Snapshot 29
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Snapshot 29

Hi, Hey, Hello!

Here we go again.

‘Your Dad and I are getting married.’ Amelia announced once the waiter had placed their drinks down and walked away.

‘Because the last 25 years have been…?’ Lizzy laughed as she picked up her glass and swirled the straw into her mouth.

‘A farce,’ she paused for a beat before laughing, ‘no, they have been 25 years of greatness and love and all that jazz but we woke up the other day and decided to just do it.’ She shrugged her right shoulder.

‘But why now?’ Dylan asked.

‘What better way to celebrate 25 years of tolerating each other than with a wedding?’

‘Fair enough.’ Lizzy pushed her fringe off her face.

‘Anyway, we can discuss this in more detail later. How are you two holding up?’

‘Well Sarah’s stuff has officially left my house.’ Dylan started.

‘And?’ Amelia prompted.

‘I dunno. I kind of don’t care anymore. Well maybe not don’t care but that book is closed to never be re-opened and I’m okay with that now. I didn’t think I could be, but I am.’ He smiled and picked up his drink.

‘Well as long as you’re not wearing yourself out.’

‘He’s not anymore.’ Lizzy piped in poking his shoulder playfully.

‘Dylan you should remember to take care of yourself.’ Amelia chided gently.

‘Yeah, yeah I know. I’m getting better, plus you know Liz is always around right now.’ He laughed.

‘I’m only seemingly always around because I haven’t been around for a while.’ Lizzy pointed out.

‘Are you going again any time soon? Like tomorrow?’ He asked resting his elbow on the table and propping his head on his hand.

‘Not tomorrow, but in two weeks.

‘Where?’ Amelia queried.

‘The States. Well start in Vancouver and then around for three months.’ She gestured wildly as she spoke.

‘You’re going for three months?’ Dylan asked sharply.

‘What are you going to miss me?’ She joked.

‘I mean, I might do.’ He half mumbled.

‘Maybe you could do that thing where you actually use your holiday and come and see me.’

‘Maybe I don’t think you’re worth my holiday days.’ He countered with a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.

‘And maybe you’re already trying to figure out your dates.’

‘Definitely, maybe.’ He conceded.

‘Well that sounds lovely for the both of you.’ Amelia interjected fondly. Lizzy shook her head and looked across the table to her.

‘Sorry, but I can’t ignore this new development completely, I’m guessing you’re going for a July 21st wedding?’

‘That is the plan.’

‘Oh well cool, that works out almost perfectly then. I mean I can be around for the last month or so and help with the planning and stuff if you want me to.’

‘Oh yeah, just swan in and do none of the heavy lifting.’ Dylan joked.

‘Surely the last month is the worst, you know all that last minute stuff and what have you, which is bound to happen because it’s them.’

‘If that helps you sleep at night Lizzy, then sure believe that.’ He laughed and Lizzy rolled her eyes.

‘If you plan on coming with me, then you my friend are just as bad as I am.’

‘Alright you two, calm down, we’ll talk about it later probably as a complete family. Lizzy how are you?’

‘Adequate.’ She replied after a short pause.

‘That word hold many possibilities hon.’ Amelia smiled softly and Lizzy ran her hand through her hair again.

‘Oh well, I’m largely okay. Like this book thing has hit a wall and I have a sort of deadline to work to, so that’s terrifying. But everything else is pretty great.’

‘Of course it is, five days ago you got back from Italy.’ Dylan scoffed quietly as he sat back in his chair.

‘Green is not your colour Dylan.’

‘I’m gonna make it my colour Elizabeth.’ He stressed her name jokingly.

‘Oh god,’ Lizzy buried her head in a hand and groaned, ‘Mum make him stop.’

‘I don’t know if I can.’ She laughed gently.

‘Ha, ha. Thank you Mum.’

‘I don’t think I’m necessarily on your side though Dylan.’ She clarified.

‘You must be a little bit jealous though Mum. She was in Italy for two weeks. The architecture, the culture, the food, the architecture!’ He whined.

‘Not jealous as such. Grateful.’

‘Oh well you’re useless.’ He joked causing both Lizzy and Amelia to laugh.

‘I will agree the architecture is stunning and I do wish to see it again.’

‘I’ll take it.’ His hands clapped down on the table once definitively.

‘But it’s nothing she didn’t deserve, and she’s right, green is not your colour love.’

‘This is absurd.’ He huffed and crossed his arms tightly against his chest.

‘One day you’re going to stop being so melodramatic and I might honestly keel over in shock when it happens.’

‘Now who’s being dramatic?’ He quirked an eyebrow as his eyes glanced over at Lizzy.

‘Always you Dylan.’ She smiled.

