Snapshot 11
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Snapshot 11

Hi, Hey, Hello!

Let’s continue, shall we?

‘Is that your natural hair colour?’ Lola asked in surprise as she approached Lizzy, who was propped against a wall looking at her phone and pinching her lower lip.

‘Dylan and I have the same hair colour Lols. So no, this isn’t natural.’ She responded flicking her eyes over to Lola quickly.

‘You’re naturally mousey?’ She asked still confused and yanked her suitcase to stand up right, cocking her hip when she had finished.

‘Why is that news to you?’ Lizzy locked her phone and slipped it into her back pocket, switching it out with her car keys.

‘I dunno. I thought we had similar colouring that’s all.’ She shrugged.

‘Nope. A lot of people assumed for years that Dyl and I were twins.’ She hooked two fingers into the handle of Lola’s suitcase and kicked it out to start pulling it behind her as they headed to leave the airport.

‘And everyone let that happen?’ Her voice went up in pitch.

‘It wasn’t hurting anyone and besides at 12 months apart we might as well be twins.’ Lizzy shrugged again, pausing at a zebra crossing.

‘Still it seems like Mum and Dad would rectify that assumption.’

‘Nah, Dyl turned 18 before it was really fully understood that we are not in fact from the same birth.’ They crossed over in the car park and waved in thanks to the driver who had stopped to let them pass.

‘That is a long time.’

‘I can’t believe you didn’t know that.’

‘It’s not like we interacted all that much when we were younger and Mum and Dad never really talked about you two once you left. It made me irritable.’ Lola pouted.

‘Well good thing that’s changed now, or this could have been awkward.’ Lizzy joked gesturing between them.

‘Yeah, so why is your hair all one colour?’ Lola brought it back to topic.

‘Laziness really. I’m sorting it out tomorrow.’

‘Ooooh what’s happening to it?’ She flicked the ends as they stepped into a lift and Lizzy pushed 3.

‘Red. Dark red fading out to almost pink.’


‘How was your flight?’ Lizzy asked as the door closed and the lift started moving.

‘Does everything seem longer when you’re flying overnight?’ Lola sighed out.

‘Almost definitely. Ry refuses to fly overnight when we’re together because I am a nightmare.’

‘Everything is just so stuffy and they try and force you to sleep and give you breakfast like you’re miraculously on the right time zone because they turned the lights off and on again.’ Her voice was comically incredulous.

‘It gets more annoying when nothing can hold your attention for longer than 10 minutes and you can’t sleep.’ Lizzy continued as the doors opened and they carried on walking.

‘Oh god yes!’ They arrived at Lizzy’s car and she unlocked the boot, opening it and placing Lola’s suitcase in. The pair walked to their respective sides of the car silently.

‘You know we’re going to Mum and Dad’s right? I can’t remember if you’ve been informed of that.’ Lizzy checked as she turned on the engine.

‘I guessed as such. You just keep Instagramming pictures of our garden at the crack of dawn. How’s that writing break going?’ Lola asked, already knowing the answer.

‘As well as can be expected honestly. Everything is inspiring me right now. Ryan has taken my laptop hostage and I’ve resorted to pen and paper.’ Lizzy shrugged and pulled out the space.

‘That’s a dying art.’ Lola huffed.

‘It’s so satisfying though. I had forgotten. I mean I wrote most of my first three books in various battered leather notebooks that I took everywhere with me. It’s full of squiggly black lines and red crossing out and tiny writing and messy writing and in itself it was like a piece of art. It’s oddly exciting going back to that form.’

‘So what you’re just hunched over notebooks now?’

‘I mean yeah, basically. Ryan can’t decide if he’s annoyed at me or not.’

‘Well you are supposed to be taking a break.’

‘Yeah, but we’re also having a lot more sex than usual.’

‘Well aren’t you two lucky.’ Lola pouted and crossed her arms across her chest.

‘Yes we are, but at least now Danny can stop moping around missing you.’ Lizzy rolled down her window and stuck her ticket in the machine, letting the barrier go up and allowing her to start driving out of the airport. She continued speaking once her window was closed again.

‘He’s been going to the gym a lot these past few weeks to get rid of his frustration.’

‘Stop saying words.’

‘I am merely informing you of what you’ve missed in your time away Lols.’ Lizzy said faux innocently.

‘All I know is you’re having lots of sex and Danny’s having none but is still spending a lot of time sweaty and exercising.’

‘Dad’s been baking a lot. Mum has been enjoying the sun. Dylan finally finished the parental home version of polaroid wall and we all got new mattresses this week.’

‘That all?’

‘Yeah I think so.’ She nodded.

‘Okay, then I have a proposition for you.’

‘Go for it.’ She looked over at Lola for a second before pulling onto the motorway.


‘Is very nice. I’m well acquainted with it.’ She said looking at Lola again in confusion.

‘Yeah I know.’ She huffed and turned her body to face her as best she could underneath her seat-belt.’

‘What’s your proposition?’

‘Tom is still faffing around in New Zealand, Danny is being Danny and Ryan is being Ryan soooo I was thinking we could bum off to Hawaii for September.’

‘What the whole month?’

‘Well yeah. Dyl finishes up with his commission stuff by mid-August, you can work from anywhere and I’m done with work for a bit.’

‘No it sounds good. I do love Hawaii.’

‘Really, I never would have guessed from your several trips there over the years and that the fact that you own property over there now.’

‘How come you’re done with work?’ Lizzy asked ignoring Lola’s sarcastic response.

‘One of my clients decided that they no longer required my services so that cleared up some time. Also I’m just taking it easy because I’ve been going non-stop for months now and it’s starting to take its toll.’ Lola admitted, reaching for the bag discarded at her feet and pulling out her sunglasses, fixing them on her face and resting her cheek on the headrest.

‘Then Hawaii is just what you need.’

‘I know. But anyway how does it feel to be almost 30?’

‘We don’t speak about that.’ Lizzy mumbled quickly, switching lanes as she flicked her eyes to the other side of the car.

‘I imagine you won’t get away with that given that everyone is descending to ours to celebrate it.’ Lola nudged Lizzy’s shoulder playfully and stuck her tongue out.

‘Yeah I know. It’s just Dyl and I share our birthdays because we hate being in the middle of it all and it’s been 9 years since my last “it’s all about Lizzy” party. It’s just weird. I’m not all that fussed about turning 30 but I have to psych myself out to be prepared for that now.’

‘But you get a massive cake out of it.’

‘You would too if you just asked Dad for one. Anyway, New York, how is my second favourite city?’

‘Hot. Busy. Loud. Pretty much perfect. Why don’t we live there?’ Lola smiled and Lizzy followed suit.

‘Because London owns our souls.’ She sighed.

‘Touche.’ Lola mumbled as her eyes slowly drooped shut behind her sunglasses.

‘Lols, you should nap. This drive is gonna be at least a couple of hours long, it might do you good.’

‘No, no. I wanna talk. We need to catch up or gossip or something. I’ve missed you.’ Her voice slurred as her eyes fell down heavier and her head dropped slightly to rest against her shoulder.

‘There will plenty of time for that later. You can barely keep your eyes open.’

‘They’re open. They’re open!’ Her voice dropped down even lower and became barely louder than a whisper.

‘Okay love. Sleep tight.’

‘I’m awake…I’m…’ Lola’s voice trailed off and Lizzy looked at her quickly, smiling and then reaching forward to turn the radio on quietly.

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