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Snapshot 1

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So I don’t really know what this it, all I know is that I made up 5 characters and then kinda gave them a life in snapshots that don’t really make sense to me and judging from my notebook and all the random stuff that I have written with them currently covers 4 years. There is no real cohesion to them, but then there also is a little bit. If that makes sense (I really don’t think it does though, I barely get what I am trying to get at…yes, more parentheses). I basically keep jumping in and out of their (as in the characters) narrative and I am finding it quite fun mainly because it means that I can do what I want without certain confines that could come if I actually had something as crazy as a plot that I could mold these characters into. So, I am having fun with them and this is the first time they are going to appear on here. I have a surprising amount of stuff that relates to them (remember that writing break I was gonna take…yeah they stemmed from that well stuck to plan I had) and with some editing and tweaking and me sorting out my timings and stuff they should crop up every now and again from here until I stop writing with them. (The title is subject to change because I am never happy with titles and this one could potentially be A LOT better).

‘Oh Elizabeth, when is that going to be you? Surely your time must come soon?’ Summer dropped into the vacant seat next to her and rested a heavy hand on her knee, rubbing her calloused fingers in a manner that Lizzy imagined was meant to be comforting but in actual fact made her skin squirm.

‘Ryan and I are happy with the way we are thanks Summer.’ Lizzy glanced at her in her peripheral vision and then back at Lola and Danny on the dance floor as they danced to ‘The Way You Look Tonight’ and smiled gently at one another.

‘But still, 7 years is an awful long time without a proposal.’ Summer’s hand kept rubbing circles on Lizzy’s knee as she elongated the word ‘awful’ and Lizzy just shrugged.

‘I’m not really looking for one in all honesty.’ Summer’s hand stilled and recoiled from Lizzy’s leg, almost as if it had burned her.

‘Oh don’t be silly,’ she scoffed, ‘how can you not be wanting one? He’s a good looking boy with a decent amount of money. And just look at how Lola is glowing in that dress of hers next to the man she loves.’ Summer’s hand awkwardly dropped into her own lap and twitched as her posture straightened.

‘Lola does look beautiful in her dress, but I am perfectly content where I am in my relationship without the ceremony of a wedding.’ Lizzy glanced back over at Summer and caught Ryan’s gaze briefly behind her smirking when she looked away and back in the general direction of the dance floor.

‘What about him? He must see marriage on your horizon. Are you really going to deprive him of that?’ Summer sounded both desperate and disgusted as she spoke and Lizzy barely refrained from openly scoffing at her question.

‘Nah, he’s pretty good with where we are as well last time I checked.’ Lizzy spoke strongly and clearly.

‘And when was that?’ Summer scoffed.

‘This morning I guess.’ Lizzy said dismissively. Summer opened her mouth and it moved around nothing before it closed and she clapped her hands once against her thighs.

Ryan appeared at Lizzy’s side while Summer sat speechless, he pressed a kiss to the top of her head and handed her a glass. The ice clinked against the side loudly in the stunned silence that had settled around them. The noise appeared to help Summer find her voice again.

‘Well I’ll leave you two to it then.’ She announced, patting Lizzy on the leg again before pushing off her chair and wandering to a more populated table with a false smile plastered to her face.

‘Well that was abrupt.’ Ryan laughed, pressing a kiss to Lizzy’s shoulder, near the base of her neck, while she raised her glass to her lips.

‘She was talking about marriage.’ The glass clouded gradually as she spoke and then she took a long, slow sip from it.

‘Oh, I take it that went well.’ Ryan’s voice was muffled into the tattooed skin his lips were still gently puckered against.

‘I rendered Summer speechless. It went down great for me, her not so much.’ Lizzy laughed, dropping her glass to rest gently between her cupped hand and her thigh.

‘Is she still not getting it?’ Ryan sat back and Lizzy angled her body to face his.

‘No. She even went down the “but Ryan must want to get married” route. You came over right after I told her that we are both in it together.’

‘That must have been hard for her.’

‘Apparently.’ Ryan’s hand sub-consciously dropped on to Lizzy’s knee and she moved up into the touch.

