotten to a point with it where my body is kind of used to the routine that I have somehow built up. A couple of weeks ago I ended up going 10 days without doing anything more strenuous than walking and although that first work out back hurt like hell my body pretty much knew what it was doing and could go way further than my mind thought it could.

The routine is simple and it has recently been built up to go from 3 days to 4 days which means that at some point in the next couple of months I imagine I will inch that up to 5 days out of 7. Oh these are also consecutive days, when I tell people that they always seem mildly concerned that I don’t have rest days. I do, they’re the weekend…which doesn’t currently mesh quite right with my diet at the moment. Because that is also something that I am slowly modifying as well, but I’ve mentioned that a couple of times in my intentions posts (for which there will be another update for in a month or so) and had a whole post sort of geared towards it. But basically I kind of just eat way more (both good and not so good food) on my rest days than I do on the days that I actually go and burn a shit ton of calories off, but I digress.

My actual routine is pretty simple to be honest. It’s also repetitive which means that I am going to have to maybe shake things up at some point soon (because apparently you have to do that with workouts…why is this so weirdly complicated?). And it’s a good combo of cardio, low impact and the all important stretching. It all means that come Friday, although I feel great because I don’t have to lug my gym bag into work and I know that I have done all my hard work for the week in terms of exercise, I also feel like I have worked every inch of my body and it hurts to laugh and usually it aches when I go to sit down. Friday is kind of when it peaks because delayed muscle soreness is real, and sometimes it gets worse on Saturday…

The routine is simple, it’s Monday night cardio, Tuesday night yoga, Wednesday night boxing and then Thursday night barre. That’s it. It’s all class based because it’s just easier to get motivated when there are other people around for me than if I was just going through the motions on my own in a gym. It also means that I have a higher level of focus, because none of my procrastination tendencies  get the chance to interfere there. Come Thursday night everything does start to burn a lot quicker and that makes things harder, but for the most part it is a routine that I am on top of and am good at up keeping.

I’m not gonna lie I do kind of feel like I need to up the amount of yoga classes that I do in the week (there we go, there’s the 5th that will eventually come) just to really make sure that I stretch it out and stop things from getting a bit too tense. My body craves it in some ways, which is why of all the classes (all 4 of them) that I do in a week, that yoga class is kind of the one that I try and avoid missing as much as possible.

I then supplement it with a lot of walking, which isn’t hard because I do loads of that anyway.

Oh, also I don’t get super fussed if I miss one (I mean I went 10 days without one recently and was fine with it) and I don’t make them up (to myself) either. If I don’t do 4 out of 7 then I don’t. It is what it is and that’s fine. And also I’m sensible about it, I don’t push too hard if I know that a twinge in my body isn’t just muscle soreness and is maybe a bit more in need of rest. I am really good at resting.

That’s the one thing that I remain good at from my previously minimal exercise times. I take those rest days very seriously. Especially Sundays. I hardly move on Sundays…

Parentheses count: 6. See you tomorrow…maybe!

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