Snapshot 12
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Snapshot 12

Hi, Hey, Hello!

Short and sweet for this Sunday afternoon. Have a good week folks!

Ryan rolled over and dropped his arm down heavily onto the mattress. He blearily opened his eyes and ran his hand along the crumpled, cool sheets. He lifted his head off the pillow and craned his neck to locate his phone on the table next to him. He picked it up and checked the time, through partially opened eyes, to see that it was 3:37am.

His head dropped back onto the pillow and his phone fell onto the empty side of the bed. He sighed quietly and pushed himself out and up out of bed, walked over to his wardrobe and pulled on a pair of jogging bottoms before he stumbled out of the bedroom.

When he saw a gentle yellow light bleeding into the hallway from the living room he stopped in the doorway and peered in. Lizzy was sat in the armchair tucked in the corner of the room with a lamp turned on and candles lit on the ledge behind her. She was wearing his earlier discarded black t-shirt with her bare legs tucked up underneath her and her hair falling over her left shoulder, covering part of her face. Her bottom lip was tucked in between her teeth and she was pinching the plump, free side with her left hand as her right one moved hastily across the pages of a notebook that was resting firmly on the arm of the chair. He leaned against the door frame and watched her furious concentration for a moment before he dared to break the silence.

‘Is that a new candle?’ His voice was low and still addled by sleep. Lizzy released her lip and answered without looking up.

‘Yeah, wood sage and sea salt. The guy who asked me if I needed help in John Lewis suggested it. Thought I’d give it a try.’

‘It’s nice. What are you doing?’ Lizzy dropped her pen onto the pages she had scrawled on and looked over at Ryan wide eyed.

‘I figured it out! Like I had the idea, you know that obviously, but now I have the characters and a story arc. I had to get it down instantly. It’s all coming together, this might actually work.’ She smiled giddily and pushed her hair off her face before she picked up her pen again. Ryan nodded fondly at her enthusiasm.

‘I love you.’ He said plainly. Lizzy’s eyes to snapped up and her pen paused mid-word.

‘Pardon?’ She whispered.

‘I love you.’ He said again, his words sounding more awed this time.

‘Oh well, erm, you too.’ Lizzy nodded once and smiled, moving her pen across the page again. Ryan chuckled and pushed off the door.

‘Night Liz.’

‘Night babe.’ She mumbled as she pulled her lip back in between her teeth.


Ryan blinked awake slowly and was greeted by black hair swarming his vision. He rolled away, keeping their legs tangled together, and picked his phone up to see that it was 10:58. He rolled to place a kiss on her clothed shoulder blade and carefully extracted himself from the bed.

Twenty minutes later Lizzy strolled into the kitchen as she tied her hair up. Ryan poured her a mug of coffee and handed it to her by way of greeting. Lizzy gratefully accepted it as she slid into a stool, cupping it between her hands and staring at the slight swirl in the liquid as it settled. Ryan looked at her curiously over the rim of his own mug and settled into the silence in the room.

The oven buzzer went off a few minutes later and Ryan hastily stopped it as he opened the oven door. He grabbed a tea towel and pulled out the tray of chocolate croissants, setting them on the hob before picking his mug up again. Suddenly Lizzy inhaled sharply and looked up from her coffee at Ryan.

‘I love you. You disappeared back to bed last night before I realised that I didn’t actually say it back. So, I love you.’ Lizzy picked up her mug and took a long sip from it.

‘You too.’ Ryan said with a gentle smile on his face that shone through his eyes. Lizzy giggled at his response and stood up, with her mug, to walk over to him. She pressed a kiss to his bicep and picked a croissant up, biting into it happily.

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