‘I thought I told you that you weren’t allowed to be cuter than us on our wedding day.’ Lola said as she walked over and bundled her dress up so she could sit in the chair occupied by Summer moments earlier.

‘Lols, I still don’t really think they know they’re doing it.’ Danny commented sitting next to Lola as Lizzy settled into her chair so she could see them both and Ryan, without dislodging Ryan’s hand.

‘Fine. What was Summer talking to you about?’ Lola quickly asked.

‘Take a wild guess.’

‘No fucking way. Still? Her bloody sister got married after 25 years.’

‘Yeah well that’s never stopped Summer before has it. The wedding of her youngest niece is a great place to bring it up.’ Lizzy shrugged and took another long sip from her glass, she sucked an ice cube into her mouth and let it melt on her tongue.

‘She has literally no tact.’ Lola huffed, plucking Lizzy’s glass from her hand and taking a sip.

‘She never has.’ Lizzy pointed out.

‘True, what did you say this time?’ Lola enquired.

‘That I don’t want it, that Ryan doesn’t want it. Then she gaped like a fish and left.’

‘Maybe that will finally shut her up then.’ Lola sounded falsely hopeful.

‘One can dream.’ Lizzy stuck her hand out and Lola gave the glass back allowing her to suck another ice cube into her mouth.

‘Anyway on a different note, I came over here to declare that you have to dance with me.’ Lola exclaimed, waggling her finger at Lizzy.

‘I am nowhere near drunk enough for that Lola.’ Lizzy laughed.

‘How many have you had?’

‘The one in her hand makes 4 since this morning.’ Ryan answered, removing his hand from her leg and resting it over the back of Lizzy’s chair.

‘So if I get some shots in you will you then?’ Lola bounced up in her chair twice and cupped her hands together in front of her face.

‘I’m not saying it won’t help your cause a little.’ Lizzy muttered before she knocked back the rest of her drink and put her glass back on the table. Lola squealed and Ryan and Danny stood up wordlessly and wandered over to the bar.

‘Is it wrong for me to comment on how good Ryan looks today of all days?’ Lola giggled as she watched them both walk away.

‘You’re married, not dead. And you wouldn’t be you if you didn’t, so no.’

‘Oh my gosh, I just got married!’ Lola’s eyes widened brightly and she laughed once in disbelief.

‘Yeah hon, you did. Congrats.’ Lizzy laughed nudging her shoulder gently. Lola slumped back in her chair and looked at Lizzy’s dress and then down at her own.

‘Okay, so I think I have been in this monstrosity of a dress for long enough. Come with me to get changed while the guys get drinks.’

‘Summer might have something to say about you changing out of your wedding dress.’ Lizzy joked.

‘Fuck her. This dress is heavy and my plans for the rest of my wedding reception include getting very drunk with my siblings and our partners while dancing to all the songs that we love and I can’t do that in this dress.’

‘Fine, let’s go.’ Lizzy made to go to the door but Lola held her back, looking at her dress again.

‘You know, while we’re at it you can change as well.’ She suggested.

‘Why? What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?’ Lizzy looked down at herself in slight surprise.

‘Nothing, you look stunning. But I may or may not have taken that black dress from your room yesterday.’

‘You are gonna have to be more specific than that Lols.’ Lizzy laughed.

‘Cut-out sides, V-neck, lace back, super short, was hanging over the door of your wardrobe.’

‘Oh, that one!’

‘Yes, that one. You should change into it.’

‘But it’s black…’

‘And the bride is giving it the okay.’ Lola cut her off.

‘But why?’

‘Honestly, part of me wants to see Ryan’s face because it will be gold. The rest of me knows you and you are not a fan of lilac, full length or sleeves when it comes to your dresses. In fact your entire presence at my wedding became stupidly dependent on appeasing the women in Danny’s family. And you did, and I am both grateful and sorry that you compromised so much, but, like, you don’t have to anymore. The main part is over and the party can begin.’

‘It can begin in this dress?’ Ryan and Danny returned to the table with a tray of shots.

‘It can, but it shouldn’t,’ she whispered before turning to Danny and talking louder, ‘hey hon, Liz and I are just gonna get me out of this dress. We’ll be back in like 15 minutes.’ Danny nodded and Lola grabbed Lizzy’s hand to lead them both of the room.


