Snapshot 10
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Snapshot 10

Hi, Hey, Hello.

This one is a sort of direct follow up to yesterday’s one, but they are obviously all connected.

Lizzy pulled her hair up into a messy ponytail and carried on chopping onions as Summer clattered in to the kitchen and dropped her bags on the floor around her. Lizzy flicked her gaze up to look at her and smiled.

‘You home alone?’ Summer asked breathlessly.

‘Lola’s asleep on the sofa, but other than that yeah.’ Lizzy’s reply was quiet.

‘Where is everyone else?’ Summer asked as she dropped down into a stool around the breakfast bar.

‘Mum and Dad had some errands to run and Tom, Danny and Dyl took the dogs for a walk.’ Lizzy dropped the onions into a frying pan and the sizzling filled the brief silence.

‘You making dinner?’ Summer asked distractedly.

‘Yup, thinking of shepherd’s pie. We’ve got a lot of veg that we should probably finish up.’ Lizzy moved to start chopping up carrots.

‘Anything I can do to help?’

‘Yeah, sure. You could peel and slice the potatoes if you want.’ She gestured vaguely behind her.

‘Slice?’ Summer asked confused.

‘Yeah slice.’

‘But shouldn’t you par boil them for mash?’

‘If I were making mash then yeah, but I’m not.’ Lizzy said and stirred the onions.

‘But I thought you were making shepherd’s pie?’ Summer sounded oddly exasperated and Lizzy sighed quietly.

‘Well yeah I kinda am, but with sliced potatoes and not mash.’

‘But why?’

‘Because Ryan and Tom don’t like mash.’ Lizzy shrugged.

‘Ryan isn’t here though.’ She scoffed back.

‘But Tom is…’ Lizzy was cut off by a male voice.

‘And so is Ryan as of 30 seconds ago.’ Ryan strode into the kitchen and wrapped his arms around Lizzy from behind, dropping a kiss to the nape of her neck and squeezing her gently. He turned his head and smiled over at Summer.

‘Hey there Summer, how are you?’

‘I’m well thanks. Wasn’t aware that you were coming out here. Lizzy mentioned you were busy with work.’ Summer tried to mask her dislike but failed and Ryan laughed into Lizzy’s neck before he answered.

‘I was and now I’ve got a break before we head out on tour so I came home. That was always the plan.’ He squeezed Lizzy’s waist again at the word “home”.

‘Were you the errand my parents were vague as fuck about earlier?’ Lizzy asked throwing the carrots in with the onions.

‘There was a massive box in the boot of their car which may also have been an errand of theirs, but largely yeah.’ Ryan kissed her neck again.

‘Sneaky.’ She said as she turned around in his loose grip.

‘You need me to do anything?’

‘Nah you can go out to the living room if you want, but Lola’s sleeping in there. Or she was last time I checked fifteen minutes ago.’ She pressed a kiss to his lips and smiled before turning back around.

‘Trying to get rid of me so quickly.’ He joked.

‘No, but you’re sagging into me and I can feel your eyelashes fluttering against my neck. Plus your voice is lower and slower than normal, you should go rest.’

‘Hmmm you might have a point.’ Ryan pulled away from her and shuffled backwards.

‘Wait, hang on before you go. Blue or purple?’ Lizzy turned to look at him properly.

‘In what context?’ Ryan mumbled.

‘Hair. Tom is gonna help me dye it at the weekend and I’m torn.’

‘What kind of blue are we talking?’

‘Midnight. I’m thinking of fading it out into a silvery grey kind of thing.’

‘Can you fade out into that with purple?’

‘Probably yeah, I can go a darker purple that’s almost black.’

‘Do that then. Purple always looks good. Suits your eyes.’

‘Noted.’ Lizzy nodded and turned back around to the hob.

‘Aren’t you a little bit old to be doing that stuff to your hair now?’ Summer piped up, appalled.

‘I’m gonna go with no.’ Lizzy stated bluntly.

‘You’re nearly 28 now.’

‘Your point being?’ Lizzy shrugged.

‘It just seems a bit like a desperate attempt to stay young.’ Summer scoffed.

‘I am young so that’s not really a problem is it? And anyway it’s my hair.’ She shrugged again.

‘Oh I saw a dress that you might like, it’s in my suitcase. I’ll show it to you later.’ Ryan interjected, smiling and dropping a kiss on Lizzy’s cheek before he left the room. Summer looked stunned to have been partially ignored and Lizzy felt slightly lighter.

‘Liz!’ Amelia called out as she walked into the kitchen.

‘Yeah Mum.’ Lizzy response was much quieter in contrast.

‘I’m assuming you know Ryan is here now?’

‘You would be correct in that assumption, he just went into the living room.’

‘Did he help with the hair thing?’ She asked as she kissed Lizzy on the cheek.

‘Purple.’ Amelia muttered ‘a good choice’ before Summer spoke loudly at her.

‘You cannot encourage this still Amelia, it’s not appropriate.’

‘Who is she hurting by dying her hair and who am I to tell her what to do, she’s a bloody adult. If she wants to dye her hair the colours of the rainbow so be it.’ Amelia’s voice was full of poorly masked annoyance.

‘Thank you Mum.’ Lizzy exclaimed.

‘That’s irresponsible.’ Summer insisted, Amelia ignored her, turning her attention to Lizzy.

‘What are you doing for dinner love?’

‘Shepherd’s pie.’ Lizzy gestured vaguely at the hob and turned the pans off.

‘Sounds lovely. You all going out on Sunday?’ Amelia asked as she walked over to the calendar on the fridge and picked up the whiteboard pen.

‘Yeah probably. Late lunch, loads of booze. Ring it in right and relish in the fact that we won’t suffer through work on Monday.’

‘What we’re not spending their birthday celebration day together?’ Summer spoke up loudly again.

‘We’ll all have breakfast or something together of course, but the kids have created some kind of tradition over the years as they all live in London, so we leave them to it.’

‘You let them move into your house again for weeks and don’t insist on spending that day together?’

‘First of all Summer my children are welcome to come to the house they grew up in, where their rooms are still very much theirs, whenever they want for as long as they want. Secondly I don’t insist on anything because they are their own people and me and Will aren’t going to gate-crash something when we can spend a nice morning together, you are welcome to join us for what I imagine will end up being brunch.’ Summer sat there stunned and stammered before she forced a version of a response out.

‘I think I’ll head out to the living room, check on Lola.’

‘If she’s sleeping, leave her alone and Ryan too, he seemed so tired in the car. You might be better off going to another room.’ Amelia warned.

‘Right, well I’ll do that.’ She said shyly and left the room.


‘Thank you by the way, for letting us stay here and picking Ryan up today.’ Lizzy mumbled as she tipped the brown mince in with the carrots and onions.

‘Nonsense, it’s no hardship at all. The house comes back to life when you’re all here and it means I have to do less cooking.’ Amelia joked and patted Lizzy tenderly on the shoulder.

‘Glad to be of service to you both then.’

‘As long as you’re getting what you need done and you’re not overly stressed we’re happy.’ Amelia said sincerely.

‘I think we’re both good. Dyl as well I guess, but Lola and I are good.’

‘I can see that. Now do you need any help?’

‘Yes, actually. Could you peel and slice the potatoes up please? This is almost ready to go.’

‘Course love.’ She pressed a kiss to Lizzy’s cheek and pulled the potatoes out of the bag.

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