Snapshot 20
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Snapshot 20

Hi, Hey, Hello!

We are half way through the month!! This is, and I know this because I date everything, the thing that sparked this all and was the first thing I wrote as I emerged from the tunnel that was NaNo. Little did I know that I was sort of going into another tunnel, but I like tunnels. Oh yeah, there are dual perspectives in this, anyway here we go.

Lizzy could tell something was wrong when she felt his arms wrap wordlessly around her waist tightly while she was stirring a saucepan full of pasta sauce in the kitchen. The move startled her at first, mainly because she hadn’t heard the front door, but as his left hand started to rub slow assured circles on her hip she relaxed instantly.

His head nestled into the crook of her neck and he sagged into her slightly, releasing whatever tension had crept its way into his shoulders. Lizzy felt him inhale softly as he nudged some of her hair out of the way and found his favourite spot just behind her ear.

He noted that she smelt faintly of her vanilla body washed mixed with the bubble gum scent of her shampoo and conditioner. On top of that there was the stronger smell of her perfume with flowery undertones still clinging to her pores even now, well into the evening. The t-shirt Lizzy was wearing was his and the remnants of his own cologne was the final layer to the scent that he was finding comfort in.

Lizzy dropped the spoon on the counter and leaned back into his chest gently. Her left hand moved and entwined itself with his fingers against her waist. She tilted her head back to rest on his shoulder and felt his lips pucker and press a fluttery kiss to her neck before he hooked his chin over her shoulder and exhaled slowly.

‘What are you cooking?’ His voice came out low and husky and Lizzy felt it reverberating through his chest.

‘Pasta sauce. Tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, carrots, a few herbs and spices and a bit of bacon.’ Lizzy’s equally low, like she was sharing a secret with him.

‘Smells good.’ He hummed moving to press a kiss to the curve of her shoulder.

‘How was your day?’ Lizzy asked gently feeling the groan that rumbled through his chest before she heard it.

‘Long. Shit. Long.’ He elongated the vowels and buried his head back into the crook of her neck.

‘You wanna talk about it?’ Lizzy started twisting the ring on his finger and he pulled her in tighter before he continued talking.

‘Becca showed up today and started criticising all my life choices in a non-subtle way. The guys deflected it all pretty well and the kept the heat off for the most part but she was persistent.’ Lizzy stilled her movements and noted that his shoulders were broadening unnaturally again.

‘I thought you two were good now?’ Lizzy could hear the insecurity and doubt in her voice.

‘I thought we were too. It kind of came out of nowhere, Becca wasn’t even supposed to be our interviewer.’ His voice sounded more frustrated and increased in volume as he spoke.

‘Well how bad could she spin it?’ Lizzy felt him take a deep breath and slowly exhale.

‘Just the same “I’m a manwhore” spin. Make it seem like I’m indifferent to your feelings in the same way that I apparently did with her or whatever, because I go out with when I want and with who I want. If she tries hard enough I reckon she could make me out to be cheating on you…again.’

‘Well that’s all bullshit.’ Lizzy whispered, staring at their interlocked hands.

‘Yeah I know, doesn’t mean I have to like it.’ He mumbled back.

‘I don’t like it either, but it’s the hand we’ve been dealt with so we make it work as usual. It’s not like I’m walking around secretly believing all this shit.’

‘Not to sound like a broken record or anything but you would tell me if you did right?’ He asked as he pressed another kiss to her neck.

‘Babe I can assure you that I wouldn’t shut up about it if I did.’

‘Well alright then. How was your day?’

‘I woke up, had a shower, downed some coffee, had lunch with Mel, met Mum for a dress fitting, went to yoga then went food shopping and started dinner.’ Lizzy felt him relax into her again as she spoke, his arms loosened around her waist and his hand restarted tracing patterns on her skin.

‘How is Amelia?’ He asked.

‘She’s fine. Finally picked out her dress. I think Dad will be happy to know that, he was getting stressed about it.’

‘Well with two weeks to go I can see why there would be some stress involved.’

‘Nah she was always going to get one in fairly good time.’

‘You say that with an exceptional amount of calm. You are so clearly your mother’s daughter.’ He smiled against her shoulder.

‘Obviously babe. Dad wants to talk to you by the way.’

‘Mmmhmmm, what about?’

‘I dunno, I didn’t actually ask to be honest. I assume it has to do with some best man duties.’