‘You know your Dad and I wondered why you didn’t move into his house when you finished up school  Liz and I think I’m starting to understand why. The arguing, I had forgotten you were capable of that.’ Amelia interjected with a fond expression on her face.

‘We don’t argue Mum, we respectfully disagree on almost everything.’ Dylan clarified cheekily, unfolding his arms and resting them on the table.

‘You are not the only one who doesn’t get it. Ryan couldn’t either then he spent half an hour with us while I got ready for the Brits and he couldn’t fathom how we could argue about everything and still get along swimmingly.’ Lizzy recalled fondly.

‘Respectfully disagree.’ Dylan emphasized.

‘Which one is easier to say dude?’ She cried in response.

‘Admittedly yours, but argue makes it sound like we spend 90% of our time shouting at each other and I think we’ve only done that like twice in 23 years.’

‘Okay I see where you’re coming from, buuutttt too many syllables.’ She mirrored his position.

‘Are you really respectfully disagreeing about respectfully disagreeing?’ Amelia asked with her own quirked eyebrow.

‘Told you, almost everything.’ Dylan laughed.

‘What do you agree on then these days?’ Amelia asked.

‘That Liz is gonna be an amazing author.’ Dylan responded quickly.

‘No we don’t. Oooh how about Dylan being an incredible architect?’ Lizzy nudged their shoulders together.

‘Nope.’ He shook his head.

‘I agree with both those statements.’ Amelia stated.

‘Mother bias.’ The two said almost in unison.

‘Oh, oh, oh, we both agree that Ryan is a great person to know because, hello worldwide travel.’ Dylan continued happily.

‘Yes, that we can agree on. We haven’t done Australia or New Zealand yet so he needs to stick around a bit longer.’ Lizzy carried on.

‘How is he anyway?’ Amelia asked leaning forward herself.

‘Mum, they don’t actually talk to each other, haven’t you heard?’ Dylan said faux seriously with a smile.

‘Lola mentioned that.’

‘He’s fine. He’s gone to see his parents and have a potentially incredibly awkward encounter with his sisters.’ She shrugged and scratched behind her left ear.

‘Why potentially?’

‘Well they may not actually be there.’ Her hand fell back down heavily.

‘Have they still not sorted that whole mess out?’ Amelia asked, concern lacing her voice.

‘Well no. I honestly don’t think they ever will and I think Ry is slowly starting to acknowledge that that’s the reality of the situation.’ She replied with a sadness to her tone.

‘That’s such an unfortunate situation.’

‘It is what it is.’ Lizzy shrugged again.

‘But nobody should have to go through it.’

‘I never said it was fair Mum.’

‘I know, doesn’t mean I don’t feel sorry for him and care.’ She finished definitively.

‘I know. He knows. It’s appreciated all round.’ The pair shared smiles before Amelia continued talking.

‘Alright then. Oh yeah, your Dad is calling a family dinner next weekend. Attendance mandatory for all.’

‘Who’s the “for all”?’ Dylan asked.

‘Me, Dad, Lola, you two, Summer, grandparents, Ryan if he’s not busy.’

‘He has a break. I can ask him.’ Lizzy said.

‘That would be appreciated. I need to use the bathroom. Back in a minute.’ Amelia smiled before getting up. When she was far enough way Dylan turned to face Lizzy properly.

‘Are we ignoring the fact that you just agreed to drag Ryan into the lion’s den?’

‘I can prepare him for it.’ She said weakly.

‘Is there any preparing him for Summer?’

‘I can warn him that she’s occasionally nightmarish. He deals with shit he doesn’t want to all the time. He’s a master at it.’ She said, a bit stronger this time.

‘Summer strongly disliked Sarah. University student, wannabe medic and “angel faced” Sarah. She is going to have a field day with him.’ Dylan antagonised.

‘Look I will admit it’s not ideal but the people I give an actual shit about like my boyfriend of 2 or whatever years, so her defense will be weak. And besides, we can’t avoid this for forever. She’s Mum’s sister, they were bound to meet eventually.’ She tried to reassure.

‘Dad’s on his side, that will throw her.’ Dylan remembered.

‘You’re on his side as well, don’t underestimate that.’

‘You like to think I’m on his side.’ He smiled wryly.

‘Alright “Mr 2am Skype call because I miss my new best friend more than I miss my sister”.’

‘Okay fine. I’m on his side.’ He mumbled.

‘Then we dull the impact of throwing him to the lioness.’

‘Or you lose him forever.’ He shot back light-heartedly.

‘Uh huh, yeah or that. Goodbye your tour of North America, Australia and New Zealand.’

‘We must defend him until the death.’ Dylan dropped a hand against the table to punctuate his words and Lizzy threw her head back in laughter as Amelia walked back to the table with a soft expression on her face.

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