‘Are you just gonna watch me get changed or are you gonna do it as well?’ Lola asked Lizzy in her reflection as she stepped into her midnight blue playsuit.

‘I still don’t get why you want me to.’ Lizzy shrugged from her chair nestled in the corner of the room.

‘Because Elizabeth you look very un-you like and it’s freaking me out. You’ve compromised enough and I’m not letting you stay in that fucking lilac dress for the rest of the night. I want my smoky eyed, perfectly tousled haired, tight little dressed, sky scraper heeled, visibly tattooed skinned sister back, and I think she wants to make an appearance too.’ She waggled her finger at the reflection.

‘I really didn’t compromise all that much in the end.’ Lizzy shrugged again.

‘Bullshit. Remove the dress from the equation because I’ve talked about it enough now. Your hair is in some ringlety up-do very much hiding the majority of the colour. You have non-winged, non-black eyeliner and a pastel shade of eye-shadow on. Your nails are painted peach, fucking peach. When have you eeevvveeerr worn peach? Your shoes are only 3 inches high and I have just realised that both your eyes are fully hazel which means you are wearing contacts. You’ve done the appeasing Danny’s family aesthetic, please can you go back to yours now?’ Lola huffed as she settled into her outfit and slicked another coat of lipstick on staring intently at Lizzy in their reflections.

‘You got black eyeliner over there?’ Lizzy asked and Lola turned to look at her smiling widely.


‘Pretty sure Lola said she was the one getting changed.’ Ryan whispered once Lizzy had sat back in her chair, handing her a shot and kissing her behind the ear.

‘I don’t think she did say she was the only one getting changed hon.’ Lizzy responded, knocking back the shot and twisting to put the glass back on the table, smiling at him as she turned back to see a shadow falling across them.

‘Lizzy darling, you look stunning.’ Amelia said around a fond smile with a gentle look in her eyes.

‘Are you suggesting I didn’t before Mum?’ Lizzy joked.

‘No, you looked great earlier. You just look like you again now.’ Amelia clarified.

‘Is this a thing or something that I didn’t know about?’ Lizzy asked looking at everyone around her.

‘What that you no longer look like a Stepford and we are all super relieved about it? Yeah, it’s a thing.’ Dylan piped up as he heavily sat across Lizzy’s legs, steadying himself on the table.

‘I am truly sorry about that. I tried to let them all leave you to your own hair and make-up but Mum insisted you were fine with it. Thank you for faking being fine with it.’ Danny spoke before knocking back his own shot with an apologetic look in his eyes.

‘I was fine with it.’ Lizzy shrugged and Dylan scoffed suddenly in her ear.

‘But you’re better now.’ Dylan pointed out flicking the rim of the hat now comfortably settled on her head.

‘Moving on to something else, I just came over here to tell you that the spare key to the guest house is under the angel. Don’t worry I’ll text you all the same thing at some point in case you forget. Enjoy your night as I am sure you will forget all about us soon. The ceremony was beautiful honey. Love you all.’ Amelia smiled and shook her head fondly at the muttered chorus of ‘thanks’ from those sat at the table.

‘Right I’m off to get more drinks.’ Dylan announced, standing up and looking down at the other four.

‘We’ll come with.’ Lola said as she grabbed Danny’s hand as she stood up and they all walked over to the bar.

‘You know they might all have a point.’ Ryan mumbled once they were alone.

‘I am not blind to that, I just thought I was bullshitting it better.’

‘Oh you were, to everyone but your family.’ Ryan laughed.

‘Well, I guess I can deal with that.’ Lizzy knocked back the last shot on the table.

‘When you and Lola walked back into the room it was like you owned the place. Pretty much everyone took notice.’ Ryan commented leaning in closer and resting his arm back across the top of the chair.

‘Lola’s the bride of course people were paying attention.’ Lizzy turned to look at him.

‘No, it was more than that. You both ooze this confidence that can’t be ignored.’ Ryan’s voice dropped.

‘And we didn’t before?’ Lizzy joked.

