Snapshot 18
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Snapshot 18

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‘Does Dylan seem more panicked than usual to you?’ Lola asked as she walked into the bedroom where Lizzy was hanging off the edge of the bed upside down.

‘Yeah I had noticed that.’ She answered as she pulled herself upright slowly.

‘Like is he okay or should I have stopped him from drinking coffee?’ She enquired as she dropped on to the edge of the bed.

‘He’s getting married today and he’s convinced Tom won’t show up. I’m not saying coffee was a good idea but he will probably be better with it than without, he’s still Dylan after all.’ Lizzy laughed as she curled her legs up underneath her and settled against the headboard.

‘Tom is definitely gonna turn up.’

‘Yeah he knows that deep down. But you know Dyl, he’s fully convinced that he isn’t worth Tom’s love.’ She grabbed a hair tie off her bedside table and tied her hair in a rough top knot.


‘Yeah. But that’s what he has me for. To calmly outline all the reasons he is an idiot because he is the greatest guy I know.’

‘Because he is your brother, that’s why he’s great.’ Lola said, somewhat sadly.

‘Fairly sure he is your brother as well.’ Lizzy pointed out as she nudged Lola’s arm.

‘Yeah, but it’s not the same between us as it is you and him. You know I’ve never actually admitted it out loud because it makes me sound like a right brat, but I was always jealous that you got the brother.’ Lola kept her gaze fixed on a spot on the duvet.

‘What?’ Lizzy scoffed.

‘You know, you two are a year apart and you have this never ending trust in one another. You willingly shared a room for years and then you just stuck an adjoining door between your two separate rooms that was usually always open when you finally moved into different ones. You kind of shared friends and he had all these hot ones who just saw me as this little girl but kind of flirted with you all the time. And, I dunno, four and five years isn’t that big a deal now we’re in our twenties but when we were younger, I thought it was a huge injustice that Mum and Dad didn’t have another one so that I could have what you two did.’

‘When exactly did you stop feeling that way?’ Lizzy asked quietly.

‘Do you remember Jared?’ Lola chanced a look at her sister.

‘Your terrible choice for a first boyfriend? Yeah I remember.’ Lizzy scoffed with obvious dislike colouring her features.

‘The break up was messy. I retreated into my room and Mum and Dad got worried so they sent in Dylan.’

‘I bet that ended well.’ Lizzy interjected quietly.

‘It ended with me feeling a little bit like Wonderwoman.’ She said in a fond tone with a confident smile on her face.

‘Yeah he’s good at that.’

‘He helped convince me that you weren’t the villain in all this either. And that the only reason we weren’t close is because I gave off the vibe that I didn’t want that.’ She stated.

‘So you reached out…’

‘Yeah at the most inopportune time ever.’ She laughed humourlessly.

‘You know I never saw it like that right? Like I know it looked a bit suspicious, and Summer really loved to remind me of that, but I never saw it like that. You called to ask me for fashion advice, I found it funny more than anything.’ Lizzy replied sincerely.

‘What, you had just officially gone public with your relationship and you made a dress from Forever 21 look designer, I wanted to know your secrets!’ She cried and Lizzy smiled cheekily.

‘We went on that massive shopping trip and you completely changed your style.’ Lizzy remembered fondly.

‘Because your secrets were confidence and working your assets. Neither of which I was doing because I was trying to fit in with everybody else.’ Lola’s tone mirrored her sister’s.

‘And I stand by them.’

‘I know you do. You know that day kind of changed my life.’ She admitted sheepishly.


‘Well for one I finally got the sister I had been prohibiting myself from having and that felt pretty great. But on top of that I learned pretty sharpish that the only person that really matters when it comes to loving myself is me. You were walking around with this rainbow of purple hair in a messy bun and a slouchy t-shirt with insanely ripped jeans and boots and no make-up without a care and I didn’t know how to do that, I didn’t know how to not care about what other people were thinking. And you were pulling stuff off the rails that I never would have dreamed of looking at twice and it clicked in me. Dylan kept saying that no else should be instrumental in my opinion of myself but I wrote that off as him being a 22 year old man, so of course he could say that with some sort of confidence, but then there you were age 21 not giving a shit because you thought you looked good in a lace back neon green dress with cut out sides and so you did. And the best part was that you helped me create my own style. I was never gonna have the confidence to wear what you do because it wouldn’t work for me, but you helped me figure out what would. Gave me a solid foundation to work with. And I thank you hugely for that, you’ll never know how much I’m thankful for that Liz.’

‘I was just being a friend.’ Lizzy mumbled.

‘But you didn’t have to be, not after the way I had treated for you for years.’ There was a short silence before Lizzy spoke again.

‘When I was younger I had this image of us being super close because I had seen the way Summer and Mum were and I didn’t want that for us. But then you pulled away and I just accepted that it was probably inevitable because of the example we had in life. Didn’t make it hurt any less, but I accepted it. Then you gave me an olive branch, so I clutched to it. I took what you gave me and let you tell me things on your terms. I took you shopping as out first sort of sister activity because I always wanted to do that and be all cliché and shit. And it was fun playing around with you and stuff. I loved figuring out where we were different and where we were similar. I loved it. Then you moved down to London and everything got easier. And it was good because as great as Dylan is there are some things only sisters get.’ She nudged Lola’s arm and smiled.

‘Like how awkward it is that we are gonna be wearing the same thing in front of tons people today.’ She joked.

‘Yeah, who would have thought that would ever happen?’

‘Dan told me that most of the family have a bet on how even though we’re wearing the same dress it is gonna look different on the both of us. And not in an “oh one’s blonde, the other’s brunette” kind of way, in a “they are wearing two different dresses kind of way”.’

‘And will he win?’

‘I don’t know, will he?’

‘Suppose we’ll find out later won’t we?’

‘If you two let me down with that I’m gonna be so pissed at you.’ Dylan piped up from the bedroom door, one hand clutching a mug.

‘Can’t upset the groom can we?’ Lizzy cooed and noted that he didn’t flinch at the word groom as he walked into the room properly.

‘No, you can’t. So you know, really ham up the differences please.’

‘We’ll definitely try. You okay?’ Lola asked as Dylan perched on the end of the bed.

‘Less worried that I’m gonna get stood up.’ He tried light-heartedly but Lizzy poked him in the leg with a quickly outstretched foot.

‘Thought you weren’t talking to each other until vow exchanges?’

‘Yeah that didn’t work. Ryan got annoyed at Tom and demanded he call me. Turns out I’m not the only panicker.’ Dylan flicked his eyes knowingly at Lizzy.

‘So we’re good?’

‘Yeah, I’m good. Excited. Ready to get this done now.’ He clapped a hand against his thigh and bounced on the bed.

‘Thank God for that!’ Lizzy exclaimed.

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