Snapshot 27
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Snapshot 27

Hi, Hey, Hello!

Final week time! Here we go, onwards…

‘He back yet?’ Lizzy jumped at the sound of Lola’s voice as she stared out of the kitchen window and watched the shadows of the trees blowing around in the gentle summer breeze.

‘Nah, he might just go and crash at Zach’s.’ She rumbled out, casting her gaze over to Lola quickly.

‘Then why are you awake?’ Lola asked as she grabbed a mug and headed towards the sink.

‘Can’t sleep. Pretty sure I have some kind of delayed jetlag. What about you?’ She turned away from the window and jumped up on the counter as Lola filled her mug.

‘Same probably. And I’ve got all these ideas in my head for this new space I’m gonna get my hands on and they’re keeping me up.’ She drew a long sip from her mug and jumped up next to Lizzy.

‘Ooooh where is this new space?’

‘Loft space in London. The skyline is incredible, I’m incredibly excited and also a bit jealous of whoever gets to live there.’ Lola replied with excitement underlying the lethargic drawl of her voice.

‘What are you thinking?’

‘Well it’s an open space obviously, but it comes with an upstairs. Spiral staircase, currently white changing it to black. The windows are floor to ceiling, so, so much light. Monochrome theme, obviously. I’m really taking a lot of inspiration from your kitchen for the space for it. I’m thinking granite or marble for that. Beautiful cupboards, shelving unit et cetera. Clients want a massive bookcase, so can you help me with that please?’ Lizzy nodded once, ‘cool thanks. I get to add real life plants so that’s a bit new. I’m playing around with ideas as to how I can make the space stay beautifully open but still allude to different rooms. Bathroom, white obviously, I really need to get their opinion on waterfall showers because honestly part of me wants it to be like the feature of the room. The rest will be pretty simple and easy for that room though. Then I have the living room to deal with and I’ve hit a wall there, but I have ideas aplenty for everything else.’

‘I can see why that’s keeping you awake.’ Lizzy laughed.

‘I have a vision Elizabeth and it’s all I can think about right now.’

‘You should write it down.’ Lizzy gestured to the notebook resting on the island and Lola’s eyes widened comically.

‘What in the sacred pages of your notebook?’

‘It’s a new one, I haven’t actually written anything in it yet.’ She shrugged as Lola jumped down and walked over to where it was.

‘Then I am truly lucky.’

‘Mmmhmmm, blame my jet lag addled brain for the momentary lapse of judgement.’ She smiled tiredly and shifted back to rest her head against the window, her eyes slipped shut slowly.

‘Hey, did you talk to Mum today?’ Lola asked suddenly and Lizzy opened an eye as she nodded.

‘About the wedding? Yeah.’

‘You know you’re my maid of honour right? Danny’s parents have really grabbed this bull by the horns and I’m stood over here just watching it happen. But try as she might the only person I want stood slightly to my left and back is you.’ She reassured.

‘Mum kind of said as much.’ Lizzy’s other eye slowly blinked open.

‘What else did she say?’ Lola asked as she slid onto a stool.

‘She advised that I be on my best behaviour and keep snarky comments to a minimum.’

‘His parents are very…traditionalist I would say.’ Lola started absently tracing patterns onto the marble of the island with her forefinger.

‘Meaning?’ Lizzy scoffed unexpectedly.

‘Meaning there is a reason you haven’t met them before. I mean I have, well did have, to deal with comments about your hair, your tattoos, your boyfriend, his overt sexuality, Dylan’s actual bisexuality, both their tattoos, don’t get me started on the way they talk about what you all do for a living, they conveniently gloss over my “creative” profession. Then there’s all the talk about the travelling we do and shit talking about how our liberal parents probably set us some kind of disadvantage for life.’ Lizzy shook her head in disbelief as she interrupted her.

‘You know if I didn’t love that kid I would wonder if he was even worth it.’

‘It kind of hasn’t been bought up in front of me in a while. He got on the defensive one day about you all, they weren’t too happy about it.’

‘Wait is that why he is kinda distant from his family?’ Lola nodded sadly.

‘Yeah I mean they effectively disowned him after that like he was this embarrassment for being a decent human being. But you know Mum and Dad, they’ll do anything for a friend. I dunno, I think it hit him hard but…’

‘The Maxwell clan rallied.’

‘In a big fucking way. It’s why them wanting to be soooooo involved in the wedding is so left field.’ Lola laughed dryly.

‘I will be on my best behaviour.’

‘It wouldn’t be the end of the world if you were yourself. But I’m gonna try you know?’

‘Try with what?’

‘I’m still the bride I think that means I have some say. So I’m gonna try and slot you into my wedding as you, not the version of you I fear they want you to be.’

‘Thank you, but also do me a favour. If it’s really that bad save your compromise. For something more important than a dress, I can deal with a dress, your unhappiness not so much.’ Lizzy dropped onto the floor and stepped towards Lola.

‘I might need it for the best man thing then. They are under the assumption that it’s gonna be one of Danny’s cousins because they grew up together or some shit like that.’ She smiled nervously.


‘He’s gonna ask Ryan.’ She rushed out and Lizzy quirked an eyebrow.

‘Yeah it might be better used there then.’ The girls laughed loudly into the quiet before Lizzy trailed off into thought.

‘You know it has just occurred to me that Summer and Danny’s family would probably get on swimmingly.’

‘HA! Yeah probably.’

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