‘Lola could barely move in that dress of hers and you were panicking about tripping over the hem of yours anytime you had to move. You both faked it well and looked gorgeous, but it was nothing compared to you both now. Not even close actually.’

‘Fair enough.’ Lizzy smiled.

‘Where is this dress from by the way?’ Ryan pinched at the shoulder catching the lace between his fingers.

‘Oh, I bought it at All Saints a couple of days ago.’ Lizzy looked down at it and smoothed the fabric over her upper thighs.

‘It’s very nice.’ He hummed releasing the dress and quickly kissing her cheek.

‘I’m glad you agree with me in that respect.’ Lola, Danny and Dylan returned to the table laden with drinks at that moment. Lola handed Lizzy a Purple Rain and sat down giggling for an unexplained reason around the straw in her own drink.

‘Well you both look rather different. Shame after you both looked so stunning.’ Summer had returned to their table and was grinning falsely as she cast a shadow over Lola and Lizzy.

‘I mean really Elizabeth, black at a wedding and all that gothic make-up? It’s unbecoming.’ Summer continued, Lizzy shrugged, rolled her eyes and sucked at her drink harshly through the straw.

‘I happen to think Elizabeth looks hot as fuck right now Summer.’ Lola sucked her straw back in her mouth and raised her eyebrows. Summer flinched at her language but kept her smile plastered on.

‘Well Danny, what about you? You can’t be happy about your head bridesmaid wearing black now.’ Her voice was smug and her smile widened.

‘She looks way happier dressed like that then she did when she was fitting into the ceremony’s aesthetics. So yeah, I’m happy about it.’ Danny laughed and Lola and Lizzy kept their straws in their mouths so as not to burst into laughter as Summer’s face fell for a brief moment.

‘Well at least you, Dylan and Ryan have the sense to stay in your wedding suits. You all look so handsome still.’ Ryan rolled his eyes and pressed a kiss to Lizzy’s shoulder again plucking his own drink from the table.

‘Summer when I look back on my wedding night, other than the sex, I am going to remember flushed cheeks, unbuttoned shirts and loose hanging ties, too many Long Island Ice Teas, scuffed 5 inch heels, midnight blue, a peeking butterfly wing, lace backs and black. I will remember a hat that will end the night on someone’s floor and will have belonged to all of us at one point. I will remember my brothers and sister, laughing and dancing ‘til everything hurt, smudged plum and red lipstick, green and hazel surrounded by glittery grey and perfect eyeliner. I will remember crazy in love looks, peach nails tangled in dark brown and blond and straws embedded in puckered lips. I will remember not remembering the key was under the fucking angel. I will vaguely remember how great I looked in my wedding dress but that memory will be tainted by how much it fucking hurt and I looked way better when I wasn’t in it. And I will definitely not remember capped sleeves, lilac chiffon and floor length gowns.’

Lola stood up and put her hand as she directed a wide, slightly fake at her aunt. Lizzy took it and the sisters walked out onto the dance floor, drinks in hand, tailed closely by Dylan.

‘Your family cannot approve of their change in attire.’ Summer was talking to Danny again with same disgusted tone from earlier.

‘Honestly, really don’t care Summer. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to join my wife and siblings-in-law because they look to be having a party that I want to be a part of.’ Danny shrugged off his jacket and picked up two glasses before walking over to Lola and Lizzy who were smiling with their now empty drinks raised over their head.

Summer turned to Ryan who was taking off his own jacket and rolling up the sleeves to the elbow.

‘It’s not fair that you haven’t made an honest woman of Elizabeth yet. No girl should have to watch her younger sister married off happily.’ Summer commented causing Ryan to laugh loudly as he undid his tie and top three buttons of his shirt.

‘Not fair to her or you?’ Ryan asked causing Summer’s smile to drop off her face. She opened her mouth and closed it again.

‘Summer, she’s happy. I’m happy. Lola’s marital status has no bearing on us and it never will. Now Elizabeth is currently without a drink and this is our song, if you’ll excuse me.’ Ryan nodded and picked up his half empty glass before walking over to Lizzy and handing it to her. Lizzy accepted it with a laugh and Ryan wrapped an arm around her waist pressing a kiss to her cheek.

Parentheses count: 3. See you next week! 

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