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I have done a version of this before way back when here and happiness and smiling are pretty closely linked to one another so I’m basically just going to add a few extra ones to it.

1) Puppies. I fall in love with about 10 new puppies every single day.

2) Reaching a new km milestone on a bike. A stationary bike in a gym, I have no no time for being on a road on one of those things. And if you had told me at the beginning of the year that that would be a thing for me I would have called you a liar straight to your face. Same applies for swimming, although that one works in metres.

3) New outfits. I mean, I basically live all on black but sometimes I just really nail it and everything feels right with the world.

4) Australian cooking shows. Okay I know cooking shows is on the last list, but this one is hyper specific and is coming from a girl who is currently hella invested in My Kitchen rules Australia and more recently Masterchef Australia. I could not tell you the last time I watched the UK version of the latter.

5) New lipstick. I mean again, this is a more specific aspect of a previous one, but as we have established I have a lot of them and I always love adding to the collection (which I have definitely done since I posted this post).

6) Binge watching. Nothing makes me feel more accomplished and yet more aware that I have wasted hours of my life.

7) Actually being productive. You know like when I write almost a week’s worth of blog posts in a day. Or actually get a shit ton of editing done. Or finish a book. Or when I reach a word count goal.

8) Peanut M&Ms. I crave them more than I crave most things tbh and I was eating them while I wrote this, so they were on the brain.

9) A really good stretch. Seriously, they are so satisfying.

10) A really good burger. Ugh, I have had a craving for a Shake Shack burger for a while now (as well as their chips and milkshakes, look just take me to Shake Shack) and as such I have had burgers on the brain for a while. Give mea  really good BBQ bacon cheeseburger and I’m yours.

And that is a further 10 things that make me smile/make me happy.

Parentheses count: 2. See you tomorrow.

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