Snapshot 23
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Snapshot 23

Hi, Hey, Hello!

Just as a point of reference, the events in this one happen before 9. And on we go…

‘Did your flight not land about twenty minutes ago?’ Lizzy asked as she opened the front door confused.

‘No. I mean, yes I came straight from the airport but it’s been nearly three hours since I landed if you want to get technical.’ Lola responded as she shrugged casually and pushed her sunglasses on top of her head.

‘And Danny is?’ Lizzy let Lola into the house and closed the front door.

‘He went home.’ She shrugged again and walked through to the living room. Lizzy followed her closely.

‘And you came straight here?’

‘Yeah, it’s been four weeks since I’ve seen you. It was weird, I saw you literally every day before that. Is Ryan around?’ Lola fell onto a sofa cushion and curled her legs underneath her.

‘Nope, he’s in LA.’ Lizzy dropped onto the other end of the sofa heavily.


‘Last week.’

‘So how have you been?’ Lola poked Lizzy’s arm gently.

‘Still suffering from post-holiday sadness,’

‘Wait, you went on holiday?’ Lola squealed.

‘Oh yeah, we spent two weeks in Hawaii before he went to LA, because…work.’ Lizzy ran a hand through her hair and shrugged coyly.

‘Was this trip to Hawaii planned?’ Lola probed.

‘In like 3 days yeah. He came home one day and suggested we get out of the city. So we did.’

‘Nice, how was that then?’

‘Beautiful. It’s Hawaii, it’s always stunning. Relaxing, exactly what I needed right now. Recharged the batteries as cliché as that sounds. What about you? How was your month long sex holiday?’

‘Exhausting! But seriously, much of the same. Nice and relaxed. Fun.’ Lola laughed.

‘That was very enlightening.’ Lizzy joked.

‘I did nothing for nearly four weeks except get a tan and naturally bleach my hair.’ Lola gestured vaguely around her.

‘Nice. Oh I saw Mum and Summer yesterday, that was fun as usual.’ Sarcasm dripped from her words.


‘Well Mum was great obviously, but Summer was just on form for being sort of awful to me.’

‘What did she do?’ Lola sighed.

‘So she was late and I was in the middle of telling Mum about this dinner that Ryan did and how it was overlooking the horizon and it was just super pretty and kind of romantic, I mean hugely for us in terms of gestures and things. And then Summer rocks up gets comfy and starts saying how that would have been the perfect time. And well the meal started as it would continue.’

‘Gosh.’ Lola breathed out.

‘She just kept on making sly remarks about us and kept asking what he was doing in LA and who he was with and it’s just exhausting being around her.’ Lizzy slumped down into the sofa.

‘How did Mum react?’ Lola prompted.

‘Passive aggressively. Same as usual. She’s just as exhausted by it as I am, that telling off apparently meant nothing to Summer.’ She muttered.

‘What is he doing in LA?’ Lola finally removed her glasses from on top of her head and discarded them on the coffee table.

‘Working. Studio time or something. They’re looking to put together new material.’

‘Finally! It’s been too long.’ She clapped her hands together twice and bounced in her seat gently.

‘Eight months.’ Lizzy pointed out.

‘Even when you see them on semi regular basis, eight months seems like a long time without new music.’

‘Yeah I guess, but rest assured new music is coming your way soon.’ Lizzy laughed.

‘You should break up with him so that he can write some killer break up songs about it, those are always my favourite.’ Lola joked, poking Lizzy’s shoulder gently.

‘I will call him now and get right on that for you.’ Lizzy laughed.

‘Are you heading out there?’ Lola asked.

‘Nah, I’ve got deadlines to meet and the near constant sun makes me wanna be outside and not work.’

‘Fair enough. We should go to Mum and Dad’s, it’s hard not to be productive there.’

‘Don’t you have to go and live with your husband now?’

‘Probably.’ Lola laughed and shrugged over dramatically.

‘Why do you need to be productive?’ Lizzy inquired.

‘I have three new clients, three very different colour schemes and spaces to work with and a month to do it in.’ Lola reeled off quickly.

‘Oooh, yeah we should go to Mum and Dad’s.’ Lizzy nodded enthusiastically and tapped Lola’s knee.

‘You pack some stuff, I’ll call Mum and let her know we’re descending.’ Lizzy nodded once in affirmation pushed up off the sofa and started pottering around the house to the soundtrack of Lola’s phone call.

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