Snapshot 13
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Snapshot 13

Hi, Hey, Hello!

It’s the beginning of week two of this little venture. Hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am currently. On with the words.

‘Hey babe where are you? I just got back and the house is eerily quiet and also clean.’ Ryan asked the second Lizzy answered the phone as he walked to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water.

‘Yeah I cleaned up this morning. I was feeling restless when I woke up, figured I would put that energy to good use.’ She answered distractedly.

‘Right and you are?’ He unscrewed the bottle and drew a long sip from it before he put it on the kitchen counter.

‘Oh right yeah, I’m in Starbucks. I got a very strong craving for a frappe in the shower. You want anything?’

‘Nah I’m good thanks. Reached my caffeine limit for the day.’ He dropped down into the armchair closest to the entrance of the kitchen.

‘It’s barely 1.’ Lizzy laughed.

‘And I’ve been awake since 5.’ He pointed out, throwing his legs over the arm of the chair.

‘How was your photo shoot?’

‘I’m hoping worth it.’ He said as he tried to stifle a yawn.

‘Well I hope so too. I’m swinging by the bakery on the way back, you want anything from there?’ Her voice muffled and the sound of her sucking through a straw traveled down the phone.

‘Ugh, a cheesecake brownie would do me some good right now.’

‘Alright done. Anything else?’ The sounds of passing traffic started to accompany Lizzy’s voice.

‘You to be my date to the Oscars.’ Ryan stated picking at a stray thread on the knee of his jeans.

‘I think I can manage that. You done?’ Her voice muffled again as she took another sip from her drink.

‘My parents are renewing their wedding vows so I need someone to walk down the aisle with me for that and just be a general friend in what I imagine might be quite an awful day.’

‘Mmmmkay, I’m there. That it?’

‘I have a spare ticket to Cabo in March.’

‘I will happily take it off your hands.’ Her voice was light and Ryan guessed she had a smile tugging at her mouth..

‘And a spare one to see Wicked at the weekend.’

‘That show has changed me for good.’ She joked.

‘And I want you to move in with me.’ He yanked the thread and pulled it off his jeans.

‘What?’ Her voice went serious and Ryan swung his legs firmly onto the floor.

‘I think we should move in together, properly that is.’

‘What?’ Her voice sounded like it was in disbelief and Ryan started talking quickly.

‘We can move to a neutral territory and build a house together if you want. It’s just it seems kind of odd at this point to have two separate places, you’re at mine so much that I kinda feel like we practically live together anyway. But I get if you feel otherwise or whatever…’

‘Mint or espresso?’ Lizzy interjected quietly catching Ryan off guard briefly.

‘Oh erm mint,’ he continued while she placed her order in the background, ‘It’s just I just realised that I like coming home and seeing you curled up in the armchair or hunched over in the kitchen. And I like being home and listening to you come through the door or just move around the house, but if you still want the sanctuary of your own flat or whatever, it was just a suggestion. I’ll shut up now.’ He trailed off and picked at a stray thread again as silence fell between them.

‘I want a room for myself. Like an office kind of thing. And it has to still be in London and I’m kind of partial to kitchen islands, and an en suite maybe. Oh and Dylan and maybe Lola need rooms. Shit, I’m being really demanding now aren’t I?’ Lizzy started rambling as she went back into traffic noise.

‘Are you saying yes?’ Ryan tried tentatively and hopefully.

‘I think so.’ She replied before she took another draw of her drink.

‘You actually want to?’

‘I mean you’re right, it makes sense. I don’t quite remember the last time I was at mine for longer than two days. Even when you’re away I’m at yours. And I’ve just realised that I’m at that damn bakery so much I’m on a first name basis with the staff.’ She laughed.

‘How first name?’


‘Shit.’ He smiled broadly and swung his legs back over the arm of the chair.

‘I know right. Apparently I have an order as well depending on the time of day.’ Her voice was muffled slightly again and Ryan assumed it was because she was holding the straw in her teeth.

‘Almond croissant any time before noon. Blueberry muffin in the afternoon and if you’re there around closing time then it’s some form of cookie or cake, that’s mood dependent though.’ There was a moment’s pause before Lizzy responded.

‘You’re my boyfriend though, it’s not that abnormal for you to know that.’

‘Lizzy, honey, I learnt that the same way they did. Through repeat exposure.’ Ryan laughed.

‘Well we have to stay within the vicinity of the bakery. Can’t go through this again.’

‘Added to the rest of your list.’ He nodded along with his words.

‘Why am I not just moving in with you in your current house?’

‘I mean you can if you want. But I wasn’t joking when I said I wanted to build a house with you. I want to have the showdown about that painting you hate. I want to walk into a house and look over at you and know that we both know it’s the one. I want to be on opposing sides when it comes to the colour scheme of the living room and to build a kitchen that we’ll spend all our time in and all that other idealised domestic bullshit. Because mainly all I want it to know that it’s ours.’ He sighed out the word “ours” and smiled while his cheeks flushed gradually.

‘My hands are full, can you come open the door please.’

Ryan walked through the house quickly and threw the front door open for Lizzy. They both looked at each other, hung up their respective phones and smiled.

‘There is no way in this lifetime I am letting you put that painting anywhere people could actually see it.’

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