Snapshot 16
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Snapshot 16

Hi, Hey, Hello!

I gave them a kid, not in the way you think though, but when you end up spanning a decade in their lives kids makes sense at some point. Anywho, onwards!

‘Ry can you get some bananas on your way home please, apparently they are the only thing Lex will eat at the moment.’ Lizzy asked after she greeted him while she gently rocked Alexis in her chair and watched her eyes blink sleepily back at her.

‘Oh yeah sure, but quick question, what size is Lexi now I want to dress her like Yoda, I think she’ll be adorable.’

‘’What like when you thought she would look adorable as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?’ She smiled and Lexi pulled her mouth up into a smile to copy her.

‘Liz, she so did. When she giggled it was like glitter and rainbows.’ He argued light-heartedly.

‘Uh huh, does she really need to look like Yoda though?’

‘Of course she does babe.’

‘You spoil her you know. But 13-14 months.’

‘Jeez has she grown that much in the past few months?’

‘Yeah I know right, it’s crazy.’ Lexi gurgled and made to grab one of Lizzy’s fingers.

‘How have you been today anyway?’

‘Lex and I had a little nap this afternoon and I have officially introduced her to Disney films, so I would say it’s been a somewhat good day.’ She pulled a face at Lexi and she giggled.

‘Sounds relaxing.’

‘She cried herself into the nap and I was full on convinced that she was running a fever earlier, so that tired me out.’

‘Is she?’ His voice dropped and took on a tone of concern.

‘A little one, but she doesn’t seem to be too uncomfortable. Just keeping an eye on her now.’ Lexi pulled Lizzy’s finger towards her mouth.

‘Well that’s good.’

‘Meh, we’re not fully out of the woods yet. How was your day?’

‘I mean things are getting done. there is a forward progression. That’s pretty much all I got.’

‘You’ll get there.’ She mumbled, pulling her finger slowly out of Lexi’s mouth.

‘Hopefully sooner rather than later. Hey, do you want anything?’

‘Vicks and Sudocrem, we’re running low. Oh, also nappies, the bananas obviously, some of those snacky things that Lex likes in case she starts swearing off banana and we need more plastic cups and bottles, I think our house might be eating them or something.’ She reeled off easily.

‘Okay yeah that’s all for Lex, what about you Liz?’

‘Oh, well I guess I could go for some Thai food and ice cream.’ She pulled back and slumped into her chair, running a hand through her hair.

‘I can do that.’

‘Thank you.’ She cooed and watched Lexi’s eyes slip heavily shut.

‘Of course. See you in a bit.’



Yesterday afternoon pictures surfaced of Ryan Haines shopping for baby clothes out in London. He was seen perusing various Star Wars related clothing before buying one and going about other errands.

Other errands that appeared to include buying nappies and plastic cups.

So is there a secret Haines/Maxwell baby pottering around their house over in Primrose Hill? It has been several weeks since Lizzy has been seen out and about and there has been increased speculation that it is because she is relishing motherhood. This would come at the perfect time for the couple as both have slowed down considerably in terms of their careers, although Ryan and his band Sign to Sign, have been hinting at new music coming out by the end of the summer, meaning it could soon turn to her being the sole stay-at-home parent.

If there is a little Haines kid in the world then we wish them all the best. And if there is not? Then we hope there will be soon, Ryan looks like he would make a great Dad.


Three weeks later, they were settled into one of their first interviews back when the interviewer turned to more personal questions.

‘So you seem pretty settled down these days and Zach you became a Dad in your hiatus, is that something you two see happening in your lives?’ The interviewer asked smiling at the three boys.

‘When it happens it happens. We’ve talked about it and yeah, it will happen one day.’ Max responded.

‘And what about you Ryan, any news?’

‘I’m not hiding a secret baby, I can tell you that much.’ He joked and twisted his ring around his finger once.

‘Then who are you turning into Yoda?’ She asked.

‘We have a niece now. I like dressing her up in different characters. I might just present her dads with a calendar next year featuring our 12 favourites, we have a wide array to choose from now.’ He laughed and relaxed into his seat.

‘How old is she?’ She asked.

‘She’s around 10 months now.’ The ring spun around once more.

‘You gonna have one of your own?’ There was a short silence and the twisting sped up a bit before Ryan answered.

‘Never say never, but for now we’re just gonna be that aunt and uncle that dress her up as any character that comes with a onesie.’

‘That sounds like fun.’

‘We’re enjoying it.’ He smiled and linked his fingers together over his knees.

‘You just announced that you’re heading back out on tour in the near future, how do you feel about that?’

‘Nervous and excited.’ Zach started.

‘Which is normal for us, so I think that is how you can tell that we’re ready to get back out there.’ Max continued.

‘Well good luck with that. Look forward to seeing the show.’

‘Thank you.’ They replied in near unison.


‘Hey, you’re heading to pick Lex up right?’ Lizzy asked when Ryan finally answered the phone an hour after their interviews for the day had finished.

‘Uh yeah, in the car now.’ He closed his car window and looked down quickly at his phone.

‘Okay, so quick question. Which of the Ninja Turtles has she already been?’

‘Leonardo and Donatello. Why?’ He smiled.

‘It’s just we had some things we were running low on so I took a trip to the shop and I got side-tracked by onesies because apparently it’s contagious. And Tom said something about expecting that calendar for Christmas, so I’m guessing that’s your doing, and well if we’re gonna do that then we need all 4 Ninja Turtles, but I couldn’t remember if we had done Michaelangelo. So I called you because you were bound to remember and you do.’ She spoke quickly and quietly.

‘Yeah, no Michaelangelo or Raphael so far.’

‘That’s about to change.’ Her voice took on a tone of triumph.

‘You sound weirdly excited about this babe.’

‘I kind of am.’

‘Well that mood is good because about five minutes before you called I agreed to keep Lexi for the weekend.’

‘Were you gonna spring this on me when you got home then?’ She sighed fondly.

‘Yeah basically.’

‘What are Dyl and Tom doing then?’

‘Tom has some kind of sickness so Dyl can’t really look after them both or something. He may have said something about food poisoning. It’s non-contagious whatever it is, he was very firm on that.’

‘It continues to baffle me that you remember all your song lyrics you know that right?’ She joked.

‘Yeah it baffles me too Liz.’

‘Right well it’s a good thing I had to come out then isn’t it, given that we have to feed an infant for the next four days. You’re not working tomorrow are you?’

‘Nope.’ He turned and pulled into the driveway of Dylan and Tom’s house.

‘Cool. Do you want anything while I’m out?’

‘We need more milk, but I’m good otherwise thanks.’ He turned off the engine and picked his phone up out of the holder.

‘Alright cool, I’ll see you soon then. Love you.’

‘You too.’ He hung up and dropped out his car, walking over to the front door and locking the car over his shoulder.

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