Snapshot 22
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Snapshot 22

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Lizzy walked through the front door and was instantly met by a hard, warm obstacle. She blinked slowly and dragged her gaze up from the floor.

‘What?’ She raised an eyebrow and shook her head once at Ryan.

‘Summer’s here.’ He stated with a shrug of his shoulders and a quick kiss to her forehead.

‘So you’re in my way because?’ Lizzy sounded exasperated as she drew out her vowels.

‘Because Lola is going off at her and I don’t think you should walk in on it.’

‘Why is Lola doing that?’ Lizzy mumbled and ran a hand through her hair.

‘Well when I left two minutes ago it’s because she was defending me, but it may have moved on from that.’ Lizzy sighed and dropped her bag on the floor as she finally closed the door behind her.

‘What did she say?’ Lizzy sighed again.

‘Not fair that I should hang out with the likes of Maddie so publicly when you clearly don’t live up to model standards.’ Ryan rushed out angrily.

‘Jesus, that is somehow worse than what I imagined. When did Lola get here?’ Lizzy laced her fingers with Ryan’s and squeezed gently.

‘She’s been here a couple of hours. We had something to do, but got distracted and then Summer showed up to “have a word”.’ Ryan spoke quietly and ran his thumb across the back of her hand.

‘Oh god. I’m sorry. ‘ Lizzy all but whined.

‘She is not yours to apologise for.’ Ryan kissed her hairline again.

‘Isn’t she?’ Lizzy released his hand and walked past Ryan down to the ever increasing sound of Lola’s exhausted yet calm voice. She turned into the doorway and caught Lola’s eyes before she spoke.

‘Summer, how pleasant a surprise that you’re here. I thought my dress fitting would be the worst thing to happen to me today. I like to be proved wrong.’ Summer turned around quickly and smiled sickly sweet at Lizzy.

‘Elizabeth darling, how are you?’

‘Tired and in dire need of a drink and some cake. You?’ Lizzy shrugged and tugged her hair up into a messy ponytail.

‘I’m worried about you darling.’ Summer stated bluntly.

‘And why is that?’ Lizzy bit out.

‘Your boyfriend is pulling the wool over your eyes and you are too blind to see it!’ Her voice was raised, clipped and exuded distaste.

‘And how is he doing that?’ Lizzy’s voice was calm in contrast to Summer’s.

‘For one it seems a bit odd that he refuses to marry you after all these years. Secondly he spends so much time gallivanting about with god knows who with very little regard to you at home. And thirdly, he is always so shifty when I ask him about who these models he spends time with are. It’s not fair that he should force you to make comparisons between yourself and others.’ Summer’s voice got progressively more annoyed and louder.

‘He doesn’t force me to do anything. I don’t care who he hangs out with, model or otherwise, he probably gets shifty because you accuse him of a thousand and one things and ask questions where every answer he gives is wrong. And where do you get off with painting him to be the bad guy, what the fuck are you on about that he gives little regard to me? He gallivants around mainly for work not because he is bored of home or whatever the hell you are thinking. From what I can tell Summer you’re the one who doesn’t think I’m pretty or good enough to keep him, not Ryan. Never Ryan. And honestly I’m so sick and tired of your one woman tirade against us.’ Lizzy sighed heavily and raised her arms in defeat and frustration.

‘No, no, no. That’s not what I’m…’ Summer stuttered and Lizzy rolled her eyes.

‘Really isn’t it? At what point in my interactions with you have I ever expressed worry or concern that I might not physically be up to scratch with some of the model company Ryan keeps? When has he ever given you any reason to doubt that he loves me, because please Summer I would really like to know how you could get a better understanding of my relationship from glossy pictures and well placed angles than me.’ Lizzy’s voice cracked and Ryan gently rested his hand at the small of her back and rubbed his thumb in circles, relaxing her slightly as she inhaled deeply and closed her eyes.

‘I just feel like you need to be more careful. I don’t want you to get hurt.’ Summer’s voice was a normal level again and Lizzy opened her eyes again slowly, fixing her stare on her.

‘How about you invest less time reading into my relationship and focus on something that might prove more fruitful, like your own life.’

‘Someone has to look at out for you Elizabeth.’ Summer pleaded.

‘Yeah and that person is me. Or Dylan. Or even Mum and Dad before that person is you.’ Lola scoffed, standing between Lizzy and Summer.

‘You’re not doing a good enough job. She is…’ Summer turned her attention to Lola, still pleading.

‘Just fine. On the whole I would say she is better than fine.’ Lola interjected.

‘I was going to say vulnerable.’ Summer scoffed.

‘If she’s not worried then why are you?’ Lola accused.

‘Because people don’t change. Not people like him anyway.’ Summer picked her bag up off the sofa and walked out of the room, offering a gentle smile to Lizzy and a snarl and Ryan just behind her as she left the house.

‘Hoooooow was the dress fitting?’ Lola asked cautiously once the front door had closed. Lizzy rolled her eyes and dropped over the arm of the sofa, legs dangling over the edge.

‘Lilac. You decided to make lilac your colour scheme?’ Her voice was strained and still laced with anger.

‘See this is why I should have come,’ Lola exclaimed, ‘yes lilac is my colour scheme but there was this gorgeous plum-y, burgundy colour that is right up street and will look so killer with your hair when it cascades against it. That was your colour. I stressed it to Claudia about 8 times when I left her the other day.’

‘Well Lolakins the dress I tried on today was definitely lilac.’ Lizzy looked over at Lola as she fell into the chair opposite and Ryan sat next to Lizzy’s head.

‘What else is wrong with it?’ Lola whined.

‘Nothing.’ Lizzy shrugged and Lola quirked an eyebrow.

‘What else?’

‘Nothing, it’s fine I guess.’ Lizzy shrugged.

‘I don’t believe you, but I’ll drop it for now because that just happened.’

‘Thank you.’

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