Snapshot 24
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Snapshot 24

Hi, Hey, Hello!

Lizzy cracked her eye open and glared over the frame of her sunglasses when the shadow fell over her. Her gaze softened when she saw it was Ryan’s silhouette looming above her.

‘You’re in my sun, hon.’ Lizzy closed her eyes again and felt the sun gently fan back across her face, warming her skin instantly.

‘Did you mean for that to rhyme?’ Ryan’s voice was rough yet fond. It caused Lizzy to open her eyes and squint at him as he positioned himself next to her knee on her sun lounger. She noticed that his hair was still soft and sleep rumpled and there was a crease from the pillow he had been hugging tightly when she left softly embedded on his cheek. The waistband of his shorts was haphazard and dangerously low at points and that was the final indication that he had come straight down once he realised he was alone. She closed her eyes again and pushed her sunglasses on top of her head before she spoke.

‘No, it just happened. Did you enjoy your late morning cuddles?’

‘Oh yeah they were great. My cuddle buddy didn’t cocoon itself in the duvet or try to suffocate me with a vice grip around my waist.’ His hand dropped down firmly on her thigh and stroked absent-mindedly.

‘Sounds awful if you ask me.’ She mumbled back.

‘Well I wouldn’t want to make a habit of it. How long have you been out here?’

‘What time is it?’ She cracked an eye open and looked down at him.

‘Just after 11.’

‘Then about an hour.’ She shrugged and slipped her eyes shut.

‘Do I want to know?’ he asked, squeezing her leg.

‘Went to sleep at half 1, then Lols woke me up at around 8 we did some yoga and had a lazy breakfast.’ Ryan’s eyebrows raised briefly as he looked up at the house.

‘Where is she now?’

‘Well she said she was going to check on Dan and come straight down, so I’m gonna guess she’s still “checking” on him.’

‘Uh huh,’ he responded with a smirk and a sharp nod of his head, ‘you wearing sun screen?’

‘No babe, I thought I would lie around in the ever increasing hot glare of the sun without the reassuring slightly sticky protection of SPF50.’ She drawled.

‘Well you did that once and your skin peeled so much I honestly thought you were becoming reptilian.’

‘We are not in a comic book. And that was once. 5 years ago.’ She shifted her leg and nudged him with her toe.

‘By always reminding you I hope to prevent it ever happening again.’ He caught her foot and wrapped his hand around her calf.

‘Ugh fine. Yes, I am wearing sunscreen.’ She jiggled her leg and he let it fall against his lap.

‘Liz I am very well versed in your sarcasm, I got that.’ Ryan laughed and Lizzy stuck her tongue out.

‘How did last night go?’ he asked leaning back and bracketing her other leg between his arms and back.

‘Good I guess. I dunno I hit some kind of wall so I just did some character building stuff instead.’ Ryan nodded and looked upwards.

‘So then, should Magnellius exist in our world his coffee order would be?’

‘A large soy chai latte.’ Lizzy answered easily around a smile.

‘You know with a name like his I expected worse. Kath’s?’

‘Medium extra hot skinny latte with an extra shot on a good day, white chocolate mocha on a bad. She has more good days than bad.’

‘I see what you did there.’ He smiled and looked down at her and then at the mug that rested on the table next to her.

‘Why thank you.’

‘Speaking of coffee…’ Lizzy cut him off.

‘Kitchen, I just brewed some. Should still be warm but you might have to stick it in the microwave or something.

‘We have ice right?’

‘Should do.’

‘I’ll go that way then. You want anything?’ Lizzy opened her eyes and looked at him as he stood up and stretched. The fabric of his shorts settled lower as he sagged back and she slowly dragged her eyes up to his face.

‘Make a decision about those shorts. Either wear them or don’t, none of this teasing shit.’ She gestured vaguely at his legs and he smirked down at her.

‘What if I go with don’t?’

‘Then I hope Lols and Dan don’t mind looking at penis that isn’t Danny’s.’ She shrugged and shifted against the lounger, sagging against the towel she was resting on even further.

‘I’m not gonna do that.’ He confirmed as he stuffed his hands in the pockets and shifted the waistband again.

‘Whatever you want babe. But could you get me some of that smoothie in the fridge with a straw please. And then I need you to put sunscreen on my back.’ He nodded a dropped her kiss on her forehead as he walked past her.

‘Okay, I’ll be back in five then.’


‘Kath’s happy place?’ Ryan asked as he fell gently onto the lounger next to Lizzy and handed her a glass with a purple straw stuck firmly in the middle. Lizzy pushed herself to sit up properly and gratefully accepted the glass as she knocked her sunglasses back down onto her face.

‘Her bed buried in pillows and a thick duvet.’

‘And M’s?’

‘The beach at sunrise.’ Lizzy dragged the straw into her mouth and sucked.

‘Where did the block start?’

