Snapshot 25
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Snapshot 25

Hi, Hey, Hello!

Short one today.

‘Elizabeth Maxwell what are you doing?’ Lizzy jumped and turned quickly to the door with half a cookie in her mouth to see a laughing Ryan.

‘I honestly thought you were Dad then.’ Lizzy spoke around her mouthful with a hand clutched to her chest.

‘No, just your boyfriend. You went missing, figured I would find you near the food.’ He gestured to the pack of cookies in her hand.

‘I am hungry and I’m pretty sure my blood sugar levels were low. Plus, you know, Summer.’ She shrugged and picked another cookie up.

‘Yeah she’s the reason I came to find you. I got mildly annoyed at her. She might permanently scar my mum though.’

‘Nah, Carol’s talking to our Mum now.’ Lola said as she walked past Ryan and over to Lizzy, who wordlessly extended the cookies out.

‘So why are you in here?’ Lizzy asked Lola.

‘I smelled cookies,’ she started, pausing to take a bite, ‘and Summer started spewing shit so I had to get out of there.’

‘What was she saying?’ Lizzy sighed, leaning against the wall closest to her.

‘Oh the usual, you’re unmarried, neither of us are pregnant, Ryan’s still a serial shagger, we are too dependent on each other as a trio of siblings down in London, we eat and drink too much, we don’t work hard enough et cetera, et ceterea. She’s got a new audience in Danny and Ryan’s family, so she’s going for it today. Everyone is bit stunned as per, Mum looks close to breaking point. I mean it would be funny if it wasn’t actually our life.’

‘Sorry Summer thinks we’re too dependent on each other? Bit rich coming from the woman who practically lives in her sister’s pocket. When was the last time she wasn’t here?’ Lizzy scoffed and stuffed a cookie in her mouth.

‘Has Summer ever been rational?’ Lola countered.

‘No, but this is just something else. It’s the total opposite of a good first impression.’

‘You’re right. You wanna get out of here?’ Lola said hopefully.

‘Yes, but we can’t.’ Lizzy whined in response.

‘Right, yes. I will go fetch Dan, Dyl, and Tom and then we can scatter.’

‘Lola.’ Lizzy warned.

‘Ugh, yes I know we can’t actually leave. Doesn’t mean I can’t dream and hope. This dinner is going to be a nightmare.’

‘Nothing we haven’t done before.’ Lizzy tried to reassure just as Dylan rushed into the room and looked between Lola and Lizzy.

‘Mum finally cracked.’ Both girls went wide eyed.

‘What do you mean cracked?’ Ryan asked into the stunned silence.

‘As in she finally fought back with Summer. She finally told Summer to shut the fuck up. In those actual words before she then went on about how ridiculous Summer is and how she is nothing but negative about us and she doesn’t understand how that is even possible because Summer watched us grow up and she should want us to be happy, which clearly at this point we all are. Then Dad made her go all zen with the slightest of touches and she calmly told Summer to leave. So she’s gone and Liz, you and Ryan are most definitely 100% confirmed exactly like our parents.’ Dylan finished with a tone of realisation.

‘Thanks? Wait, so she’s seriously gone.’ Lizzy straightened up.

‘Yeah, Mum kicked her out until further notice, which I guess means until the wedding.’

‘So I can go back out there with this whole pack of cookies without judgement or being passive aggressively told I should watch my weight?’ She waved the cookies around to illustrate her point.

‘Yeah.’ Dylan confirmed with a broad smile breaking out on his face.

‘Well this is the best news I’ve had today.’ Lola beamed as her and Dylan left the room.

‘She is not wrong.’ Lizzy laughed to Ryan as she walked over to him.

‘So can we go back out there then?’ He asked as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

‘Oh yeah, sure we can, let’s go, this night just got so much better.’ Lizzy smiled and picked another cookie up, holding the packet out to Ryan, who took one happily.

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