‘Wait, what?’ He dropped his arms and Lizzy turned around to look at him.

‘So I guess that’s what he wants to talk to you about.’ Lizzy mumbled.

‘You have a brother?! Dylan exists. Why would he make me a best man at his wedding and why would I not know about it already?’ There was a hint of panic in his eyes.

‘Dylan does exist. And he is Dad’s best man, but they had three kids which means Mum has two Maid of Honours so Dad needs to even it out. I honestly don’t know why he hasn’t told you yet, I thought he had. It’s very unlike him.’ Ryan’s arm silently moved past Lizzy and picked up the spoon to stir the sauce as it simmered away.

‘Yeah, but am I the best person to be his second best man?’ Lizzy frowned slightly.

‘Why wouldn’t you be?’

‘Lola has a boyfriend and your dad doesn’t really like me. That’s why.’

‘Lola’s boyfriend has only been around for like 8 months to your two years and why the hell would he not like you?’

‘Liz, not even 10 minutes ago we were having a conversation about how one of my ex-girlfriends could make it seem like I am cheating on you and there is a very real possibility that the idea can stick because my reputation proceeds me even after being with you for the past 2 years. Although I guess I don’t help the situation by going out without you a fair amount…’ he huffed out a shirt breath and Lizzy pushed his chest slightly to put some space between them.

‘Firstly, he didn’t like you for, like, the first 6 months because of aforementioned reputation. He’s liked you since because the only thing that has the power to surpass his media based opinions of you is my happiness and there can be no denying that you make me happy. Mum didn’t force him to pick a second best man, she simply suggested it to make things more symmetrical, Dad didn’t hesitate to pick you. So I’m fairly certain he likes you and he didn’t pick you just to appease me. And secondly will you please stop worrying about the amount you go out without me because you’re 22 and enjoying it and if people honestly think that that of all things is a reflection of our relationship than screw them.’

‘How long have you known then?’ He asked.

‘What?’ Lizzy frowned again and leaned heavier against the counter underneath her.

‘How long have you known I was second best man?’ He clarified.

‘Oh, a couple of weeks I guess.’ Lizzy shrugged.

‘And you didn’t tell me?’ His voice squeaked.

‘I thought he told you! We don’t talk about the wedding that much and Dad understood that you were busy in the weeks leading up to it so they are keeping it on a need to know basis with you.’

‘I feel I need to know I’m a best man.’

‘I agree. I don’t know why you don’t, but clearly Dad thinks you need to know some stuff now.’

‘I’m gonna need a suit.’ He said, mostly to himself.

‘You already have a suit.’ Lizzy pointed out as she turned around and tended to the saucepan again.

‘That was before I knew that everybody would be staring at me.’ Lizzy turned back around and raised an eyebrow.

‘Oh right because that one you were gonna wear is soooooo ratty.’ She teased.

‘Am I going to have a wear a tie or something?’

‘When was the last time you wore a tie?’

‘Is your asking of that question in itself an answer?’


‘So no tie?’ His voice was tentative.

‘I wouldn’t think so.’ Lizzy looked back at the saucepan.

‘I never asked you what you were wearing to the wedding.’ He realised.

‘Red. Either jumpsuit or dress, I think I’ll probably decide on the day.’

‘What about Lola?’


‘And Amelia?’

‘She fell in love with an ivory little number today. There’s lace and beading, full length, capped sleeves and a cinched waist. She looked incredible.’


‘You should go have a shower or lie down or something, relax a little bit. I can feel you’re tense from here.’ Lizzy changed the subject again.

‘Well I just found out that I was gonna be a best man at your parents’ wedding, course I’m tense.’ He joked.

‘So you’re over the Becca thing?’ Lizzy tried gently.

‘Not 100%, but this has taken precedence because you’re right I can’t really control that and I just have to deal. This however is terrifying.’

‘It’s not terrifying. It’s standing up front by the altar, smiling for a bunch of pictures and sitting at the top table. Two of which you were already doing by being my boyfriend. This is not terrifying.’

‘I should just talk to Will shouldn’t I?’ He sighed and slumped down.

‘Yes I think you should talk to Dad. And go have a shower.’ Lizzy pushed him playfully in the shoulder.

‘Fine, fine, I’m going.’ He pressed a quick kiss to her cheek and left the room, leaving Lizzy to finish getting dinner ready.

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