Snapshot 21
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Snapshot 21

Hi, Hey, Hello!

Can we just pretend that it isn’t June and this isn’t set on Christmas Day? I know I am because the Scrooge in me needs placating for this…but onwards we go.

Lola slipped over the back of the sofa into the seat next to Lizzy and nudged her shoulder.

‘Your boy looks good in a towel.’

‘My boy continually forgets that we are not alone in this house at the moment.’ Lizzy turned her head to look at her sister.

‘He almost made me think dirty, dirty things about Ariel.’ Lola stage whispered.

‘We don’t have enough towels, me and him have resorted to the depths of our towel collection. He got Little Mermaid, I got Beauty and the Beast. So that whole dirty thoughts about your favourite princess thing is almost entirely your fault.’

‘Your towels are so fluffy though. I appreciate them.’

‘You should. We miss them very much.’

‘What did he get you for Christmas?’ Lola changed the subject.

‘A pair of boots I have been lusting over for weeks, perfume and some underwear.’

‘The sexy kind?’ Lola quirked an eyebrow.

‘The everyday kind. But yeah still pretty fantastic. What about you?’

‘A whole bunch of jumpers and a charm for my bracelet.’


‘It is. The charm is beautiful. The sex that followed was also great.’

‘Isn’t it always?’ Lizzy laughed.

‘Well yeah, but the almost taboo of it because we’re here made everything better this morning.’

‘Yes, there is something incredibly fun about sneaking around your own house to have sex.’

‘Haven’t had to be that quiet for ages now.’

‘We are in hotel rooms frequently, we are good at being quiet all the time now.’

‘Oh my gosh, I forgot to ask, how was New Zealand?’ Lola jumped in her seat and slapped Lizzy’s arm.

‘Very green, very pretty. Forgot that screaming could be that loud. Got some swimming done. Got some writing done. Watched the boys crush it a few times, sunbathed a bit, slept a lot.’

‘Jealous.’ Lola whined.

‘Ryan’s going to New York in the new year. You should come with us if you’re not busy.’ Lizzy shrugged and Lola’s eyes widened.

‘I’m not busy. Are you serious?’

‘Yeah. I mean Ryan is gonna be fairly busy and he pretty much invited all three of us when he mentioned it the other day.’

‘So you, me and Dylan?’ Lola confirmed.

‘What about me?’ Dylan dropped across both of them.

‘New York, next month, you in?’ Lizzy tapped his leg twice.

‘Of course I am.’ Dylan huffed.

‘Then we’re going to New York.’ Lizzy exclaimed.

‘Oh God, they both said yes.’ Ryan dropped a kiss on top of Lizzy’s head as he walked into the room and leant against the back of the sofa between her and Lola.

‘Yes they did.’ Lizzy looked over her shoulder and stuck her tongue out.

‘Well this is a disaster.’ Ryan joked.

‘Mmmhmmmm, yeah I’m sure it will be, what with all the free time you are gonna have.’ Lizzy ran a finger along his cheekbone.

‘Sssshhh! You peeling the veg or am I?’ He looked in the direction of the kitchen and then back at the sofa.

‘I’ve already peeled them all eagle eyes, you just have to roast them up.’

‘In my defence, I haven’t been in the kitchen since last night. Mum won’t let me.’

‘Well yours is in full on turkey mode and mine has breakfast covered.’

‘So roasting?’ Ryan trailed off.

‘There are very comprehensive instructions stuck on the fridge for you hon.’ Lizzy kissed his cheek.

‘You’re the best.’

‘Just don’t forget it.’

‘I’m gonna see if I can snag some coffee. Is it an almond milk kind of day?’ Ryan tapped the top of the sofa and kissed her head again.

‘Yes please.’ Lizzy called as he walked towards the kitchen.

‘You know you two are the reason me and Sarah aren’t together anymore.’ Dylan piped up.

‘Ummm excuse me?’ Lizzy looked down at him and raised her eyebrows.

‘I don’t necessarily mean it in a bad way. I just mean I realised one day that Sarah and I were always on eggshells with each other. There was none of the ease you and Ryan have. I mean he has a spotlight following him around and you’re a rising star in your own right and your relationship is continually dragged through the mud. Yet his eyes still shine a bit brighter when he talks about you and there is a fondness in his voice that bleeds through clearly when he tells a story about you. And he loves you and it’s obvious because it’s the easiest thing for him. Just like it is with you because I know you Liz and you are awful at faking things if you don’t feel them. You relax a little when he walks in a room and you take all these cues from each other in terms of body language and in the 5 years I was with Sarah we never got even close to that kind of intimacy. You and Ryan are so much like Mum and Dad that it got to the point where I had to stop using the excuse that it was because we were young that we didn’t work as both individuals and a unit, because you’ve always been only one year younger than me and you got it.’

‘Well shit Dyl.’ Lizzy whispered in disbelief.

‘I wanted to not like him when I first met him. I wanted him to be the douche the media painted him to be. But then he really paid attention whenever you spoke and he wordlessly took all the cheese off your plate because you forgot to tell the waiter to hold it. And he ordered dessert for you while you were in the bathroom and he picked the brownie where David in the same situation before him picked pannacotta because apparently it’s healthier. And you laughed and smiled and you weren’t fully on your guard and I couldn’t not like him. And now 3 years and however many months later he can tell almost instantly whether you want milk in your coffee and you trust him not to fuck it up. I mean come on Liz, you trust very few people outside of coffee shops with your coffee and even then you’re picky.’ Dylan poked Lizzy’s side and she twitched away from it lethargically.

‘He has a point, you told me you didn’t want coffee when I asked earlier.’ Lola mentioned as she took in Lizzy’s expression.

‘Well…’ She tried.

‘You’re not supposed to know what you say, don’t worry Liz. Now I’m gonna see if Mum will let me nick some food so I can make it to brunch.’ Dylan nudged her shoulder, stood up and disappeared after Ryan into the kitchen.

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