‘My head started hurting keeping track of limbs and shit.’ She chewed the straw absent-mindedly and turned her head to look at Ryan properly.

‘Ah, so you’ve decided that’s happening then?’ He laughed.

‘Apparently.’ She sucked noisily through the straw.

‘So you still want me to put sunscreen on your back?’ He asked after a few minutes of silence. Lizzy nodded and reached down to pick up the discarded bottle to hand to him. She set her drink down on the floor and turned to settle comfortably on her front. She rested her head on her forearms and Ryan straddled her hips.

‘How was your little yoga session?’ He asked as he warmed some lotion in between his palms.

‘Painful. I am so out of practice.’ She mumbled into her skin.

‘Well exercise is always the first to go.’ His hands splayed broadly across her shoulders and started working in small, soothing circles.

‘And always the one I come to regret.’ She sighed quietly and pushed back into his hands.

‘Swim.’ He suggested.

‘What, right now? Kind of busy.’

‘You’re not doing anything.’ Ryan laughed as his hands moved down to her waist.

‘And how often am I busy doing nothing?’

‘Touche, but I meant in general. It would get you out of the house and help you relax…’

‘You have a bed for that.’ Lola called from the door.

‘You can’t sunbathe from a bed.’ Lizzy called back, half-heartedly lifting her head to look at her.

‘Oh we’re calling this sunbathing.’ Lola said as she walked over to them while putting on her sunglasses.

‘No, this is applying sun protection. The sunbathing will come later.’

‘Uh huh, because from where I am it looks very different.’ She gestured at Ryan’s legs across her bum and raised her eyebrows.

‘Danny awake?’ Lizzy mumbled knowingly.

‘He’s in the shower.’

‘And waking him took over an hour?’

‘He’s a very deep sleeper.’ She shrugged and reclined on the lounger next to Lizzy.

‘If you breathe loudly from the kitchen when he’s asleep, upstairs and at the back of the house, he’d wake up.’ She joked.

‘Yeah like I said, deep sleeper.’ Lola looked pointedly at her sister.

‘The deepest.’ Her mouth smirked around the words.

‘Still doesn’t warrant this gross public display of affection.’ She twisted her face in faux disgust.

‘You are currently the only witness to this.’

‘But soon Daniel’s poor innocent retinas are going to come across this. That’s not fair to him.’ She spoke over dramatically and Ryan snorted while Lizzy rolled her eyes.

‘Right yeah, innocent.’

‘You know if you were this pliant during yoga it probably wouldn’t have hurt so much.’

‘I’m this pliant because all my muscles have been stretched because of you.’ She deflected as Ryan’s hand swooped down to the base of her spine.

‘Oh yeah, your currently melting into a sun lounger has nothing to do with the giant hands rubbing up all over your back and all to do with your half-assed attempt at yoga.’ She scoffed.

‘Hey, it was not half-assed, don’t be rude!’ Lizzy lifted her head and pushed her glasses up into her hair to look at Lola properly.

‘I’ll get a successful downward dog out of you yet.’ The pair maintained eye contact until Lizzy flipped her sunglasses back down and settled back on her arms.

‘Don’t doubt you’ll try.’

‘I have two weeks.’

‘But you do it so early.’ She whined half-heartedly.

‘9am is not early for the normal people of the world.’ She laughed.

‘It is when you’re technically on holiday 9am is early.’

‘Ryan, back me up, 9am isn’t early right?’

‘In general no probably not, on holiday yeah kinda.’ He shrugged and swiped his hands up the expanse of Lizzy’s back slowly.

‘Ugh, that’s not how I wanted you to respond.’

‘Sorry Lols.’

‘Meh,’ she started pulling her hair up into a messy bun on the top of her head, ‘it’s not your fault. You both keep weird hours anyway. But if you’re in bed before 2 and you’re not having sex then I am dragging you out of bed.’ She dropped her hands on her thighs with a sense of finality.

‘How are you going to know if I’m in bed before 2?’ She lifted her head again and looked at Lola over the top of her sunglasses.

‘Mugs.’ Ryan mumbled taking his hands off her back.

‘What?’ Her head snapped around to stare at him.

‘You encourage yourself to get sleepy when it’s after 2 so make yourself a hot drink. You leave the mugs dotted around the kitchen.’ He admitted cautiously.

‘Thank you Ryan. Mugs, that’s how Lizzy honey.’ She smiled gleefully.

‘I’ll always sleep naked.’ Lizzy countered.

‘I was also equipped with boobs and a vagina.’

‘What if I’m injured?’ She futilely tried.

‘Yeah, you look real injured now.’

‘I could be, you don’t know!’

‘If you were the whole world would know about it.’


‘Honest. So it’s settled, yoga between 9 and 10.’

‘I didn’t agree to that.’

‘But you’ll be there.’

‘Fine.’ She grumbled and Ryan swung his legs off her and onto the ground.

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